Crossfire Client, Trunk  R21199
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1 /*
2  * static char *rcsid_common_external_h =
3  * "$Id: external.h 20688 2019-01-12 20:13:13Z partmedia $";
4  */
5 /*
6  Crossfire client, a client program for the crossfire program.
8  Copyright (C) 2001,2006 Mark Wedel & Crossfire Development Team
10  This program is free software; you can redistribute it and/or modify
11  it under the terms of the GNU General Public License as published by
12  the Free Software Foundation; either version 2 of the License, or
13  (at your option) any later version.
15  This program is distributed in the hope that it will be useful,
16  but WITHOUT ANY WARRANTY; without even the implied warranty of
18  GNU General Public License for more details.
20  You should have received a copy of the GNU General Public License
21  along with this program; if not, write to the Free Software
22  Foundation, Inc., 675 Mass Ave, Cambridge, MA 02139, USA.
24  The author can be reached via e-mail to
25 */
35 /* Sound functions */
36 extern void SoundCmd(unsigned char *data, int len);
37 extern void Sound2Cmd(unsigned char *data, int len);
38 extern void MusicCmd(const char *data, int len);
40 /* Map window related functions */
41 extern void resize_map_window(int x, int y);
42 extern void display_map_addbelow(long x, long y, long face);
43 extern void display_map_doneupdate(int redraw, int notice);
44 extern int display_mapscroll(int dx, int dy);
45 extern void draw_magic_map(void);
47 /* Info related functions */
48 extern void draw_prompt(const char *str);
49 extern void draw_ext_info(int orig_color, int type, int subtype, const char *message);
50 extern void x_set_echo(void);
51 extern void menu_clear(void);
52 extern int get_info_width(void);
54 /* Stats related commands */
55 extern void draw_stats(int redraw);
56 extern void draw_message_window(int redraw);
58 /* this should really just set a field in the stats, and let the
59  * client figure the new weight limit out
60  */
61 extern void set_weight_limit(guint32 wlim);
63 /* Image related functions */
64 extern int display_willcache(void);
65 extern int create_and_rescale_image_from_data(Cache_Entry *ce, int pixmap_num, guint8 *rgba_data, int width, int height);
66 extern guint8 *png_to_data(guint8 *data, int len, guint32 *width, guint32 *height);
67 extern int associate_cache_entry(Cache_Entry *ce, int pixnum);
68 extern void image_update_download_status(int start, int end, int total);
69 extern void get_map_image_size(int face, guint8 *w, guint8 *h);
70 extern void addsmooth(guint16 face, guint16 smooth_face);
72 /* Item related commands */
73 extern void open_container(item *op);
74 extern void close_container(item *op);
76 /* Keybinding relatated commands - this probably should not be a callback */
77 extern void bind_key(const char *params);
78 extern void unbind_key(const char *params);
79 extern void keybindings_init(const char *character_name);
81 /* Misc commands */
82 extern void save_winpos(void);
83 extern void save_defaults(void);
84 extern void command_show(const char *params);
85 extern void client_tick(guint32 tick);
86 extern void client_pickup(guint32 pickup);
88 /* Account Login Functions */
89 extern void start_login(int method);
90 extern void show_main_client(void);
91 extern void hide_all_login_windows(void);
92 extern void account_login_failure(char *message);
93 extern void account_creation_failure(char *message);
94 extern void account_add_character_failure(char *message);
95 extern void account_change_password_failure(char *message);
96 extern void create_new_character_failure(char *message);
97 extern void choose_character_init(void);
98 extern void update_character_choose(const char *name, const char *class,
99  const char *race, const char *face,
100  const char *party, const char *map,
101  int level, int faceno);
102 extern void update_login_info(int type);
104 /* Character Creation Functions */
105 extern void new_char_window_update_info();
106 extern void starting_map_update_info();
static int height
Definition: mapdata.c:80
void display_map_addbelow(long x, long y, long face)
void get_map_image_size(int face, guint8 *w, guint8 *h)
Definition: image.c:483
void create_new_character_failure(char *message)
Definition: account.c:145
void set_weight_limit(guint32 wlim)
Definition: inventory.c:617
void Sound2Cmd(unsigned char *data, int len)
Definition: sound.c:40
void account_add_character_failure(char *message)
Definition: account.c:284
void choose_character_init(void)
Definition: account.c:423
void account_change_password_failure(char *message)
Definition: account.c:1127
void close_container(item *op)
Definition: inventory.c:571
void MusicCmd(const char *data, int len)
Definition: sound.c:122
void addsmooth(guint16 face, guint16 smooth_face)
Definition: image.c:393
void draw_stats(int redraw)
Definition: stats.c:554
static int width
Definition: mapdata.c:79
void update_login_info(int type)
Definition: account.c:1178
void x_set_echo(void)
Definition: keys.c:1701
int create_and_rescale_image_from_data(Cache_Entry *ce, int pixmap_num, guint8 *rgba_data, int width, int height)
Definition: image.c:251
static gboolean redraw(gpointer data)
Definition: main.c:111
void display_map_doneupdate(int redraw, int notice)
Definition: map.c:488
void update_character_choose(const char *name, const char *class, const char *race, const char *face, const char *party, const char *map, int level, int faceno)
Definition: account.c:549
void new_char_window_update_info()
Definition: create_char.c:633
void draw_message_window(int redraw)
Definition: stats.c:459
void save_winpos(void)
Definition: config.c:750
int display_mapscroll(int dx, int dy)
Definition: map.c:122
int associate_cache_entry(Cache_Entry *ce, int pixnum)
Definition: image.c:406
void account_creation_failure(char *message)
Definition: account.c:694
void client_tick(guint32 tick)
Definition: main.c:130
int display_willcache(void)
guint8 * png_to_data(guint8 *data, int len, guint32 *width, guint32 *height)
Definition: png.c:49
void starting_map_update_info()
Definition: create_char.c:753
void save_defaults(void)
Definition: config.c:438
void bind_key(const char *params)
void client_pickup(guint32 pickup)
Definition: pickup.c:630
void start_login(int method)
Definition: account.c:1267
void menu_clear(void)
Definition: info.c:1312
void hide_all_login_windows(void)
Definition: account.c:99
int get_info_width(void)
void draw_ext_info(int orig_color, int type, int subtype, const char *message)
Definition: info.c:932
Definition: client.h:507
void command_show(const char *params)
Definition: inventory.c:585
void draw_magic_map(void)
Definition: magicmap.c:24
void resize_map_window(int x, int y)
Definition: map.c:371
void open_container(item *op)
Definition: inventory.c:578
void SoundCmd(unsigned char *data, int len)
void unbind_key(const char *params)
Definition: keys.c:1459
void draw_prompt(const char *str)
Definition: keys.c:1710
void account_login_failure(char *message)
Definition: account.c:870
void show_main_client(void)
Definition: main.c:412
void image_update_download_status(int start, int end, int total)
Definition: image.c:451
static item * map
Definition: item.c:28
void keybindings_init(const char *character_name)
Definition: keys.c:541