Crossfire Server, Trunk  R20590
Beginnings of linked lists.


EXTERN archetypefirst_archetype
 First archetype. More...
EXTERN artifactlistfirst_artifactlist
 First artifact. More...
EXTERN objectlinkfirst_friendly_object
 Objects monsters will go after. More...
EXTERN godlinkfirst_god
 God list. More...
EXTERN mapstructfirst_map
 First map. More...
EXTERN playerfirst_player
 First player. More...
EXTERN racelinkfirst_race
 Race list. More...
EXTERN regionfirst_region
 First region. More...
EXTERN treasurelistfirst_treasurelist
 First treasure. More...

Detailed Description

Variable Documentation

EXTERN archetype* first_archetype
EXTERN artifactlist* first_artifactlist
EXTERN objectlink* first_friendly_object
EXTERN godlink* first_god
EXTERN mapstruct* first_map
EXTERN player* first_player
EXTERN racelink* first_race

Race list.

Definition at line 125 of file global.h.

Referenced by add_to_racelist(), dump_races(), find_racelink(), free_races(), and init_races().

EXTERN region* first_region
EXTERN treasurelist* first_treasurelist