Crossfire Client, Trunk  R20693
info.h File Reference
#include "shared/newclient.h"
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Data Structures

struct  Info_Pane

GTK V2 Font Style Definitions.

Font style support definitions for the info window. Font style defines are indices into the font_style_names[] array. The actual fonts that they are bound to are set up in the style file.

#define FONT_NORMAL   0
#define FONT_ARCANE   1
#define FONT_STRANGE   2
#define FONT_FIXED   3
#define FONT_HAND   4
#define NUM_FONTS   5
typedef struct Info_Pane Info_Pane

Detailed Description

This file is really here to declare the Info_Pane structure. the account based login code also uses info panes, so it needs to be declared in a place where both files can access it.

Definition in file info.h.

Macro Definition Documentation

#define FONT_ARCANE   1

Definition at line 48 of file info.h.

#define FONT_FIXED   3

Definition at line 50 of file info.h.

#define FONT_HAND   4

Definition at line 51 of file info.h.

#define FONT_NORMAL   0

Definition at line 47 of file info.h.

#define FONT_STRANGE   2

Definition at line 49 of file info.h.

#define NUM_FONTS   5

Definition at line 52 of file info.h.

Typedef Documentation

typedef struct Info_Pane Info_Pane