Crossfire Client, Trunk  R20996
NDI_xxx message color flags and masks.


#define NDI_ALL   0x200
#define NDI_ALL_DMS   0x400
#define NDI_BLACK   0
#define NDI_BLUE   5
#define NDI_BROWN   10
#define NDI_COLOR_MASK   0xff
#define NDI_DK_ORANGE   6
#define NDI_GOLD   11
#define NDI_GREEN   7
#define NDI_GREY   9
#define NDI_LT_GREEN   8
#define NDI_MAX_COLOR   12
#define NDI_NAVY   2
#define NDI_ORANGE   4
#define NDI_RED   3
#define NDI_TAN   12
#define NDI_UNIQUE   0x100
#define NDI_WHITE   1

Detailed Description

The following are the color flags passed to new_draw_info().

We also set up some control flags

NDI = New Draw Info

Color specifications - note these match the order in xutil.c.

Note 2: Black, the default color, is 0. Thus, it does not need to be implicitly specified.

Macro Definition Documentation


#define NDI_ALL   0x200

Inform all players of this message.

Definition at line 246 of file newclient.h.


#define NDI_ALL_DMS   0x400

Inform all logged in DMs. Used in case of errors. Overrides NDI_ALL.

Definition at line 247 of file newclient.h.



#define NDI_BLUE   5

Actually, it is Dodger Blue

Definition at line 226 of file newclient.h.

Referenced by save_msgctrl_configuration(), and save_winpos().


#define NDI_BROWN   10


Definition at line 233 of file newclient.h.


#define NDI_COLOR_MASK   0xff

Gives lots of room for expansion - we are using an int anyways, so we have the space to still do all the flags.

Definition at line 238 of file newclient.h.


#define NDI_DK_ORANGE   6


Definition at line 227 of file newclient.h.


#define NDI_GOLD   11

Definition at line 234 of file newclient.h.

Referenced by client_negotiate().


#define NDI_GREEN   7


Definition at line 228 of file newclient.h.


#define NDI_GREY   9

Definition at line 232 of file newclient.h.


#define NDI_LT_GREEN   8

DarkSeaGreen, which is actually paler than seagreen - also background color.

Definition at line 229 of file newclient.h.


#define NDI_MAX_COLOR   12

Last value in.

Definition at line 236 of file newclient.h.


#define NDI_NAVY   2

Definition at line 223 of file newclient.h.


#define NDI_ORANGE   4

Definition at line 225 of file newclient.h.



#define NDI_TAN   12


Definition at line 235 of file newclient.h.


#define NDI_UNIQUE   0x100

Print immediately, don't buffer.

Definition at line 245 of file newclient.h.


#define NDI_WHITE   1

Definition at line 222 of file newclient.h.

Referenced by draw_prompt().