Crossfire Server, Trunk  R21670
Object update flags


#define UP_OBJ_CHANGE   3
#define UP_OBJ_FACE   4
#define UP_OBJ_INSERT   1
#define UP_OBJ_REMOVE   2

Detailed Description

Used by object_update() to know if the object being passed is being added or removed.

Macro Definition Documentation


#define UP_OBJ_CHANGE   3

Object changed.

Definition at line 518 of file object.h.

Referenced by animate_one(), gate_type_process(), object_update(), and unblock_exits().



#define UP_OBJ_INSERT   1

Object was inserted.

Definition at line 516 of file object.h.

Referenced by cfapi_object_set_property(), object_insert_in_map(), and object_update().


#define UP_OBJ_REMOVE   2

Object was removed.

Definition at line 517 of file object.h.

Referenced by object_remove(), and object_update().