Crossfire Client, Trunk  R20507
Data Structures
Here are the data structures with brief descriptions:
 CBigCellThe struct BigCell describes a tile outside the view area
 Cboolean_widget_tA container that holds the pointer and state of a checkbox control
 Cbuffer_control_tA container for all of the buffer control parameters like output count and time
 Cbuffer_parameter_tA container for a single buffer control parameter like output count or time
 CCache_EntryUsed mostly in the cache.c file, however, it can be returned to the graphic side of things so that they can update the image_data field
 CClientSocketBasic support for socket communications, including the file descriptor, input buffer, server, server, version, etc
 CCmdMappingLinks server commands to client functions that implement them, and gives a rough indication of the type of data that the server supplies with the command
 CCS_StatsStatistics on server
 CFace_Information_structOne struct that holds most of the image related data to reduce danger of namespace collision
 Cinfo_buffer_tA buffer record that supports suppression of duplicate messages
 CMapCellThe heads[] in the mapcell is used for single part objects or the head piece for multipart
 CmbufMemory buffer used in write_mbuf()
 Cmessage_control_tA container for all of the checkboxes associated with a single message type
 CMeta_InfoInformation about individual servers from the metaserver
 Cmsgctrl_data_tDescriptive message type names with pane routing and buffer enable
 CNameMappingHolds the names that correspond to skill and resistance numbers
 CRC_ChoiceFor classes & races, the server can present some number of choices, eg, the character gets to choose 1 skill from a choice of many
 CSockListContains the base information we use to make up a packet we want to send
 CStat_MappingThe usage of the stat_mapping is to simplify the code and make it easier to expand