Crossfire Server, Trunk  R20590
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6 #ifndef COMMANDS_H
7 #define COMMANDS_H
9 /*
10  * Crossfire commands
11  * ++Jam
12  *
13  * ''', run and fire-keys are parsed separately (cannot be overrided).
14  */
17 /* The initialized arrays were removed from this file and are now
18  * in commands.c. Initializing the arrays in any header file
19  * is stupid, as it means that header file can only be included
20  * in one source file (so what is the point of putting them in a header
21  * file then?). Header files should be used like this one - to declare
22  * the structures externally - they actual structures should resided/
23  * be initialized in one of the source files.
24  */
34 typedef void (*command_function)(object *op, const char *params);
37 typedef struct {
38  const char *name;
40  float time;
48 extern int cmd_shutdown_time;
50 #endif /* COMMANDS_H */
command_array_struct Commands[]
Normal game commands.
Definition: commands.c:36
const int WizCommandsSize
Length of WizCommands array.
Definition: commands.c:265
void(* command_function)(object *op, const char *params)
One command function.
Definition: commands.h:34
const int CommunicationCommandSize
Length of the CommunicationCommands array.
Definition: commands.c:199
int cmd_shutdown_time
Time, in seconds from epoch, of server shutdown.
Definition: c_wiz.c:43
const char * name
Command name.
Definition: commands.h:38
command_array_struct WizCommands[]
Wizard commands.
Definition: commands.c:202
command_function func
Pointer to command function.
Definition: commands.h:39
Represents one command.
Definition: commands.h:37
const int CommandsSize
Length of Commands array.
Definition: commands.c:126
float time
How long it takes to execute this command.
Definition: commands.h:40
command_array_struct CommunicationCommands[]
Chat/shout related commands.
Definition: commands.c:129