Crossfire Server, Trunk  R20553
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directory  random_maps
directory  shared


file  account_char.h [code]
 Characters associated with an account.n.
file  artifact.h [code]
 Artifact-related structures.
file  attack.h [code]
 Attack-related definitions.
file  book.h [code]
 Describes fundental parameters of 'books' - objects with type==BOOK.
file  commands.h [code]
 Defines and structures related to commands the player can send.
file  compat.h [code]
 Compatibility implementations of useful nonstandard types and functions.
file  config.h [code]
 This file contains various #defines that select various options.
file  define.h [code]
 Core defines: object types, flags, etc.
file  dialog.h [code]
file  face.h [code]
 Face-related structures.
file  global.h [code]
 Global type definitions and header inclusions.
file  god.h [code]
 God-related structure.
file  image.h [code]
 Image-related structures.
file  libproto.h [code]
file  living.h [code]
 Structure containing object statistics.
file  loader.h [code]
 Defines for loader.l / loader.c.
file  logger.h [code]
 Log levels.
file  map.h [code]
 This file contains basic map-related structures and macros.
file  material.h [code]
 Material structures and defines.
file  metaserver2.h [code]
 This file contains metaserver2 information - the metaserver2 implementation requires that a separate thread be used for updates, so a structure to get updated data to the thread is needed.
file  newserver.h [code]
 Defines various structures and values that are used for the new client server communication method.
file  ob_methods.h [code]
 Object type functions and variables.
file  ob_types.h [code]
 Object type variables.
file  object.h [code]
 Object structure, the core of Crossfire.
file  output_file.h [code]
 Functions for creating text output files.
file  party.h [code]
 Party-specific structures.
file  path.h [code]
 Path-related function prototypes.
file  player.h [code]
 Player-specific structures.
file  plugin.h [code]
 Definitions for the plugin system.
file  plugproto.h [code]
file  race.h [code]
 Race-related structure.
file  re-cmp.h [code]
 Datastructures for representing a subset of regular expressions.
file  recipe.h [code]
 Alchemy recipe structures.
file  server.h [code]
file  shop.h [code]
file  shstr.h [code]
 Shared-strings defines.
file  skills.h [code]
 Skill-related defines, including subtypes.
file  sockproto.h [code]
file  sounds.h [code]
 Sound-related defines.
file  spellist.h [code]
 Path name definition.
file  spells.h [code]
 Spell-related defines: spellpath, subtypes, ...
file  sproto.h [code]
file  stringbuffer.h [code]
 Implements a general string buffer: it builds a string by concatenating.
file  timers.h [code]
 Variables for the custom timers.
file  tod.h [code]
 Defines for the ingame clock, ticks management and weather system.
file  treasure.h [code]
 Defines and variables used by the artifact generation routines.
file  typesproto.h [code]
file  version.h [code]
file  win32.h [code]
 Structures and types used to implement opendir/readdir/closedir on Windows 95/NT and set the loe level defines.
file  xdir.h [code]