Crossfire Server, Trunk  R21219
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1 /* toolkit_common.c */
2 void cctk_setlog(const char *logfile);
3 void cctk_setdatadir(const char *datadir);
4 void cctk_setconfdir(const char *confdir);
5 void cctk_init_std_archetypes(void);
6 object *cctk_create_game_object(const char *archname);
7 void cctk_set_object_strings(object *op, const char *string);
EXTERN FILE * logfile
Definition: global.h:142
void cctk_setdatadir(const char *datadir)
void cctk_set_object_strings(object *op, const char *string)
object * cctk_create_game_object(const char *archname)
void cctk_setlog(const char *logfile)
void cctk_init_std_archetypes(void)
void cctk_setconfdir(const char *confdir)