Crossfire Client, Trunk  R20507
Here is a list of all modules:
[detail level 12]
 SC_xxx send_command options.Values assigned to send_command option
 CONFIG_xxx want_config array indices.Definitions to index into an array of most of the configuration options
 CONFIG_LIGHTING values.Values that may be assigned to want_config[CONFIG_LIGHTING]
 CONFIG_DISPLAYMODE values.Values that may be assigned to want_config[CONFIG_DISPLAYMODE]
 MAX_xxx_xxx Face and image constants.Faceset information pretty much grabbed right from server/socket/image.c
 RI_IMAGE_xxx RequestInfo values.Values used for various aspects of the library to hold state on what requestinfo's we have gotten replyinfo for and what data was received
 INFO_xxx login information constants.Used for passing in to update_login_info() used instead of passing in the strings
 Server->Client spell command functions.
 Server->Client map command functions.
 Common client player commands.
 Type values present in map2 commands.The different type values that may be present in a map2 command
 FLOAT_xxx multipliers for changing floats to int.And vice versa
 CS_STAT_xxx IDs for character statistics.
 SF_xxx Masks used in conjunction with fire and run states.These values are used with CS_STAT_FLAGS above to communicate S->C what the server thinks the fireon & runon states are
 ACL_xxx field IDs that support account login.These values are used for the account login code to denote what field follows
 NDI_xxx message color flags and masks.The following are the color flags passed to new_draw_info()
 F_xxx flags for the item command.
 FACE_xxx magic map masks.Used in the new_face structure on the magicmap field
 UPD_xxx UpdSpell constants.
 Sound types
 Animation constants.
 EMI_xxx extended map constants.Even if the client select the additionnal infos it wants on the map, there may exist cases where this whole info is not given in one bunch but in separate bunches
 MSG_TYPE_xxx message types
 GTK V2 client output count/sync functions.
 GTK-V2 client keybinding functions.
 GTK-V2 client keybinding window functions.EndOf GtkV2KeyBinding