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Login: smacfiggen
Fullname: smacfiggen
Revisions: 21
Lines of Code: 774
Added Lines of Code: 960
Lines of Code per Change: 36.9

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7/24/01 6:40 PMsmacfiggen
Fixed bug in sdl client where scrolling in the left-right direction
while using a non rectangular view caused redraw problems. I was
making a bad assumption about how the scanlines in the SDL surface
were being padded. This fix should be tested more on non 32bit
displays though.
SMACFIGGEN 2001-07-24
(1 Files changed, 3 Lines changed)
xutil.c 1.26 (+3 -3)
7/23/01 4:52 PMsmacfiggen
Bug fix for fog of war code. Only affected client when using
the map1cmd. Tiles that went out of view then came back into
view weren't always marked as cleared so stale map layer data
could appear on the screen.
SMACFIGGEN 2001-07-23
(1 Files changed, 2 Lines changed)
xutil.c 1.25 (+2 -1)
7/22/01 1:44 PMsmacfiggen
Added fog of war code. A fairly complex checkin so I suspect I may have
broken something. Note, this code only works in conjunction with the
SDL client for now. The infrastructure is all there for the other
blitters to take advantage of it though. This code also requires the
cooperation of the server, a new protocol command was added 'newmap' to
let the client know when to reset the state of the map (which should
happen every time the player enters a new map with the exception of
tiled maps). To use, give the -fog command line option along with
(9 Files changed, 779 Lines changed)
gnome.c 1.6 (+5 -0)
client.h 1.16 (+19 -0)
gx11.c 1.33 (+215 -85)
CHANGES 1.61 (+51 -1)
commands.c 1.14 (+13 -3)
x11.c 1.25 (+14 -2)
client.c 1.12 (+4 -3)
xutil.c 1.24 (+456 -57)
proto.h 1.8 (+2 -0)
6/23/01 9:13 PMsmacfiggen
Speed optimization to the SDL rendering code. sdl_add_png_face
now exits when all 5 dark[] array values are set to full bright.
gx11.c: Added a line in the per_pixel lighting section that exits
right away if all darkness values are set to 255.
SMACFIGGEN 2001-06-23
(2 Files changed, 17 Lines changed)
CHANGES 1.60 (+7 -1)
gx11.c 1.32 (+10 -2)
6/20/01 1:07 AMsmacfiggen
Quick fix to the get_metaserver function. It was originally calling
gtk_main_interation() in a while loop. This is really really really
slooooow. I replaced it with a call to gtk_main(). gtk_main_quit
for this invocation of gtk_main is called in enter_callback() when
the user types in the metaserver he wants to play on. This is WAY
faster then the old method.

gx11.c: Changed get_main_interation to gtk_main in get_metaserver.
Added call to gtk_main_quit() in enter_callback() when
state changes from Metaserver_Select to Playing.
SMACFIGGEN 2001-06-19
(2 Files changed, 44 Lines changed)
gx11.c 1.31 (+17 -4)
CHANGES 1.59 (+27 -1)
6/19/01 11:37 PMsmacfiggen
Added notes on what is needed for SDL support. (1 Files changed, 11 Lines changed)
README 1.6 (+11 -1)
6/19/01 11:29 PMsmacfiggen
Fixed bug in both sdl and pngximage versions of the gtk client where
mapscrolls would be redrawn incorrectly on servers using the old map
command. Basically new tiles coming onto the map would be draw with old
information if they were now blank. Whatever was on that view tile before
the scroll would be redrawn again.

xutil.c: Modifed display_mapscroll so that new cells just coming onto
the screen would be marked as the_map.cells[ax][ay].need_update= 1.
For cells that are already on screen and just moving, we still leave
need_update= 0.
(1 Files changed, 11 Lines changed)
xutil.c 1.23 (+11 -9)
6/17/01 11:40 PMsmacfiggen
Changed no_sdl = yes to no_sdl=yes. Configure thought it meant
yes as in the shell command.
(2 Files changed, 2 Lines changed) 1.23 (+1 -1)
configure 1.24 (+1 -1)
6/17/01 11:16 PMsmacfiggen
This checkin adds two speed optimizations to the SDL code in the
Gtk client. The mapscrolling now does a memcpy of the pixels instead
of regenerating the whole image and the sdl_add_png_face function
now starts blitting at the top most fully opaque tile.
It also fixes a minor bug in the grid overlay code, it wasn't
drawing the bottom and rightmost grid border on the edge of the screen.

gx11.c: Holds the sdl_add_png_face function
xutil.c: In display_mapscroll, added code to memcpy SDL pixel data
(2 Files changed, 91 Lines changed)
gx11.c 1.30 (+28 -7)
xutil.c 1.22 (+63 -4)