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gros 2008-03-26 12:15 Rev.: 8638

Introduced Part I of the Brewery Quest, replacing Newbie Tower.

9 lines of code changed in 2 files:

  • maps/trunk/python/maps/scorn/towers/mad_mage: (+8 -1), milking_blueprints (new 1)
gros 2007-12-22 19:19 Rev.: 8018

Add support for the "give" command, that allows a player to show an item to an NPC.
Useful when coupled with scripts to write "bring me back something" quests.
Add support for the "give" command to the Mad Mage, with a generic "show me and
I'll talk" kind of system.

20 lines of code changed in 2 files:

  • maps/trunk/python/maps/scorn/towers/mad_mage: brewery_letter (new 4), (new 16)
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