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AuthorRevisionsLines of CodeAdded Lines of CodeLines of Code per Change
mwedel80 (60.6%) 7345 (103.5%) 9144 (95.7%) 91.81
akirschbaum24 (18.2%) -260 (-3.7%) 210 (2.2%) -10.83
tchize16 (12.1%) 53 (0.7%) 134 (1.4%) 3.31
cavesomething4 (3.0%) -59 (-0.8%) 33 (0.3%) -14.75
crowbert3 (2.3%) 10 (0.1%) 16 (0.2%) 3.33
ryo_saeba2 (1.5%) 6 (0.1%) 7 (0.1%) 3.00
tanner1 (0.8%) 0 (0.0%) 1 (0.0%) 0.00
onefang1 (0.8%) 3 (0.0%) 4 (0.0%) 3.00
elsbernd1 (0.8%) 2 (0.0%) 6 (0.1%) 2.00

Commit Log

2/23/06 2:18 PMakirschbaum
Apply patch #1433271 (code-cleanup) by Stefan Huehner: Add const and static,
remove unused variables
(5 Files changed, 18 Lines changed)
x11/png.c 1.16 (+2 -2)
x11/sound.c 1.8 (+2 -2)
x11/rcs-id.h 1.2 (+7 -7)
x11/x11.c 1.37 (+4 -4)
x11/xutil.c 1.24 (+3 -3)
2/23/06 2:30 AMmwedel
More improvements to the gtk-v2 client:
- Add spell selection window similar to that in the gtk-v1 client.
- Make it so that clicking on the headers in the metaserver and keybinding
selection windows will result in table be sorted by that header.
*/ Rebuilt by automake.
aclocal.m4: Updated by aclocal.
gtk-v2/TODO: Remove things that have been done, add other things mentioned
on mailing list that should be done.
gtk-v2/ Updated with new spell selection window.
gtk-v2/src/ Add spells.c file
gtk-v2/src/spells.c: File that handles spell selection window.
gtk-v2/src/callbacks.h: Updated by glade
gtk-v2/src/gtk2proto.h: rebuilt
gtk-v2/src/interface.c: Updated by glade.
gtk-v2/src/interface.h: Updated by glade.
gtk-v2/src/keys.c: Add necessary calls to enable sorting of table by
clicking on headers.
gtk-v2/src/main.c: Add call to update_spell_information() if spell information
has changed.
gtk-v2/src/metaserver.c: Add necessary calls to enable sorting of table by
clicking on headers. Convert the idletime and number of players columns
to be ints - this makes the sort work as expected, and actually simplifies
the code a little.
gtk-v2/src/support.h: Rebuilt by glade.
MSW 2006-02-22
(1 Files changed, 3 Lines changed)
x11/ 1.14 (+3 -1)
2/16/06 4:32 PMakirschbaum
Apply patch #1430279 (code-cleanup: const, static, etc) by Stefan Huehner. (3 Files changed, 19 Lines changed)
x11/xutil.c 1.23 (+5 -5)
x11/x11.c 1.36 (+12 -12)
x11/sound.c 1.7 (+2 -2)
2/8/06 7:47 PMcavesomething
make the mesage displayed on trying to drop locked items more descriptive (1 Files changed, 3 Lines changed)
x11/x11.c 1.35 (+3 -2)
1/31/06 8:22 AMcavesomething
remove coloured inventory and text options and support for black and white monitors, change cfclient to a grey colourscheme (3 Files changed, 30 Lines changed)
x11/x11.c 1.34 (+19 -66)
x11/x11proto.h 1.13 (+1 -1)
x11/xutil.c 1.22 (+10 -23)
1/2/06 1:04 AMmwedel
x11/png.c: Add same workaround from gtk/png.c to make it work on 64 bit
MSW 2006-01-01
(1 Files changed, 44 Lines changed)
x11/png.c 1.15 (+44 -11)
12/11/05 6:44 AMakirschbaum
gtk/{map.c,sdl.c}, x11/x11.c: General cleanup - just whitespace changes. (1 Files changed, 9 Lines changed)
x11/x11.c 1.33 (+9 -9)
9/4/05 9:47 AMakirschbaum
x11/x11.c: Fix similar problem for x11 client: need_update needs to be cleared
(1 Files changed, 2 Lines changed)
x11/x11.c 1.32 (+2 -1)
9/3/05 8:12 AMtchize
Fixed Makefile problem where soundsdef.h was not autobuild , breaking compilation (1 Files changed, 1 Lines changed)
x11/ 1.13 (+1 -3)
9/3/05 7:50 AMakirschbaum
*, aclocal.m4, configure: Rebuilt. (1 Files changed, 1 Lines changed)
x11/ 1.12 (+1 -0)
8/31/05 4:57 PMakirschbaum
Fix bug #1102991 (Duplicate grapical display of the same monster):
common/ Add new files mapdata.c and mapdata.h.
common/{client.c, commands.c}: Tell mapdata module the current display size.
