Crossfire Client, Trunk  R20507
src Directory Reference
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file  account.c [code]
 Handle account creation, login, and character selection.
file  config.c [code]
 Implement client configuration dialog.
file  create_char.c [code]
 Handle new character creation.
file  gtk2proto.h [code]
file  image.c [code]
 Contains highlevel image related functions and mostly deals with the image caching, processing the image commands from the server, etc.
file  image.h [code]
 Pixmap data.
file  info.c [code]
 Text-drawing functions for the message window.
file  info.h [code]
 This file is really here to declare the Info_Pane structure.
file  inventory.c [code]
 Draw inventory and 'look' windows.
file  keys.c [code]
 Handles most of the keyboard related functions - binding and unbinding keys, and handling keypresses and looking up the keys.
file  magicmap.c [code]
 Covers drawing the magic map.
file  main.c [code]
 Client startup and main loop.
file  main.h [code]
 Contains various global definitions and XML file name and path defaults.
file  map.c [code]
 Handles map related code in terms of allocation, insertion of new objects, and actual rendering (although the sdl rendering is in the sdl file.
file  menubar.c [code]
 Sets up menu connections and implements core menu items in the top menubar.
file  metaserver.c [code]
 Supports the client's metaserver dialog used to connect to available servers.
file  opengl.c [code]
 Implements an opengl version of the map renderer.
file  pickup.c [code]
 This file covers the pickup menu items.
file  png.c [code]
 Functions for manipulating graphics in the GTK-V2 client.
file  sdl.c [code]
 Functions that implement SDL support in the GTK V2 client.
file  skills.c [code]
 Handles The callbacks for the skill window.
file  sound.c [code]
 This file contains the sound support for the GTK V2 client.
file  spells.c [code]
 Handles spell related functionality.
file  stats.c [code]
 Support for character statistics.