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6 #ifndef RECIPE_H
7 #define RECIPE_H
10 typedef struct recipestruct {
12  size_t arch_names;
13  char **arch_name;
14  int chance;
16  int diff;
17  int exp;
18  int index;
19  int transmute;
21  int yield;
24  struct recipestruct *next;
30  int min_level;
32  char **tool;
33  size_t tool_size;
34 } recipe;
37 typedef struct recipeliststruct {
39  int number;
40  struct recipestruct *items;
42 } recipelist;
44 #endif /* RECIPE_H */
List of recipes with a certain number of ingredients.
Definition: recipe.h:37
int diff
Alchemical dfficulty level.
Definition: recipe.h:16
struct recipeliststruct * next
Pointer to next recipe list.
Definition: recipe.h:41
int number
Number of recipes in this list.
Definition: recipe.h:39
int yield
Maximum number of items produced by the recipe.
Definition: recipe.h:21
linked_char * ingred
List of ingredients.
Definition: recipe.h:22
int is_combination
Whather this is an alchemy recipe, or an item transformation description.
Definition: recipe.h:31
int transmute
If defined, one of the formula ingredients is used as the basis for the product object.
Definition: recipe.h:19
int ingred_count
Number of items in ingred.
Definition: recipe.h:23
int chance
Chance that recipe for this item will appear in an alchemical grimore.
Definition: recipe.h:14
sstring title
Distinguishing name of product.
Definition: recipe.h:11
char ** arch_name
Possible archetypes of the final product made.
Definition: recipe.h:13
int total_chance
Total chance of the recipes in this list.
Definition: recipe.h:38
struct recipestruct recipe
One alchemy recipe.
sstring skill
Skill name used to make this recipe.
Definition: recipe.h:26
int index
Index value derived from formula ingredients.
Definition: recipe.h:18
size_t tool_size
Length of tool.
Definition: recipe.h:33
struct recipeliststruct recipelist
List of recipes with a certain number of ingredients.
const char * sstring
Strings that should be manipulated through add_string() and free_string().
Definition: global.h:40
int exp
How much exp to give for this formulae.
Definition: recipe.h:17
size_t arch_names
Size of the arch_name[] array.
Definition: recipe.h:12
sstring failure_message
Specific failure message.
Definition: recipe.h:29
struct recipestruct * next
Next recipe with the same number of ingredients.
Definition: recipe.h:24
sstring failure_arch
Arch of the item to generate on failure, instead of blowing up stuff.
Definition: recipe.h:28
sstring cauldron
Arch of the cauldron/workbench used to house the formulae.
Definition: recipe.h:27
char ** tool
Tool(s) for item transformation.
Definition: recipe.h:32
sstring keycode
Optional keycode needed to use the recipe.
Definition: recipe.h:25
struct recipestruct * items
Pointer to first recipe in this list.
Definition: recipe.h:40
int min_level
Minimum level to have in the skill to be able to use the formulae.
Definition: recipe.h:30
One alchemy recipe.
Definition: recipe.h:10