Crossfire Server, Trunk  R20576
Data Structures
Here are the data structures with brief descriptions:
 C_cftimerOne timer
 C_change_archWhen a treasure got cloned from archlist, we want perhaps change some default values
 C_crossfire_pluginOne loaded plugin
 C_hook_entryOne function the server exposes to plugins
 C_key_valueEach object (this also means archetypes!) could have a few of these "dangling" from it; this could also end up containing 'parse errors'
 C_LocalMeta2InfoLocalMeta2Info basically holds all the non server metaserver2 information that we read from the metaserver2 file
 C_materialtypeOne material type
 C_MetaServer2This is a linked list of all the metaservers - never really know how many we have
 C_MetaServer2_UpdateInfoStructure containing information sent to the metaserver2
 C_shared_stringOne actual shared string
 C_timeofdayRepresents the ingame time
 Caccount_char_structOne character account
 Caccount_structStructure that holds account data
 Canimations_structThis represents one animation
 CarchtThe archetype structure is a set of rules on how to generate and manipulate objects which point to archetypes
 CartifactliststructThis represents all archetypes for one particular object type
 CartifactstructThis is one artifact, ie one special item
 CattackmessAttack messages structure
 Cattribute_definitionOne attribute
 Cattribute_typeOne type for an attribute
 Cbody_locations_structOne body location
 Cbuffer_structThe following is the setup for a ring buffer for storing outbut data that the OS can't handle right away
 CCFanimation_structOne full animation
 CCFanimationHookAvailable animation move
 CCFmovement_structOne move in an animation
 Cchars_namesUtility structure for the 'who' command
 Cclient_cmd_mappingDefinition of a function the client sends without player interaction
 Cclient_spellThis stores, for a spell a player knows, the last sp/gr/dam information sent to client
 Ccommand_array_structRepresents one command
 CCommand_Line_OptionsOne command line option definition
 CCREPrePostPanelThis panel is the 'pre' or 'post' subpanel in the messages panel
 CCREReplyPanelThis panel is the 'replies' subpanel in the messages panel
 CCRESubItemConnectionPost-condition panel displaying a connection (number)
 CCRESubItemListPre- or post- panel displaying script arguments as a string list
 CCRESubItemQuestPre- or post- conditions panel displaying a quest step
 CCRESubItemTokenPre- or post- conditions panel displaying a token, either as read or write
 CCRESubItemWidgetBase class for a pre- or post- panel displaying script arguments
 CCS_StatsStatistics on server
 Cface_infoActual image data the client will display
 Cface_setsInformation about one face set
 Cflag_definitionOne flag
 Cfree_spots_structDatastructure needed by find_spot_in_room() and find_spot_in_room_recursive()
 Cfree_walls_structContains free walls in the map
 CGeneralMessageOne general message, from the lib/messages file
 CglnkUsed to link together the gods
 CHookInformationInformation about an event hook, linked to a script file
 Chouse_zone_structLink between a map and the exits to generate for it
 Ci18n_fileOne available language
 Ci18n_messageOne message
 Cignore_listOne list of fields to ignore
 Cknowledge_itemOne known item for a player
 Cknowledge_playerInformation about a player
 Cknowledge_typeOne item type that may be known to the player
 Clisten_infoContains parameters for socket() and bind() for listening sockets
 ClivVarious statistics of objects
 CMapOne map for a player
 Cmap_cell_structOne map cell, as sent to the client
 CMap_Layer_InfoInformation about a layer
 CmapdefThis is a game-map
 CMapSpaceThis structure contains all information related to one map square
 CmapzoneOptions for a map
 CnamebytypeSpecial structure, used only by art_name_array[]
 Cnew_face_structNew face structure - this enforces the notion that data is face by face only - you can not change the color of an item - you need to instead create a new face with that color
 Cob_methodsTypedefs for ob_methods
 CobjMain Crossfire structure, one ingame object
 CoblinkptUsed to link together several object links
 CoblnkUsed to link together several objects
 Cparam_movetoDestination for moveto command
 Cparty_structOne party
 CplOne player
 Cplayer_cmd_mappingDefinition of a function called in reaction to player's action
 Cpycode_cache_entryOne compiled script, cached in memory
 Cquest_conditionOne condition to automatically move to a quest step
 Cquest_definitionDefinition of an in-game quest
 Cquest_playerInformation about a player
 Cquest_stateInformation about a quest for a player
 Cquest_step_definitionOne step of a quest
 CralnkContains information about a race
 Creadable_message_typeStruct to store the message_type and message_subtype for signs and books used by the player
 CrecipeliststructList of recipes with a certain number of ingredients
 CrecipestructOne alchemy recipe
 CregiondefThis is a game region
 CRMParmsRandom map parameters
 Crv_vectorThis is used by get_rangevector to determine where the other creature is
 Cscore_tableA highscore table
 CscrThe score structure is used when treating new high-scores
 CScriptFileInformation about a script file
 CScriptFileManagerManage scripts for items
 CSettingsServer settings
 CshopinvOne item to list on the sign
 CshopitemShop-related information for a map
 CSocket_InfoHolds some system-related information
 Csocket_structSocket structure, represents a client-server connection
 CSockListContains the base information we use to make up a packet we want to send
 Cspawn_pointPoint from which a NPC can come when the map is loaded
 Cspawn_zoneZone in which to add NPCs when the map was just loaded
 CStatisticsThis is used for various performance tracking statistics, or just how often certain events are done
 CstatsinfoContains the last range/title information sent to client
 CStringBufferA buffer that will be expanded as content is added to it
 Cstruct_dialog_informationMessage information for a NPC
 Cstruct_dialog_messageOne message a NPC can react to
 Cstruct_dialog_replyOne reply a NPC can expect
 Cstruct_equipmentOne special item (weapon, shield, ...)
 Cstruct_map_in_questLink between a quest and a map
 Cstruct_map_in_quest_listUtility structure to group map-quest link structure
 Cstruct_map_infoMap information
 Cstruct_map_listList of maps
 Cstruct_npc_infoInformation about a NPC with a custom message
 Cstruct_npc_listList of NPCs with a custom message
 Cstruct_questOne quest
 Cstruct_raceOne monster race in the maps
 Cstruct_race_listCollection of races
 Cstruct_region_infoRegion information
 Cstruct_slaying_infoSlaying information
 Ctalk_infoStructure used to build up dialog information when a player says something
 CtitleliststructTitles for one message type
 CtitlestructInformation on one title
 CtreasureliststructTreasureliststruct represents one logical group of items to be generated together
 CtreasurestructTreasure is one element in a linked list, which together consist of a complete treasure-list
 Ctype_attributeOne attribute in a type
 Ctype_definitionOne object type
 CtypedataLink an object type with skill needed to identify, and general name