Crossfire Client, Branch  R11627
Data Fields
item_struct Struct Reference

#include <item.h>

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Data Fields

uint8 anim_speed
uint8 anim_state
uint16 animation_id
uint16 applied:1
uint8 apply_type
uint16 cursed:1
char d_name [NAME_LEN]
uint16 damned:1
struct item_structenv
sint16 face
char flags [NAME_LEN]
uint32 flagsval
struct item_structinv
uint16 inv_updated:1
uint16 last_anim
uint16 locked:1
uint16 magical:1
struct item_structnext
uint32 nrof
uint16 open:1
char p_name [NAME_LEN]
struct item_structprev
char s_name [NAME_LEN]
sint32 tag
uint16 type
uint16 unpaid:1
uint16 was_open:1
float weight

Detailed Description

Definition at line 45 of file item.h.

Field Documentation

Definition at line 73 of file item.h.

Referenced by get_flags(), and set_flag_string().

Definition at line 74 of file item.h.

Referenced by get_flags(), new_item(), remove_item(), and UpdateItemCmd().

Definition at line 52 of file item.h.

Referenced by new_item(), remove_item(), and set_item_values().

Definition at line 51 of file item.h.

Referenced by add_object_to_store(), new_item(), remove_item(), set_item_values(), and update_item_sort().

Definition at line 69 of file item.h.

Referenced by get_flags(), item_actions(), and script_send_item().

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