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_cfpcontext Struct Reference

#include <cfpython.h>

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Data Fields

PyObject * activator
struct _cfpcontextdown
PyObject * event
int event_code
int fix
char message [1024]
char options [1024]
int parms [5]
int returnvalue
char script [1024]
struct talk_infotalk
PyObject * third
PyObject * who

Detailed Description

Definition at line 114 of file cfpython.h.

Field Documentation

object* _cfpcontext::activator

Definition at line 57 of file plugin_template.h.

PyObject* _cfpcontext::activator
struct _cfpcontext * _cfpcontext::down

Definition at line 115 of file cfpython.h.

Referenced by popContext(), and pushContext().

object* _cfpcontext::event

Definition at line 59 of file plugin_template.h.

PyObject* _cfpcontext::event
int _cfpcontext::event_code

Definition at line 122 of file cfpython.h.

Referenced by cfpython_globalEventListener(), eventListener(), and globalEventListener().

int _cfpcontext::fix

Definition at line 121 of file cfpython.h.

Referenced by cfpython_runPluginCommand(), and eventListener().

char _cfpcontext::message
char _cfpcontext::options
int _cfpcontext::parms

Definition at line 126 of file cfpython.h.

char _cfpcontext::script[1024]
struct talk_info* _cfpcontext::talk
object* _cfpcontext::third

Definition at line 58 of file plugin_template.h.

PyObject* _cfpcontext::third
object* _cfpcontext::who

Definition at line 56 of file plugin_template.h.

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