Crossfire Server, Trunk  R20608
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6 #ifndef ACCOUNT_CHAR_H
7 #define ACCOUNT_CHAR_H
26 typedef struct account_char_struct {
27  const char *name;
28  const char *character_class;
29  const char *race;
31  const char *face;
32  const char *party;
33  const char *map;
36 } Account_Char;
38 Account_Char *account_char_remove(Account_Char *chars, const char *pl_name);
39 int make_perma_dead(object *op);
40 int unmake_perma_dead(char *account, char *player);
42 #endif
const char * party
Character this party belonged to.
Definition: account_char.h:32
int make_perma_dead(object *op)
This will edit the character account information so that the character that just died in permadeath w...
Definition: account_char.c:357
One player.
Definition: player.h:92
const char * name
Name of this character/player.
Definition: account_char.h:27
unsigned char uint8_t
Definition: win32.h:161
const char * map
Last map this character was on.
Definition: account_char.h:33
uint8_t level
Level of this character.
Definition: account_char.h:30
struct account_char_struct * next
Definition: account_char.h:35
int unmake_perma_dead(char *account, char *player)
This will edit the character account information so that the character that was just resurrected in p...
Definition: account_char.c:397
struct account_char_struct Account_Char
One character account.
One character account.
Definition: account_char.h:26
Account_Char * account_char_remove(Account_Char *chars, const char *pl_name)
This removes a character on this account.
Definition: account_char.c:296
const char * character_class
Class of this character.
Definition: account_char.h:28
const char * face
Face of this character.
Definition: account_char.h:31
const char * race
Race of this character.
Definition: account_char.h:29
uint8_t isDead
Should stay at zero if alive, anything else if dead (hopefully 1, but doesn't have to be) ...
Definition: account_char.h:34