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Totals 83 (100.0%) 5 (100.0%) 0.0
mwedel 4 (4.8%) 4 (80.0%) 1.0
akirschbaum 1 (1.2%) 1 (20.0%) 1.0
qal21 78 (94.0%) 0 (0.0%) 0.0

Most Recent Commits

mwedel 2007-09-18 02:06

Merge in code from trunk that gives these objects nrof - in that way they
merge - fixes bug 1792029.
MSW 2007-09-17

4 lines of code changed in:

  • disease: diarrhea.arc (+1), incontinence.arc (+1), leprosy.arc (+1), rabies.arc (+1)
akirschbaum 2007-08-23 17:19

Replace obsolete fields fly_on/fly_off/walk_on/walk_off with move_on/move_off.

1 lines of code changed in:

  • disease: diseased_needle.arc (+1 -1)
qal21 2006-12-16 19:59

Set svn:eol-style to LF for all arch files.

0 lines of code changed in:

  • disease: anthrax.arc (changed), arthritis.arc (changed), atheletes_foot.arc (changed), cold.arc (changed), creeping_frost.arc (changed), diarrhea.arc (changed), diseased_needle.arc (changed), ebola.arc (changed), egg_disease.arc (changed), flaming_fart.arc (changed), flu.arc (changed), immolation.arc (changed), immunity.arc (changed), incontinence.arc (changed), insanity.arc (changed), leprosy.arc (changed), plague.arc (changed), pneumonic_plague.arc (changed), rabies.arc (changed), scurvy.arc (changed), smallpox.arc (changed), symptom.arc (changed), tapeworms.arc (changed), tooth_decay.arc (changed), typhoid.arc (changed), warts.arc (changed)
qal21 2006-12-12 23:24

propdel svn:eol-style on all arch files. Fixes broken win32 checkouts of arches.

0 lines of code changed in:

  • disease: anthrax.arc (changed), arthritis.arc (new), atheletes_foot.arc (new), cold.arc (changed), creeping_frost.arc (new), diarrhea.arc (new), diseased_needle.arc (new), ebola.arc (new), egg_disease.arc (new), flaming_fart.arc (changed), flu.arc (new), immolation.arc (new), immunity.arc (new), incontinence.arc (changed), insanity.arc (new), leprosy.arc (new), plague.arc (new), pneumonic_plague.arc (changed), rabies.arc (new), scurvy.arc (changed), smallpox.arc (new), symptom.arc (new), tapeworms.arc (new), tooth_decay.arc (new), typhoid.arc (changed), warts.arc (new)
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