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partmedia 2013-09-12 15:34 Rev.: 19033

Remove feature branch merged in long ago.

0 lines of code changed in 6 files:

  • client/branches/gtk-v2-libglade/gtk-v2: (del), (del), README-dev (del), TODO (del), (del), gtk-v2.gladep (del)
kbulgrien 2007-09-01 10:05 Rev.: 7099

- autoconf/automake changes resulting from merge of trunk.

1 lines of code changed in 1 file:

  • client/branches/gtk-v2-libglade/gtk-v2: (+1 -2)
kbulgrien 2007-09-01 00:52 Rev.: 7094

- Reformatted into a more aesthetic layout and moderately updated.

- src/config.c
- Add a pointer to a widget to support selection of the XML layout file.
- Set up a default datadir subdirectory for holding Glade XML layout files and
reduce hardcoding of the directory names inside function code.
- Reformat many block comments to better use 79 column screen width.
- Add function header comments for all functions that did not previously have
- load_defaults() and save_defaults() now support XML layout file defaults.
- config_init() now sets up a combo box for XML layout file selection.
- scandir_filter() has been renamed to scandir_theme_filter() to allow other
scandir_filters to be created using a standard naming format.
- Added scandir_glade_filter() to select only files that end with .glade and
also to ignore the popup dialog definition file
- Factor code from setup_config_window() into fill_combobox_from_datadir() to
allow re-use of code to load combobox widgets that contain entries based on
the files in a directory. The factored code is now replaced by separate
calls to support both the theme combo box and the XML layout combo box.
- read_config_window() now updates the variable that tracks which layout on
the glade combo box is active.

- src/main.c
- Define new buffers to support the in-client Glade XML layout selection via
a combo box on the configuration popup dialog.
- Modify -window_xml and -dialog_xml command line option behavior to support
the in-client configuration features.
- Window and popup dialog loading now supports saved settings in the defaults
file, and still allows overriding the save layout selection via command-line

- src/main.h
- Adjust some defines and set up an extern to support in-client selection of
the Glade XML layout file to use.

- glade/
- Minor grammatical improvement on description text.
- Add config_combobox_glade to support selection of a Glade XML layout file.

25 lines of code changed in 2 files:

  • client/branches/gtk-v2-libglade/gtk-v2: TODO (+25 -18)
kbulgrien 2007-08-20 20:33 Rev.: 6968

- Update the developer README relative to new information and the libglade
conversion. Change to third-person point of view to make it easier for
developers to update the document without appearing to attribute the
comments to the original editor.

0 lines of code changed in 2 files:

  • client/branches/gtk-v2-libglade/gtk-v2: README-dev (changed)
kbulgrien 2007-08-18 20:18 Rev.: 6960

- Add Makefile to gtk-v2/glade svn:ignore property.
- Move gtk-v2/ to gtk-v2/glade/
- Update gtk-v2/ and gtk-v2/glade/ due to moved glade
project files.

8 lines of code changed in 2 files:

  • client/branches/gtk-v2-libglade/gtk-v2: (-4), (+8 -42)
kbulgrien 2007-08-16 00:54 Rev.: 6942

- Modify, gtk-v2/, and gtk-v2/glade/ to put
the and files in ${prefix}/share/crossfire-client.
- Other files modified by autoconf and automake.

47 lines of code changed in 3 files:

  • client/branches/gtk-v2-libglade/gtk-v2: (new), (+43 -10)
kbulgrien 2007-08-13 21:08 Rev.: 6923

- All windows except the main window need to have the "visible" property set
to "no" so that glade_xml_new() will not display them when they are loaded
from the .glade file. This modification does not alter generated sources.

0 lines of code changed in 2 files:

  • client/branches/gtk-v2-libglade/gtk-v2: (new)
kbulgrien 2007-08-11 14:33 Rev.: 6911

- Change libglade_CFLAGS/LIBS to LIBGLADE_CFLAGS/LIBS for consistency with
common practice, and add AC_SUBST() to per libglade manual

2 lines of code changed in 1 file:

  • client/branches/gtk-v2-libglade/gtk-v2: (+2 -2)
kbulgrien 2007-08-11 11:37 Rev.: 6908

- Rework and gtk-v2/src/ to support new libglade
dependency on gtk-v2 client. Other changes by autoconf/automake.

0 lines of code changed in 2 files:

  • client/branches/gtk-v2-libglade/gtk-v2: (new)
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