Crossfire Server, Trunk  R21086
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1 /* cfrhg.c */
2 int cfrhg_globalEventListener(int *type, ...);
3 int eventListener(int *type, ...);
4 int initPlugin(const char *iversion, f_plug_api gethooksptr);
5 void *getPluginProperty(int *type, ...);
6 int cfrhg_runPluginCommand(object *op, char *params);
7 int postInitPlugin(void);
8 int closePlugin(void);
void * getPluginProperty(int *type,...)
Definition: cfanim.c:1165
int cfrhg_runPluginCommand(object *op, char *params)
Definition: cfrhg.c:292
int closePlugin(void)
Definition: cfanim.c:1264
int eventListener(int *type,...)
Definition: cfanim.c:1218
int cfrhg_globalEventListener(int *type,...)
Definition: cfrhg.c:202
int initPlugin(const char *iversion, f_plug_api gethooksptr)
Definition: cfanim.c:1157
void(* f_plug_api)(int *type,...)
Definition: plugin.h:125
int postInitPlugin(void)
Definition: cfanim.c:1195