Crossfire Client, Branch  R11627
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00001 /* config.c */
00002 extern void main_window_destroyed(void);
00003 extern void configdialog(GtkWidget *widget);
00004 extern void load_defaults(void);
00005 extern void save_defaults(void);
00006 /* gx11.c */
00007 extern void cleanup_connection(void);
00008 extern void gtk_command_history(int direction);
00009 extern void gtk_complete_command(void);
00010 extern void draw_prompt(const char *str);
00011 extern void draw_info(const char *str, int color);
00012 extern void draw_color_info(int colr, const char *buf);
00013 extern void draw_stats(int redraw);
00014 extern void reset_stat_bars(void);
00015 extern void resize_resistance_table(int resists_show);
00016 extern void draw_message_window(int redraw);
00017 extern void cclist_button_event(GtkWidget *gtklist, gint row, gint column, GdkEventButton *event);
00018 extern void disconnect(GtkWidget *widget);
00019 extern void menu_clear(void);
00020 extern void client_exit(void);
00021 extern void create_windows(void);
00022 extern void set_scroll(const char *s);
00023 extern void set_autorepeat(const char *s);
00024 extern int get_info_width(void);
00025 extern void do_clearlock(void);
00026 extern void x_set_echo(void);
00027 extern void draw_info_windows(void);
00028 extern void client_tick(uint32 tick);
00029 extern void client_pickup(uint32 pickup);
00030 extern int do_timeout(void);
00031 extern int gtk_checkchilds(void);
00032 extern void draw_magic_map(void);
00033 extern void magic_map_flash_pos(void);
00034 extern void get_window_coord(GtkWidget *win, int *x, int *y, int *wx, int *wy, int *w, int *h);
00035 extern void save_winpos(void);
00036 extern void set_window_pos(void);
00037 extern int init_windows(int argc, char **argv);
00038 extern void display_map_doneupdate(int redraw, int notice);
00039 extern void display_map_newmap(void);
00040 extern void resize_map_window(int x, int y);
00041 extern void display_map_startupdate(void);
00042 extern char *get_metaserver(void);
00043 extern void gtkLogListener(LogEntry *le);
00044 extern void gLogHandler(const gchar *log_domain, GLogLevelFlags log_level, const gchar *message, gpointer user_data);
00045 extern int main(int argc, char *argv[]);
00046 /* help.c */
00047 extern void chelpdialog(GtkWidget *widget);
00048 /* image.c */
00049 extern int create_and_rescale_image_from_data(Cache_Entry *ce, int pixmap_num, uint8 *rgba_data, int width, int height);
00050 extern void addsmooth(uint16 face, uint16 smooth_face);
00051 extern int associate_cache_entry(Cache_Entry *ce, int pixnum);
00052 extern void reset_image_data(void);
00053 extern void image_update_download_status(int start, int end, int total);
00054 extern void get_map_image_size(int face, uint8 *w, uint8 *h);
00055 /* inventory.c */
00056 extern void item_event_item_changed(item *op);
00057 extern void item_event_container_clearing(item *op);
00058 extern void item_event_item_deleting(item *op);
00059 extern void inventory_splitwin_toggling(void);
00060 extern void get_look_display(GtkWidget *frame);
00061 extern void get_inv_display(GtkWidget *frame);
00062 extern void command_show(const char *params);
00063 extern void update_list_labels(itemlist *l);
00064 extern void set_weight_limit(uint32 wlim);
00065 extern void set_show_weight(const char *s);
00066 extern void itemlist_set_show_icon(itemlist *l, int new_setting);
00067 extern void set_show_icon(const char *s);
00068 extern void set_look_list_env(item *op);
00069 extern void open_container(item *op);
00070 extern void close_container(item *op);
00071 extern void inventory_tick(void);
00072 /* keys.c */
00073 extern void init_keys(void);
00074 extern void bind_key(const char *params);
00075 extern void unbind_key(const char *params);
00076 extern void keyrelfunc(GtkWidget *widget, GdkEventKey *event, GtkWidget *window);
00077 extern void keyfunc(GtkWidget *widget, GdkEventKey *event, GtkWidget *window);
00078 extern void draw_keybindings(GtkWidget *keylist);
00079 extern void bind_callback(GtkWidget *gtklist, GdkEventButton *event);
00080 extern void ckeyunbind(GtkWidget *gtklist, GdkEventButton *event);
00081 extern void ckeyentry_callback(GtkWidget *widget, GdkEventKey *event, GtkWidget *window);
00082 extern void ckeyclear(void);
00083 /* map.c */
00084 extern void reset_map(void);
00085 extern int display_mapscroll(int dx, int dy);
00086 extern void drawsmooth(int mx, int my, int layer, int picx, int picy);
00087 extern void gtk_draw_map(int redraw);
00088 /* png.c */
00089 extern uint8 *png_to_data(uint8 *data, int len, uint32 *width, uint32 *height);
00090 extern uint8 *rescale_rgba_data(uint8 *data, int *width, int *height, int scale);
00091 extern int rgba_to_gdkpixmap(GdkWindow *window, uint8 *data, int width, int height, GdkPixmap **pix, GdkBitmap **mask, GdkColormap *colormap);
00092 /* sdl.c */
00093 extern void init_SDL(GtkWidget *sdl_window, int just_lightmap);
00094 extern void sdl_gen_map(int redraw);
00095 extern int sdl_mapscroll(int dx, int dy);
00096 /* sound.c */
00097 extern int init_sounds(void);
00098 extern void SoundCmd(unsigned char *data, int len);
00099 extern void Sound2Cmd(unsigned char *data, int len);
00100 extern void MusicCmd(const char *data, int len);
00101 /* text.c */
00102 extern media_state write_media(GtkText *textarea, const char *message);
00103 extern media_state write_media_with_state(GtkText *textarea, const char *message, media_state current_state);
00104 extern const char *getMOTD(void);
00105 extern const char *get_rules(void);
00106 extern news_entry *get_news(void);
00107 extern void init_text_callbacks(void);
00108 extern void cleanup_textmanagers(void);