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New Maps

Area to provide information and follow-up comments about new maps for Crossfire.

Squishi Mapset, uploaded on Sat, 28 Apr 2001 23:06:37 +0100


Due to earlier problems with the Mail Archive, I will leave the messages on here.  I do have the original messages linked now, also.

  • New map set called "Destiny" can be read here, also a bug report.
    Original Map announcement here.  First bug report here.
  • Second spoiler/bug report for Desinty maps located here.
    Original E-mail is here
  • Also available, the map/bug fix for the Healing Hall in Scorn.
    Original Post(s) is here, and the follow-up is here.


---------- Forwarded message ----------
Date: Thu, 13 May 1999 14:59:20 -0500 (CDT)
From: Thomas Green <tomgreen@nortelnetworks.com>
To: crossfire@ifi.uio.no
Subject: CF: New Maps - Destiny

Hi Crossfire Fans!

I have created the following mapset for Crossfire.  Feel free to edit or modify them.  These maps are mostly designed for mid range characters, although I did create a cave for very high level characters who are looking for trouble.

To extract, gunzip and then tar -xvf the attached file. Please replace the /crossfire/lib/maps/dtabb/quest/town2 map with the town2 file provided.  The destiny directory should be placed in /crossfire/lib/maps/dtabb/quest.

[I put it in < URL: ftp://ftp.ifi.uio.no/pub/crossfire/incoming/destiny_map.tar.gz > instead, since it was a bit large.  Remember that anyone can upload crossfire related files there and announce them to the list afterwards. -- Kjetil T.]

The next release, I hope to have added a monestary and the forbidden city.  The dwarven city and other towns and castles require quests of their own. Don't hold your breath waiting for them though, it wont be for another 9 months or more.

Have Fun!

Send comments to:  tomgreen@nortelnetworks.com


[you can put yourself on the announcement list only or unsubscribe altogether by sending an email stating your wishes to crossfire-request@ifi.uio.no]



I have just started to test the destiny maps.

The town2 map has a minor bug: the teleporter has path "destiny/kandora", but it should be "/destiny/kandora".

Also, there is no indication where the teleporter is located --- I had to run around and say "kandora" all the time until I got the "the teleporter is closed" message (because of the aforementioned bug).  You get the kandora message ("you fall asleep...") in a lot of other places as well.


Christian Stieber        http://www.informatik.tu-muenchen.de/~stieber


Subject: Re: CF: Healing Hall

This has been fixed.  You can download a snapshot of the current mapset at:


Just replace your current maps with it.

< peterm@langmuir.EECS.Berkeley.EDU >



---------- Forwarded message ----------
Date: Fri, 14 May 1999 20:59:08 +0200
From: Christian Stieber <stieber@informatik.tu-muenchen.de>
To: crossfire mailing list <crossfire@ifi.uio.no>
Subject: CF: Destiny maps 2


I just noticed that some gates can be passed via dimension door (the one in /destiny/cave/entrance, the /destiny/dun_marksel entrance, the /destiny/elcyon/elcyon_start entrance, the locked door in /destiny/dm_keep, and probably others I forgot to list).  I'm not sure whether this is intentional.

Btw, I really liked the puplandish idea to capitalize the words that are used as keywords in conversions --- maybe this should be adopted for destiny as well? I have seen it in some places, but it is definitely not used consistently.

IMHO the energy bow should not be given away that easily (/destiny/elcyon/elcyon_start). The elf also drops a bunch of "random_bow" thingies --- not sure whether the 0.95.x servers actually do create bows there.

Remember that the energy bow is the best bow in the game, replacing the bow of auriga.

The rucksack in /destiny/dm_wizard has the same problem: it contains "random_talisman" and "random_plant" instead of the things. Something that has been changed for 0.95.x?

Interesting enough, I also found 4 "random scroll" in /destiny/signal and 2 "random bow" in /destiny/signal2.

/destiny/elcyon/old_temple has the same type of problem as the town2 map: you speak the password, then you have run around looking for the teleporter. Which is a pure guessing map --- I didn't see a hint as to where the teleporter is to be found, and it took me quite a while to locate the place where "unicorn" makes something happen.

I like the ent council :-) Shamelessly stolen from Tolkien, but still... :-)

Ah, great --- finally a holy symbol for free. Good news for starting characters...

Cool... an easy oilskin cloak.

Ah... another easy-to-get artifact: the midnight robe and wizard hat used to be much harder to get (destiny/dm_keep).

Oops... another Tolkien: "Speak the password, friend..."  :-) 2 "random bow" in there, btw.

In /destiny/ship_home I paid 500 gold, the gate opened --- but I still couldn't enter? The problem is the wrong sea archetype --- it can't be passed. Not that it counts much --- it leads back to Scorn :-(

A lot of places have incorrect exits (offset by one or more fields).

Some of the large places are "closed" on one field, and work on others. Very confusing --- I found some these by accident only, because I thought they were closed when I tried them the first time.

It would be nice if players learn what the merchants guild expects as "proof" --- not everybody is carrying around tons of stuff like I do.  The head doesn't work (which surprised me --- but when I checked the map I found the bug: "Head" vs. "head").

Hm... something must be wrong on my server. The special funds box has lots of "random_something" items, but no items. King Zoobus looses a lot of random_somethings when you kill him as well :-)

Ah... the Mithril dwarf pops up, and leads me to a hidden vally, but I'm still were I was before :-( Time to search for the hidden teleporter again... very funny: I tried all places. Then I checked the map: the teleporter is in a non-reachable place, since you can't pass the mountain sitting on top of it.

/destiny/cave/a_mine2 has lots of "random_weapon" :-)

Hm... strange: the altar doesn't slay my treaty. The map seems okay, though (no typos to be seen...). Btw, the ent should respond to "war" as well as "War". Probably applies to other ents as well.

Do I have to drop the waybreads and restoration potion somewhere?

Well, I guess that's enough. There are just too many closed exits and tiny maps to know whether I have seen all of them


Christian Stieber 

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