Crossfire Server, Trunk  R20608
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1 /* cfpython.c */
2 CF_PLUGIN int initPlugin(const char *iversion, f_plug_api gethooksptr);
3 CF_PLUGIN void *getPluginProperty(int *type, ...);
4 CF_PLUGIN void cfpython_runPluginCommand(object *op, const char *params);
5 CF_PLUGIN int postInitPlugin(void);
6 CF_PLUGIN int cfpython_globalEventListener(int *type, ...);
7 CF_PLUGIN int eventListener(int *type, ...);
8 CF_PLUGIN int closePlugin(void);
9 /* cfpython_archetype.c */
10 PyObject *Crossfire_Archetype_wrap(archetype *what);
11 /* cfpython_object.c */
12 void init_object_assoc_table(void);
13 PyObject *Crossfire_Object_wrap(object *what);
14 /* cfpython_party.c */
15 PyObject *Crossfire_Party_wrap(partylist *what);
16 /* cfpython_region.c */
17 PyObject *Crossfire_Region_wrap(region *what);
18 /* cfpython_map.c */
19 void init_map_assoc_table(void);
21 PyObject *Crossfire_Map_wrap(mapstruct *what);
void(* f_plug_api)(int *type,...)
General API function.
Definition: plugin.h:125
One party.
Definition: party.h:10
CF_PLUGIN void cfpython_runPluginCommand(object *op, const char *params)
Definition: cfpython.c:1480
CF_PLUGIN int eventListener(int *type,...)
Handles an object-related event.
Definition: cfanim.c:1218
The archetype structure is a set of rules on how to generate and manipulate objects which point to ar...
Definition: object.h:465
CF_PLUGIN int postInitPlugin(void)
Plugin was initialized, now to finish.
Definition: cfanim.c:1195
CF_PLUGIN int initPlugin(const char *iversion, f_plug_api gethooksptr)
Plugin initialisation function.
Definition: cfanim.c:1157
void init_map_assoc_table(void)
Definition: cfpython_map.c:37
This is a game region.
Definition: map.h:276
PyObject * Crossfire_Map_wrap(mapstruct *what)
Definition: cfpython_map.c:427
CF_PLUGIN int closePlugin(void)
Close the plugin.
Definition: cfanim.c:1264
void Handle_Map_Unload_Hook(Crossfire_Map *map)
Definition: cfpython_map.c:422
PyObject * Crossfire_Region_wrap(region *what)
#define CF_PLUGIN
Definition: plugin_common.h:38
PyObject * Crossfire_Party_wrap(partylist *what)
void init_object_assoc_table(void)
CF_PLUGIN void * getPluginProperty(int *type,...)
Gets a plugin property.
Definition: cfanim.c:1165
CF_PLUGIN int cfpython_globalEventListener(int *type,...)
Definition: cfpython.c:1557
This is a game-map.
Definition: map.h:325
PyObject * Crossfire_Archetype_wrap(archetype *what)
PyObject * Crossfire_Object_wrap(object *what)
Python initialized.