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Login: azzie
Fullname: azzie
Revisions: 3
Lines of Code: 16
Added Lines of Code: 241
Lines of Code per Change: 5.3

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Commit Log

5/8/99 4:32 AMazzie
Updated changes file with gx11.c changes.
(1 Files changed, 5 Lines changed)
CHANGES 1.2 (+5 -0)
5/8/99 4:28 AMazzie
Major updates, first checkin in a long time. Improvements include major
performance increases during text updates and speedups during drawing.
Also prepared for 32x32 graphics (change the XPM_SIZE define).
(1 Files changed, 234 Lines changed)
gx11.c 1.2 (+234 -223)
5/8/99 4:23 AMazzie
Fixed client side buffering bug. It should never happen anyway since the client
is unlikely to reach a buffering state, but it might as well be fixed.
(1 Files changed, 2 Lines changed)
newsocket.c 1.2 (+2 -2)