Crossfire Client, Trunk  R21313
RI_IMAGE_xxx RequestInfo values.


#define RI_IMAGE_INFO   0x1
#define RI_IMAGE_SUMS   0x2

Detailed Description

Values used for various aspects of the library to hold state on what requestinfo's we have gotten replyinfo for and what data was received. In this way, common/client.c can loop until it has gotten replies for all the requestinfos it has sent. This can be useful - we don't want the addme command sent for example if we are going to use a different image set. The GUI stuff should really never change these variables, but I suppose I could look at them for debugging/ status information.

Macro Definition Documentation


#define RI_IMAGE_INFO   0x1

Definition at line 527 of file client.h.

Referenced by client_negotiate(), and get_image_info().


#define RI_IMAGE_SUMS   0x2

Definition at line 528 of file client.h.

Referenced by client_negotiate().