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Login: jbontje
Fullname: jbontje
Revisions: 3
Lines of Code: 73
Added Lines of Code: 176
Lines of Code per Change: 24.3

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5/24/03 8:58 AMjbontje
Fixed typo (thanks buzzsaw)
mids 2003-05-25
(1 Files changed, 2 Lines changed)
gtk/gx11.c 1.30 (+2 -2)
8/22/02 7:36 AMjbontje
Pickups: created submenus and added pickups for spellbooks,skillscrols,normal book/scroll. Patch created by Aprogas
mids 2002/08/22
(1 Files changed, 169 Lines changed)
gtk/gx11.c 1.20 (+169 -98)
1/15/02 7:25 PMjbontje
gx11.c: Fix for error with Count when nopopups is enabled.
After picking up with Count the label Count wasn't resetted to 0 but
cpl.count is. After dropping with Count both the label and cpl.count are
resetted to 0. Now it is always made 0 after pickup/drop, just like with
mids 2002-01-16
(1 Files changed, 5 Lines changed)
gtk/gx11.c 1.11 (+5 -3)