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CREWrapperFormulae Class Reference

#include <CREWrapperFormulae.h>

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Public Member Functions

QStringList archs () const
int chance () const
 CREWrapperFormulae ()
int difficulty () const
int experience () const
QString fullname () const
QStringList ingredients () const
void setFormulae (const recipe *rec)
QString title () const

Protected Attributes

const recipemyFormulae


QStringList archs
int chance
int difficulty
int experience
QString fullname
QStringList ingredients
QString title

Detailed Description

Definition at line 13 of file CREWrapperFormulae.h.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

CREWrapperFormulae::CREWrapperFormulae ( )

Definition at line 3 of file CREWrapperFormulae.cpp.

References myFormulae.

Member Function Documentation

QStringList CREWrapperFormulae::archs ( ) const
int CREWrapperFormulae::chance ( ) const
int CREWrapperFormulae::difficulty ( ) const
int CREWrapperFormulae::experience ( ) const
QString CREWrapperFormulae::fullname ( ) const
QStringList CREWrapperFormulae::ingredients ( ) const
void CREWrapperFormulae::setFormulae ( const recipe rec)

Definition at line 8 of file CREWrapperFormulae.cpp.

References myFormulae.

Referenced by CREResourcesWindow::fillFormulae().

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QString CREWrapperFormulae::title ( ) const

Field Documentation

const recipe* CREWrapperFormulae::myFormulae

Definition at line 39 of file CREWrapperFormulae.h.

Referenced by CREWrapperFormulae(), and setFormulae().

Property Documentation

QStringList CREWrapperFormulae::archs

Definition at line 22 of file CREWrapperFormulae.h.

int CREWrapperFormulae::chance

Definition at line 19 of file CREWrapperFormulae.h.

int CREWrapperFormulae::difficulty

Definition at line 20 of file CREWrapperFormulae.h.

int CREWrapperFormulae::experience

Definition at line 21 of file CREWrapperFormulae.h.

QString CREWrapperFormulae::fullname

Definition at line 17 of file CREWrapperFormulae.h.

QStringList CREWrapperFormulae::ingredients

Definition at line 23 of file CREWrapperFormulae.h.

QString CREWrapperFormulae::title

Definition at line 18 of file CREWrapperFormulae.h.

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