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cfpython.h File Reference
#include <Python.h>
#include <compile.h>
#include <plugin.h>
#include <plugin_common.h>
#include <cfpython_object.h>
#include <cfpython_map.h>
#include <cfpython_archetype.h>
#include <cfpython_party.h>
#include <cfpython_region.h>
#include <cfpython_proto.h>
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Data Structures

struct  _cfpcontext


#define CF_IS_PYSTR(cfpy_obj)   (PyString_Check(cfpy_obj) || PyUnicode_Check(cfpy_obj))
#define IS_PY_LEGACY   /* Pre-2.6 lack forward compat. changes for Py3 */
#define PLUGIN_NAME   "Python"
#define PLUGIN_VERSION   "CFPython Plugin 2.0a13 (Fido)"
#define Py_SIZE(ob)   (((PyVarObject*)(ob))->ob_size)
#define Py_TYPE(ob)   (((PyObject*)(ob))->ob_type)
#define PyObject_HashNotImplemented   NULL


typedef struct _cfpcontext CFPContext


f_plug_api gethook

Macro Definition Documentation


#define CF_IS_PYSTR (   cfpy_obj)    (PyString_Check(cfpy_obj) || PyUnicode_Check(cfpy_obj))


#define IS_PY_LEGACY   /* Pre-2.6 lack forward compat. changes for Py3 */

Definition at line 54 of file cfpython.h.



Definition at line 100 of file cfpython.h.


#define PLUGIN_NAME   "Python"

Definition at line 104 of file cfpython.h.


#define PLUGIN_VERSION   "CFPython Plugin 2.0a13 (Fido)"

Definition at line 105 of file cfpython.h.


#define Py_SIZE (   ob)    (((PyVarObject*)(ob))->ob_size)

Definition at line 63 of file cfpython.h.

Referenced by encode_list(), encode_string(), and encode_tuple().


#define Py_TYPE (   ob)    (((PyObject*)(ob))->ob_type)

◆ PyObject_HashNotImplemented

#define PyObject_HashNotImplemented   NULL

Definition at line 73 of file cfpython.h.

Typedef Documentation

◆ CFPContext

typedef struct _cfpcontext CFPContext

Variable Documentation

◆ context_stack

CFPContext* context_stack

Definition at line 110 of file cfpython.c.

◆ current_context

CFPContext* current_context

Definition at line 112 of file cfpython.c.

◆ gethook

f_plug_api gethook

Definition at line 41 of file cfnewspaper.c.