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image.h File Reference
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Data Structures

struct  face_info
struct  face_sets


#define MAX_FACE_SETS   20
#define MAX_IMAGE_SIZE   10000


typedef struct face_info face_info


face_sets facesets [MAX_FACE_SETS]

Detailed Description

Image-related structures.

Definition in file image.h.

Macro Definition Documentation


#define MAX_FACE_SETS   20

Maximum number of image sets the program will handle

Definition at line 26 of file image.h.

Referenced by free_socket_images(), is_valid_faceset(), read_client_images(), and send_image_info().


#define MAX_IMAGE_SIZE   10000

Definition at line 30 of file image.h.

Referenced by read_client_images().

Typedef Documentation

◆ face_info

typedef struct face_info face_info

Actual image data the client will display.

Variable Documentation

◆ facesets

All facesets

Definition at line 47 of file image.c.

Referenced by esrv_send_face(), CREPixmap::getIcon(), main(), process_map(), send_image_info(), and send_image_sums().