July 2007 Commit Log

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kbulgrien 2007-07-24 14:52

- Applied patch by "Olivier Huet" <huet.o@free.fr> to fix experience label and
progress bar for high levels (int -> sint64, %d -> %"FMT64").

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kbulgrien 2007-07-22 17:01

- GTK2 Metaserver dialog modifications:
* Minor rework of prompt texts.
* Add Escape key accelerator for the Quit button.
* Add tooltip to the Quit button to tell a user about the accelerator.
* Cosmetic improvement to the metaserver dialog done by adding padding or
* border width to some widgets so there is spacing between them.
* Make more room for "Server Comments" by removing the redundant "IP Addr"
field, renaming "Last Update (Sec)" to "Updated (Sec)", and renaming
"# Players" to "Players".
- Various non-descript Glade Interface Designer generated file changes.

54 lines of code changed in:

kbulgrien 2007-07-22 15:26

- Adjust GTK2 client setup_list_columns() so "Weight" column titles are no
longer truncated (on some systems).

14 lines of code changed in:

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