Crossfire Server, Trunk  R21670
Object insertion flags.


#define INS_ABOVE_FLOOR_ONLY   0x0002
#define INS_BELOW_ORIGINATOR   0x0010
#define INS_MAP_LOAD   0x0020
#define INS_NO_MERGE   0x0001
#define INS_NO_WALK_ON   0x0004
#define INS_ON_TOP   0x0008

Detailed Description

These are flags passed to object_insert_in_map() and object_insert_in_ob(). Note that all flags may not be meaningful for both functions. Most are fairly explanatory:

Note that INS_BELOW_ORIGINATOR, INS_ON_TOP, INS_ABOVE_FLOOR_ONLY are mutually exclusive. The behaviour for passing more than one should be considered undefined - while you may notice what happens right now if you pass more than one, that could very well change in future revisions of the code.

Macro Definition Documentation


#define INS_ABOVE_FLOOR_ONLY   0x0002


#define INS_BELOW_ORIGINATOR   0x0010


#define INS_MAP_LOAD   0x0020

Disable lots of checkings.

Definition at line 573 of file object.h.

Referenced by load_objects(), and object_insert_in_map().




#define INS_ON_TOP   0x0008