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2009-01-17 15:00
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lalo 2009-01-17 15:00 Rev.: 11151

preparing for 1.12 release

0 lines of code changed in 89 files:

  • arch/branches/1.x/jewel: amber_coin.arc (del), amber_coin.base.111.png (del), amethyst.arc (del), amethyst.base.111.png (del), amethyst.base.112.png (del), blue_crystal.base.111.png (del), bronzebar.arc (del), bronzebar.base.111.png (del), copperbar.arc (del), copperbar.base.111.png (del), copperore.arc (del), copperore1kg.arc (del), emerald.arc (del), gem.arc (del), goldbar.arc (del), goldbar.base.111.png (del), goldblock.arc (del), goldblock.base.111.png (del), goldcoin.arc (del), goldore.arc (del), goldore1kg.arc (del), goldround.arc (del), goldround.base.111.png (del), ironbar.arc (del), ironbar.base.111.png (del), ironore.arc (del), ironore1kg.arc (del), jade_coin.arc (del), jade_coin.base.111.png (del), leadbar.arc (del), leadbar.base.111.png (del), leadore.arc (del), leadore1kg.arc (del), mithril.arc (del), nugget_huge.arc (del), nugget_lar.arc (del), nugget_sma.arc (del), ore_b.base.111.png (del), ore_g.base.111.png (del), ore_r.base.111.png (del), ore_y.base.111.png (del), oresmall_b.base.111.png (del), oresmall_g.base.111.png (del), oresmall_r.base.111.png (del), oresmall_y.base.111.png (del), pearl.arc (del), platbar.arc (del), platbar.base.111.png (del), platblock.arc (del), platblock.base.111.png (del), platore.arc (del), platore1kg.arc (del), platround.arc (del), platround.base.111.png (del), plt_coin.arc (del), pretty_amethyst.base.111.png (del), ruby.arc (del), sapphire.arc (del), silverbar.arc (del), silverbar.base.111.png (del), silverblock.arc (del), silverblock.base.111.png (del), silvercoin.arc (del), silverore.arc (del), silverore1kg.arc (del), silverround.arc (del), silverround.base.111.png (del), steelbar.arc (del), steelbar.base.111.png (del), tinbar.arc (del), tinbar.base.111.png (del), tinore.arc (del), tinore1kg.arc (del), uraniumbar.arc (del), uraniumbar.base.111.png (del), uraniumore.arc (del), uraniumore1kg.arc (del), worthlessore_b.arc (del), worthlessore_g.arc (del), worthlessore_r.arc (del), worthlessore_y.arc (del), worthlessoresmall_b.arc (del), worthlessoresmall_g.arc (del), worthlessoresmall_r.arc (del), worthlessoresmall_y.arc (del), zincbar.arc (del), zincbar.base.111.png (del), zincore.arc (del), zincore1kg.arc (del)
qal21 2006-12-16 19:59 Rev.: 5178

Set svn:eol-style to LF for all arch files.

58 lines of code changed in 58 files:

  • arch/branches/1.x/jewel: amber_coin.arc (+1), amethyst.arc (+1), bronzebar.arc (+1), copperbar.arc (+1), copperore.arc (+1), copperore1kg.arc (+1), emerald.arc (+1), gem.arc (+1), goldbar.arc (+1), goldblock.arc (+1), goldcoin.arc (+1), goldore.arc (+1), goldore1kg.arc (+1), goldround.arc (+1), ironbar.arc (+1), ironore.arc (+1), ironore1kg.arc (+1), jade_coin.arc (+1), leadbar.arc (+1), leadore.arc (+1), leadore1kg.arc (+1), mithril.arc (+1), nugget_huge.arc (+1), nugget_lar.arc (+1), nugget_sma.arc (+1), pearl.arc (+1), platbar.arc (+1), platblock.arc (+1), platore.arc (+1), platore1kg.arc (+1), platround.arc (+1), plt_coin.arc (+1), ruby.arc (+1), sapphire.arc (+1), silverbar.arc (+1), silverblock.arc (+1), silvercoin.arc (+1), silverore.arc (+1), silverore1kg.arc (+1), silverround.arc (+1), steelbar.arc (+1), tinbar.arc (+1), tinore.arc (+1), tinore1kg.arc (+1), uraniumbar.arc (+1), uraniumore.arc (+1), uraniumore1kg.arc (+1), worthlessore_b.arc (+1), worthlessore_g.arc (+1), worthlessore_r.arc (+1), worthlessore_y.arc (+1), worthlessoresmall_b.arc (+1), worthlessoresmall_g.arc (+1), worthlessoresmall_r.arc (+1), worthlessoresmall_y.arc (+1), zincbar.arc (+1), zincore.arc (+1), zincore1kg.arc (+1)
qal21 2006-12-12 23:24 Rev.: 5175

