Crossfire Server, Trunk  R20590

This is a custom attribute.


Type(s) Description
Altar, Altar Trigger, Amulet, Battleground, Book, Boots, Bracers, Breastplate Armor, Builder, Building material, Button, Button Trigger, Class Changer, Cloak, Clock, Container, Converter, Creator, Detector, Director, Disease, Door, Drink, Duplicator, Event, Exit, Flesh, Floor, Floor (Encounter), Food, Gate, Girdle, Gloves, Handle, Handle Trigger, Hazard Floor, Helmet, Holy Altar, Horn, Inorganic, Inventory Checker, Item Transformer, Jewel, Key, Locked Door, Magic Ear, Magic Wall, Marker, Money, Monster & NPC, Monster (Grimreaper), Mood Floor, Mover, Pedestal, Pit, Player, Poison Food, Potion, Power Crystal, Projectile, Ring, Rod, Rune, Savebed, Scroll, Shield, Shooting Weapon, Shop Floor, Shop Mat, Sign & Magic Mouth, Skill, Skill Scroll, Special Key, Spell, Spellbook, Spinner, Swamp, Teleporter, Timed Gate, Transport, Trap, Trapdoor, Treasure, Trigger Marker, Wall, Wand & Staff, Weak Wall, Weapon The elevation (height above sea level) of this square. It is used for weather calculations and should be in the range -32000..32000. The elevation of a tile must be set in the bottom-most game object; elevation values for non-bottom-most game objects are ignored by the Crossfire server.