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cfanim_proto.h File Reference
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CF_PLUGIN int cfanim_globalEventListener (int *type,...)
CF_PLUGIN anim_move_result cfanim_runPluginCommand (object *op, char *params)
CF_PLUGIN int closePlugin (void)
 Close the plugin. More...
CF_PLUGIN int eventListener (int *type,...)
 Handles an object-related event. More...
CF_PLUGIN void * getPluginProperty (int *type,...)
 Gets a plugin property. More...
CF_PLUGIN int initPlugin (const char *iversion, f_plug_api gethooksptr)
 Plugin initialisation function. More...
CF_PLUGIN int postInitPlugin (void)
 Plugin was initialized, now to finish. More...

Function Documentation

CF_PLUGIN int cfanim_globalEventListener ( int *  type,

Definition at line 1202 of file cfanim.c.

References animate(), and EVENT_CLOCK.

Referenced by postInitPlugin().

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CF_PLUGIN anim_move_result cfanim_runPluginCommand ( object op,
char *  params 

Definition at line 1191 of file cfanim.c.