propdel svn:eol-style on all arch files. Fixes broken win32 checkouts of arches.

0 lines of code changed in 116 files:

  • arch/branches/1.x/jewel: amber_coin.arc (changed), amethyst.arc (new), bronzebar.arc (new), copperbar.arc (changed), copperore.arc (changed), copperore1kg.arc (changed), emerald.arc (new), gem.arc (changed), goldbar.arc (changed), goldblock.arc (new), goldcoin.arc (changed), goldore.arc (new), goldore1kg.arc (changed), goldround.arc (new), ironbar.arc (changed), ironore.arc (new), ironore1kg.arc (changed), jade_coin.arc (changed), leadbar.arc (changed), leadore.arc (changed), leadore1kg.arc (new), mithril.arc (changed), nugget_huge.arc (new), nugget_lar.arc (new), nugget_sma.arc (new), pearl.arc (changed), platbar.arc (new), platblock.arc (changed), platore.arc (new), platore1kg.arc (new), platround.arc (changed), plt_coin.arc (changed), ruby.arc (changed), sapphire.arc (changed), silverbar.arc (new), silverblock.arc (changed), silvercoin.arc (new), silverore.arc (changed), silverore1kg.arc (new), silverround.arc (changed), steelbar.arc (new), tinbar.arc (new), tinore.arc (changed), tinore1kg.arc (changed), uraniumbar.arc (changed), uraniumore.arc (changed), uraniumore1kg.arc (new), worthlessore_b.arc (changed), worthlessore_g.arc (changed), worthlessore_r.arc (changed), worthlessore_y.arc (changed), worthlessoresmall_b.arc (changed), worthlessoresmall_g.arc (new), worthlessoresmall_r.arc (changed), worthlessoresmall_y.arc (new), zincbar.arc (new), zincore.arc (changed), zincore1kg.arc (changed)
mwedel 2006-09-25 00:37 Rev.: 4976

Lets see if I can do this all in one pass:
update svn:mime-type, remove svn:eol-style, and update with binary png files.
MSW 2006-09-24

0 lines of code changed in 62 files:

  • arch/branches/1.x/jewel: amber_coin.base.111.png (new), amethyst.base.111.png (new), amethyst.base.112.png (new), blue_crystal.base.111.png (new), bronzebar.base.111.png (changed), copperbar.base.111.png (new), goldbar.base.111.png (new), goldblock.base.111.png (changed), goldround.base.111.png (changed), ironbar.base.111.png (changed), jade_coin.base.111.png (changed), leadbar.base.111.png (new), ore_b.base.111.png (new), ore_g.base.111.png (changed), ore_r.base.111.png (changed), ore_y.base.111.png (new), oresmall_b.base.111.png (changed), oresmall_g.base.111.png (changed), oresmall_r.base.111.png (new), oresmall_y.base.111.png (changed), platbar.base.111.png (new), platblock.base.111.png (new), platround.base.111.png (new), pretty_amethyst.base.111.png (changed), silverbar.base.111.png (new), silverblock.base.111.png (changed), silverround.base.111.png (new), steelbar.base.111.png (new), tinbar.base.111.png (changed), uraniumbar.base.111.png (new), zincbar.base.111.png (new)
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