common/commands.c: Remove functions to handle map updates. Rewrite
map1_common() to pass information into mapdata module.
common/init.c, gtk/gx11.c: Add new config options -mapscroll and -nomapscroll
to enable/disable scrolling the map view with bitmap operations.
common/mapdata.[ch]: Add new module to handle all updates to the_map.
gtk/gx11.c: Remove code for #if ALTERNATE_MAP_REDRAW. Initialize question mark
face for fog of war. Remove code to allocate the_map.
gtk/image.c: Do not clear the_map in reset_image_data() anymore.
gtk/map.c: Move code to update map data into mapdata module.
draw_pixmap(): New function to draw one face.
drawsmooth(): Check correct layer instead of fixed layer zero. Fix out of
bounds array access.
display_mapcell(): New function to draw one cell.
gtk_draw_map(): Move map drawing code into display_mapcell().
gtk/sdl.c: Basically the same changes as in gtk/map.c
gtk-v2/src/image.c: Basically the same changes as in gtk/gx11.c.
gtk-v2/src/main.c: Add config options -smooth/-nosmooth to enable/disable
smoothing. Remove code to allocate the_map.
gtk-v2/src/map.c: Basically the same changes as in gtk/map.c.
gtk-v2/src/opengl.c: Fix out of bounds array access. Initialize question mark
face for fog of war.
gtk-v2/src/sdl.c: Basically the same changes as in gtk/map.c.
x11/x11.c: Implement map scrolling by using XCopyArea(). Add config options
-mapscroll/-nomapscroll to enable/disable this. Remove code to allocate or
clear the_map. Add new function display_mapcell() to draw one cell. Move
map drawing code from display_map_doneupdate() into display_mapcell().
Remove two pixel border around map window; is was used inconsistently, and
the window size was four pixels too small.
x11/xutil.c: Move code to update map data into mapdata module.
(4 Files changed, 110 Lines changed)
x11/xutil.c 1.21 (+3 -319)
x11/x11.h 1.11 (+1 -2)
x11/x11proto.h 1.12 (+2 -8)
x11/x11.c 1.31 (+104 -53)
8/29/05 12:19 AMmwedel
Fix sound compilation so it only tries to compile alsa9 helper if we
in fact have alsa 9 libs.
*/ Rebuilt, configure: Add ALSA9_TARGET, replacing SOUND_TARGETS which
was no longer being used.
sound-src/ add EXTRA_PROGRAMS line for cfsndserv_alsa9 so
don't get errors from automake, add @ALSA9_TARGET@ to bin_PROGRAMS.
MSW 2005-08-28
(1 Files changed, 1 Lines changed)
x11/ 1.11 (+1 -1)
8/14/05 10:22 AMakirschbaum
common/misc.c, gtk/{gx11.c,sdl.c,text.c}, gtk-v2/src/sdl.c, x11/sound.c:
Fix non-Ansi C89 code: remove "inline" function specifier, replace "//"
(1 Files changed, 2 Lines changed)
x11/sound.c 1.6 (+2 -2)
8/14/05 8:03 AMakirschbaum
x11/x11proto.h, x11/xutil.c: Use correct parameter type "uint16" for
(2 Files changed, 3 Lines changed)
x11/xutil.c 1.20 (+2 -2)
x11/x11proto.h 1.11 (+1 -1)
8/12/05 2:09 AMmwedel
This commit adds full automake support for the client - previously, only the
gtk-v2 directory used automake, rest was - now everything is
automake - makes maintenance and distributions easier.
common/ gtk/ help/ pixmaps/
sound-src/ utils/ x11/ pixmaps/
utils/ help/ New Makefiles, Removed unneeded rules, move pixmap, help, util
handling to makefiles in their own directories.
configure, Update to include pixmap, help, util as
gtk-v2/, gtk-v2/ Clean up some rules in this makefile.
common/, gtk/, sound-src/, x11/
Rebuilt as part of automake.
gtk-v2/src/, gtk-v2/src/ Add banner copyright, remove
uneeded rules.
MSW 2005-08-11
(2 Files changed, 596 Lines changed)
x11/ 1.10 (+541 -61)
x11/ 1.2 added 55
7/18/05 3:29 PMakirschbaum
x11/x11.c: Fix crash if display cannot be opened. (1 Files changed, 6 Lines changed)
x11/x11.c 1.30 (+6 -6)
6/1/05 3:22 AMakirschbaum
crossfire-client.spec, gnome/, x11/ Patch from Kari
Pahula to fix manpage paths.
