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2008-01-12 12:50
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akirschbaum 2008-01-12 12:50 Rev.: 8176

Use "ragnorok" as default skin.

0 lines of code changed in 61 files:

  • jxclient/trunk/ragnorok.theme/pictures: background_metaserver.png (del), background_start.png (del), button_down_c.png (del), button_down_e.png (del), button_down_w.png (del), button_up_c.png (del), button_up_e.png (del), button_up_w.png (del), checked.png (del), close_down.png (del), close_up.png (del), command_active.png (del), command_inactive.png (del), dialog_c.png (del), dialog_e.png (del), dialog_n.png (del), dialog_ne.png (del), dialog_nw.png (del), dialog_s.png (del), dialog_se.png (del), dialog_sw.png (del), dialog_w.png (del), empty.png (del), gauge_empty.png (del), gauge_fp.png (del), gauge_frame.png (del), gauge_gp.png (del), gauge_gp_negative.png (del), gauge_hp.png (del), gauge_sp.png (del), gauge_xp1.png (del), gauge_xp1_empty.png (del), gauge_xp2.png (del), gauge_xp2_empty.png (del), gauge_xp_frame.png (del), hpbar_empty.png (del), hpbar_frame.png (del), hpbar_full.png (del), input_active.png (del), input_inactive.png (del), inventory_selector.png (del), lowfood.png (del), marker_applied.png (del), marker_cursed.png (del), marker_locked.png (del), metadown.png (del), metaup.png (del), poisoned.png (del), scroll_left_down.png (del), scroll_left_up.png (del), scroll_right_down.png (del), scroll_right_up.png (del), skill_active.png (del), skill_inactive.png (del), slider_down_down.png (del), slider_down_up.png (del), slider_up_down.png (del), slider_up_up.png (del), textarea_big_active.png (del), textarea_big_inactive.png (del), unchecked.png (del)
akirschbaum 2008-01-11 13:41 Rev.: 8166

Use better compression to reduce image sizes.

0 lines of code changed in 61 files:

  • jxclient/trunk/ragnorok.theme/pictures: background_metaserver.png (changed), background_start.png (changed), button_down_c.png (changed), button_down_e.png (changed), button_down_w.png (changed), button_up_c.png (changed), button_up_e.png (changed), button_up_w.png (changed), checked.png (changed), close_down.png (changed), close_up.png (changed), command_active.png (changed), command_inactive.png (changed), dialog_c.png (changed), dialog_e.png (changed), dialog_n.png (changed), dialog_ne.png (changed), dialog_nw.png (changed), dialog_s.png (changed), dialog_se.png (changed), dialog_sw.png (changed), dialog_w.png (changed), empty.png (changed), gauge_empty.png (changed), gauge_fp.png (changed), gauge_frame.png (changed), gauge_gp.png (changed), gauge_gp_negative.png (changed), gauge_hp.png (changed), gauge_sp.png (changed), gauge_xp1.png (changed), gauge_xp1_empty.png (changed), gauge_xp2.png (changed), gauge_xp2_empty.png (changed), gauge_xp_frame.png (changed), hpbar_empty.png (changed), hpbar_frame.png (changed), hpbar_full.png (changed), input_active.png (changed), input_inactive.png (changed), inventory_selector.png (changed), lowfood.png (changed), marker_applied.png (changed), marker_cursed.png (changed), marker_locked.png (changed), metadown.png (changed), metaup.png (changed), poisoned.png (changed), scroll_left_down.png (changed), scroll_left_up.png (changed), scroll_right_down.png (changed), scroll_right_up.png (changed), skill_active.png (changed), skill_inactive.png (changed), slider_down_down.png (changed), slider_down_up.png (changed), slider_up_down.png (changed), slider_up_up.png (changed), textarea_big_active.png (changed), textarea_big_inactive.png (changed), unchecked.png (changed)
akirschbaum 2008-01-06 11:30 Rev.: 8140

ragnorok: Highlight the readied skill in skills dialog.

2 lines of code changed in 2 files:

  • jxclient/trunk/ragnorok.theme/pictures: skill_active.png (new 1), skill_inactive.png (new 1)
akirschbaum 2007-12-18 19:19 Rev.: 7974

Use different background colors for active and inactive text input fields.

2 lines of code changed in 4 files:

  • jxclient/trunk/ragnorok.theme/pictures: command_active.png (changed), command_inactive.png (new 1), input_active.png (changed), input_inactive.png (new 1)
akirschbaum 2007-12-15 05:15 Rev.: 7906

Change background color of server selection text field.

0 lines of code changed in 1 file:

  • jxclient/trunk/ragnorok.theme/pictures: textarea_big_active.png (changed)
akirschbaum 2007-12-15 05:04 Rev.: 7904

Fix display issues in server input field.

0 lines of code changed in 2 files:

  • jxclient/trunk/ragnorok.theme/pictures: textarea_big_active.png (changed), textarea_big_inactive.png (changed)
akirschbaum 2007-12-10 14:21 Rev.: 7815

Implement "poisoned" warning: displays a symbol above the player while being poisoned.

1 lines of code changed in 1 file:

  • jxclient/trunk/ragnorok.theme/pictures: poisoned.png (new 1)
akirschbaum 2007-12-09 18:03 Rev.: 7801

Add new skin 'ragnorok'.

56 lines of code changed in 56 files:

  • jxclient/trunk/ragnorok.theme/pictures: background_metaserver.png (new 1), background_start.png (new 1), button_down_c.png (new 1), button_down_e.png (new 1), button_down_w.png (new 1), button_up_c.png (new 1), button_up_e.png (new 1), button_up_w.png (new 1), checked.png (new 1), close_down.png (new 1), close_up.png (new 1), command_active.png (new 1), dialog_c.png (new 1), dialog_e.png (new 1), dialog_n.png (new 1), dialog_ne.png (new 1), dialog_nw.png (new 1), dialog_s.png (new 1), dialog_se.png (new 1), dialog_sw.png (new 1), dialog_w.png (new 1), empty.png (new 1), gauge_empty.png (new 1), gauge_fp.png (new 1), gauge_frame.png (new 1), gauge_gp.png (new 1), gauge_gp_negative.png (new 1), gauge_hp.png (new 1), gauge_sp.png (new 1), gauge_xp1.png (new 1), gauge_xp1_empty.png (new 1), gauge_xp2.png (new 1), gauge_xp2_empty.png (new 1), gauge_xp_frame.png (new 1), hpbar_empty.png (new 1), hpbar_frame.png (new 1), hpbar_full.png (new 1), input_active.png (new 1), inventory_selector.png (new 1), lowfood.png (new 1), marker_applied.png (new 1), marker_cursed.png (new 1), marker_locked.png (new 1), metadown.png (new 1), metaup.png (new 1), scroll_left_down.png (new 1), scroll_left_up.png (new 1), scroll_right_down.png (new 1), scroll_right_up.png (new 1), slider_down_down.png (new 1), slider_down_up.png (new 1), slider_up_down.png (new 1), slider_up_up.png (new 1), textarea_big_active.png (new 1), textarea_big_inactive.png (new 1), unchecked.png (new 1)
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