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Help Contribute

I am sure that you have all noticed that this site needs alot of work in the Maps area. My current workload is keeping me from playing Crossfire, so I can't explore and summarize the areas myself.

That is why I am asking if there is anyone out there who would like to contribute to this site. A full list of these areas is linked here.

If you could, e-mail me the information in the following format (as a .txt attachment, or within the message body without any HTML formatting), I will update the appropriate page and have it published and viewable within a day or two.

  • Location:
    Pretty much give a few details on what the map entrance looks like and where it is located.
    Example: small hut, east of Scorn or small white building near the wishing well in the center of the city.
  • Description:
    A brief summary of what you see once you are inside.
    Example: a dark cave setup like a maze, terrain causes slow movement.
  • Suggested Levels:
    Base this off the monsters found there.  Since the game is easier for the fighter types (warrior, barbarian, dwarf, etc.) versus the spell casters (cleric, wizard, etc.) you may have to provide something like "Level 4 for fighters, but level 6 for spellcasters." This area is really touchy, and depends alot on player experience.
  • Monsters Encountered:
    List all the monsters that you have encountered in the map.
  • Items Obtained:
    Any of the equipment that could be found there, consistently.  For example, not a Longsword +2 or Club of Lythander at the Mad Mages Tower, but include Dragonbane from the Chaos Lair/Snake Pit in Lake Country, or Lightning Sticks from the Tower of Demonology.  Also include the stats for these items, in the same format that you would normally see if you used the spell/alter/rod of identify.
  • Other Information:
    Feel free to include any else that you find or feel is important.

Of course, I will make a note or reference to you and give you credit for all the work you provide.

Any questions? Let me know, and I will get back to as soon as I can.  Thanks!