Crossfire Server, Trunk  R21246
EMI_xxx extended map constants.


#define EMI_HASMOREBITS   0x80
#define EMI_NOREDRAW   0x01
#define EMI_SMOOTH   0x02

Detailed Description

Even if the client select the additionnal infos it wants on the map, there may exist cases where this whole info is not given in one bunch but in separate bunches. This is done performance reasons (imagine some info related to a visible object and another info related to a 4 square width and height area). At the begin of an extended info packet is a bit field. A bit is activated for each extended information present in the data.

Macro Definition Documentation


#define EMI_HASMOREBITS   0x80

Indicates the bitfield continue un next byte There may be several on contiguous bytes. So there is 7 actual bits used per byte, and the number of bytes is not fixed in protocol

Definition at line 358 of file newclient.h.


#define EMI_NOREDRAW   0x01

< Take extended information into account but do not redraw. Some additional data will follow in a new packet.

Definition at line 348 of file newclient.h.


#define EMI_SMOOTH   0x02

Data about smoothing.

Definition at line 352 of file newclient.h.