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anmaster 2010-10-11 13:15 Rev.: 13991

Fix incorrect svn properties, for example .png should not have svn:keywords set, that could in worst case result in corruption. While we are updating properties anyway, clean up incorrect (but mostly harmless) svn:mime-type, svn:executable and so on.

0 lines of code changed in 61 files:

  • arch/trunk/dev/xpm_pref/Players: barbarian.111.png (changed), barbarian.131.png (changed), barbarian.151.png (changed), barbarian.171.png (changed), cleric.111.png (changed), cleric.131.png (changed), cleric.151.png (changed), cleric.171.png (changed), dwarf_p.111.png (changed), dwarf_p.131.png (changed), dwarf_p.151.png (changed), dwarf_p.171.png (changed), elf.111.png (changed), elf.131.png (changed), elf.151.png (changed), elf.171.png (changed), halfling.111.png (changed), halfling.131.png (changed), halfling.151.png (changed), halfling.171.png (changed), mage.111.png (changed), mage.131.png (changed), mage.151.png (changed), mage.171.png (changed), monk.111.png (changed), monk.131.png (changed), monk.151.png (changed), monk.171.png (changed), ninja.111.png (changed), ninja.131.png (changed), ninja.151.png (changed), ninja.171.png (changed), pl_half_orc.111.png (changed), pl_half_orc.131.png (changed), pl_half_orc.151.png (changed), pl_half_orc.171.png (changed), priest.131.png (changed), priest.151.png (changed), priest.171.png (changed), swashbuckl.111.png (changed), swashbuckl.131.png (changed), swashbuckl.151.png (changed), swashbuckl.171.png (changed), thief.111.png (changed), thief.131.png (changed), thief.151.png (changed), thief.171.png (changed), viking.111.png (changed), viking.131.png (changed), viking.151.png (changed), viking.171.png (changed), warrior.111.png (changed), warrior.131.png (changed), warrior.151.png (changed), warrior.171.png (changed), wizard.151.png (changed), wizard.171.png (changed), wraithp.111.png (changed), wraithp.131.png (changed), wraithp.151.png (changed), wraithp.171.png (changed)
anmaster 2009-01-25 02:55 Rev.: 11262

Losslessly recompress some PNG images for smaller size to reduce the bandwidth needed for sending images to clients.̈́

0 lines of code changed in 14 files:

  • arch/trunk/dev/xpm_pref/Players: dwarf_p.171.png (changed), halfling.111.png (changed), halfling.131.png (changed), monk.111.png (changed), monk.171.png (changed), priest.151.png (changed), priest.171.png (changed), thief.111.png (changed), thief.151.png (changed), wraithp.111.png (new), wraithp.131.png (changed), wraithp.151.png (changed), wraithp.171.png (changed)
akirschbaum 2008-01-11 21:22 Rev.: 8170

Use better compression to reduce image sizes.

0 lines of code changed in 120 files:

  • arch/trunk/dev/xpm_pref/Players: barbarian.111.png (changed), barbarian.131.png (changed), barbarian.151.png (new), barbarian.171.png (new), cleric.111.png (new), cleric.131.png (changed), cleric.151.png (changed), cleric.171.png (changed), dwarf_p.111.png (new), dwarf_p.131.png (changed), dwarf_p.151.png (changed), dwarf_p.171.png (new), elf.111.png (new), elf.131.png (changed), elf.151.png (new), elf.171.png (changed), halfling.111.png (changed), halfling.131.png (new), halfling.151.png (changed), halfling.171.png (changed), mage.111.png (new), mage.131.png (changed), mage.151.png (changed), mage.171.png (new), monk.111.png (new), monk.131.png (changed), monk.151.png (new), monk.171.png (changed), ninja.111.png (new), ninja.131.png (new), ninja.151.png (new), ninja.171.png (changed), pl_half_orc.111.png (new), pl_half_orc.131.png (new), pl_half_orc.151.png (changed), pl_half_orc.171.png (new), priest.131.png (changed), priest.151.png (changed), priest.171.png (changed), swashbuckl.111.png (new), swashbuckl.131.png (changed), swashbuckl.151.png (changed), swashbuckl.171.png (changed), thief.111.png (new), thief.131.png (changed), thief.151.png (changed), thief.171.png (new), viking.111.png (new), viking.131.png (changed), viking.151.png (new), viking.171.png (changed), warrior.111.png (new), warrior.131.png (changed), warrior.151.png (changed), warrior.171.png (changed), wizard.151.png (changed), wizard.171.png (changed), wraithp.131.png (new), wraithp.151.png (new), wraithp.171.png (changed)
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