Crossfire Server, Trunk  R213250
Flags for apply_special().


#define AP_APPLY   1
#define AP_BASIC_FLAGS   15
#define AP_IGNORE_CURSE   32
#define AP_NO_MERGE   16
#define AP_NOPRINT   128
#define AP_NULL   0
#define AP_PRINT   64
#define AP_UNAPPLY   2

Detailed Description

Those flags correspond to the aflags parameter of the apply_special() function.

Macro Definition Documentation


#define AP_APPLY   1


#define AP_BASIC_FLAGS   15

Definition at line 615 of file define.h.

Referenced by apply_special().


#define AP_IGNORE_CURSE   32

Apply/unapply regardless of cursed/damned status.

Definition at line 619 of file define.h.

Referenced by apply_special(), monster_check_apply(), stop_using_item(), transmute_item_to_flower(), and unapply_for_ob().


#define AP_NO_MERGE   16

Don't try to merge object after (un)applying it.

Definition at line 618 of file define.h.

Referenced by drop_object(), find_throw_ob(), put_object_in_sack(), and unapply_special().



#define AP_NULL   0

Nothing specific.

Definition at line 611 of file define.h.

Referenced by command_apply(), and find_best_object_match().


#define AP_PRINT   64

Print what to do, don't actually do it Note this is supported in all the functions

Definition at line 620 of file define.h.

Referenced by apply_check_apply_restrictions(), and unapply_for_ob().