(1 Files changed, 1 Lines changed)
x11/ 1.9 (+1 -1)
5/30/05 4:01 PMryo_saeba
Patch #1197437 courtesy krudat - inventory-related (2 Files changed, 7 Lines changed)
x11/x11.c 1.29 (+6 -1)
x11/x11proto.h 1.10 (+1 -0)
3/27/05 2:51 PMakirschbaum
This patch fixes a few memory leaks related to image caching in all clients.
common/image.c: Declare facetoname[] as static. Add all code accessing this
array. Print warning if image cannot be created.
gtk/gx11.c, gtk/image.c, gtk-v2/src/image.c, x11/x11.c, x11/xutil.c: Remove
code accessing facetoname[].
gtk/gx11.c, gtk-v2/src/main5H.c, x11/x11.c: Always call init_cache_data() to
initialize pixmaps[] array.
gtk/image.c, gtk-v2/src/image.c, x11/png.c: Reject invalid face
numbers and fix resource leak in create_and_rescale_image_from_data().
gtk/image.c, gtk-v2/src/image.c, get_map_image_size: Pretend invalid faces to
be of size 1x1 in get_map_image_size().
gtk-v2/src/image.c: Properly free opengl resources in free_pixmap(). Fix
resource leak when freeing old pixmaps in reset_image_data().
x11/png.c: Properly free resources if an error occurs.
x11/x11.c: Ignore invalid face numbers.
x11/x11.h Remove duplicate definition of MAXPIXMAPNUM and facetoname[].
x11/xutil.c: Initialize size of pixmaps[0].
(4 Files changed, 39 Lines changed)
x11/png.c 1.14 (+29 -8)
x11/x11.c 1.28 (+5 -7)
x11/x11.h 1.10 (+2 -5)
x11/xutil.c 1.19 (+3 -9)
3/22/05 1:23 AMmwedel
Main change of this is addition of opengl drawing for the map in the gtk-v2
client. On my system, the opengl code is about 10 times faster than the
sdl code was, making it so I can turn on all the bells and whistles (smoothing,
best lighting) and still use less than 10% cpu time. As part of this, I
redid the smoothing logic, so the client now requires a new server for
smoothing to work (needs push logic, as client won't request smoothing
info as that adds a lot of complication). This change was done because
the old smoothing code wasn't that efficient - now, we store the smoothing
face along with the face it smooths, so finding the smoothing info is
much faster.
--, configure: Add check for -lglut - indication we have opengl
libraries available.
common/client.h: Remove Smooths struct. Change CONFIG_SDL to
CONFIG_DISPLAY, and add CFG_DM_... to denote different display modes,
since there is more than just sdl and not sdl now.
common/commands.c: Don't have SmoothCmd try to update what spaces need
to be redrawn - for opengl, it doesn't care about that, and for
most other maps, it will figure it out when it needs to redraw
common/ Addition of HAVE_OPENGL line.
common/image.c: Remove getsmooth() - rely on push logic.
common/init.c: Update want_config[CONFIG_SDL] to
gtk/config.c: Change access to CONFIG_DISPLAYMODE
gtk/gx11.c: Change access to CONFIG_DISPLAYMODE. Add -smooth command line
gtk/gx11.h: Add smooth_face to PixmapInfo struct.
gtk/image.c: Change access to CONFIG_DISPLAYMODE. When getting new
PixmapInfo struct, use calloc so we are sure all fields are initialized
to zero. Add addsmooth().
gtk/map.c: Change access to CONFIG_DISPLAYMODE. Change how we access
smooth face info.
gtk/sdl.c: Change how we access smooth face info.
gtk-v2/src/, gtk-v2/src/ Add addition of OPENGL_LIBS
to link libs. Add opengl.c file.
gtk-v2/src/config.c: Add image.h include.
gtk-v2/src/gtk2proto.h: Rebuilt.
gtk-v2/src/image.c: Change access to CONFIG_DISPLAYMODE. Add hooks for
opengl image generation. Change call for pixmap creation from malloc
to calloc. Add addsmooth().
gtk-v2/src/image.h. If we have opengl, include GL/gl.h. Add fields
for opengl texture maps.
gtk-v2/src/info.c: Update so text line wraps if it is too long.
gtk-v2/src/inventory.c: Add checks to make sure object face is
valid before trying to draw. In icon mode, add code to cleanup
old fields (if you drop an item, it wouldn't erase the list item
in the list). Also, free callbacks, as they effectively stack,
and we were using incorrect object pointers (pointer from first
callback, which didn't match current one).
gtk-v2/src/keys.c: Add image.h to includes.
gtk-v2/src/main.c: Add image.h to includes. Change access to
CONFIG_DISPLAYMODE. Add -opengl command switch. Remove
+sdl and popups command line options. Relocate setup of
cache call setup to after we know all windows have been created.
gtk-v2/src/map.c: Change access to CONFIG_DISPLAYMODE. Add opengl
drawing hooks. Change access for smooth info. Implement
button press code for map window (basically grabbed from
gtk-v2/src/opengl.c: New file containing opengl draw code.
gtk-v2/src/png.c: Remove some unused code resulting in compile warnings.
gtk-v2/src/sdl.c: Remove some commented out code. Change access method
for smoothing code.
x11/xutil.c: Change access to CONFIG_DISPLAYMODE. Add addsmooth()
MSW 2005-03-20
(1 Files changed, 8 Lines changed)
x11/xutil.c 1.18 (+8 -2)