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1999-03-28 22:46
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2006-09-19 01:24
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mwedel 2006-09-19 01:24 Rev.: 4942

make branche directories, delete old trunk.

0 lines of code changed in 89 files:

  • trunk/arch/exit/magic_portal: magic_portal.111 (del), magic_portal.111.png (del), magic_portal.111.xpm (del), magic_portal.112 (del), magic_portal.112.png (del), magic_portal.112.xpm (del), magic_portal.113 (del), magic_portal.113.png (del), magic_portal.113.xpm (del), magic_portal.114 (del), magic_portal.114.png (del), magic_portal.114.xpm (del), magic_portal.115 (del), magic_portal.115.png (del), magic_portal.115.xpm (del), magic_portal.116 (del), magic_portal.116.png (del), magic_portal.116.xpm (del), magic_portal.117 (del), magic_portal.117.png (del), magic_portal.117.xpm (del), magic_portal.118 (del), magic_portal.118.png (del), magic_portal.118.xpm (del), magic_portal.119 (del), magic_portal.119.png (del), magic_portal.119.xpm (del), magic_portal.11A (del), magic_portal.11A.png (del), magic_portal.11A.xpm (del), magic_portal.11B (del), magic_portal.11B.png (del), magic_portal.11B.xpm (del), magic_portal.11C (del), magic_portal.11C.png (del), magic_portal.11C.xpm (del), magic_portal.11D (del), magic_portal.11D.png (del), magic_portal.11D.xpm (del), magic_portal.11E (del), magic_portal.11E.png (del), magic_portal.11E.xpm (del), magic_portal.11F (del), magic_portal.11F.png (del), magic_portal.11F.xpm (del), magic_portal.11G (del), magic_portal.11G.png (del), magic_portal.11G.xpm (del), magic_portal.11H (del), magic_portal.11H.png (del), magic_portal.11H.xpm (del), magic_portal.11I (del), magic_portal.11I.png (del), magic_portal.11I.xpm (del), magic_portal.11J (del), magic_portal.11J.png (del), magic_portal.11J.xpm (del), magic_portal.11K (del), magic_portal.11K.png (del), magic_portal.11K.xpm (del), magic_portal.11L (del), magic_portal.11L.png (del), magic_portal.11L.xpm (del), magic_portal.11M (del), magic_portal.11M.png (del), magic_portal.11M.xpm (del), magic_portal.arc (del), magic_portal.base.111.png (del), magic_portal.base.112.png (del), magic_portal.base.113.png (del), magic_portal.base.114.png (del), magic_portal.base.115.png (del), magic_portal.base.116.png (del), magic_portal.base.117.png (del), magic_portal.base.118.png (del), magic_portal.base.119.png (del), magic_portal.base.11A.png (del), magic_portal.base.11B.png (del), magic_portal.base.11C.png (del), magic_portal.base.11D.png (del), magic_portal.base.11E.png (del), magic_portal.base.11F.png (del), magic_portal.base.11G.png (del), magic_portal.base.11H.png (del), magic_portal.base.11I.png (del), magic_portal.base.11J.png (del), magic_portal.base.11K.png (del), magic_portal.base.11L.png (del), magic_portal.base.11M.png (del)
mikeeusa 2006-01-13 10:38 Rev.: 4385

magic portal is not supposed to be walk on or fly on, it can block areas this way, bug removed

0 lines of code changed in 1 file:

  • trunk/arch/exit/magic_portal: magic_portal.arc (-4)
mwedel 2005-08-17 00:37 Rev.: 3552

Patch 1212496 by Kevin Rudat to add client_types to objects that can
be applied.
MSW 2005-08-16

2 lines of code changed in 1 file:

  • trunk/arch/exit/magic_portal: magic_portal.arc (+2)
garbled 2003-01-19 01:14 Rev.: 1957

A TON of graphical fixups. Most of these were converted xpms that
somehow got this huge black border around them. it drove me nuts. I
fixed it. Also fixed the annoying thing where slums and cathedrals had a
wierd green glow to the roof. There was a missing color, and it was

0 lines of code changed in 22 files:

  • trunk/arch/exit/magic_portal: magic_portal.base.111.png (changed), magic_portal.base.112.png (changed), magic_portal.base.113.png (changed), magic_portal.base.114.png (changed), magic_portal.base.115.png (changed), magic_portal.base.116.png (changed), magic_portal.base.117.png (changed), magic_portal.base.118.png (changed), magic_portal.base.119.png (changed), magic_portal.base.11A.png (changed), magic_portal.base.11B.png (changed), magic_portal.base.11C.png (changed), magic_portal.base.11D.png (changed), magic_portal.base.11E.png (changed), magic_portal.base.11F.png (changed), magic_portal.base.11G.png (changed), magic_portal.base.11H.png (changed), magic_portal.base.11I.png (changed), magic_portal.base.11J.png (changed), magic_portal.base.11K.png (changed), magic_portal.base.11L.png (changed), magic_portal.base.11M.png (changed)
mwedel 2001-12-31 01:02 Rev.: 1487

Rename of files to include base in name - for multiple image set support
in the server. MSW 2001-12-30

0 lines of code changed in 22 files:

  • trunk/arch/exit/magic_portal: magic_portal.base.111.png (new), magic_portal.base.112.png (new), magic_portal.base.113.png (new), magic_portal.base.114.png (new), magic_portal.base.115.png (new), magic_portal.base.116.png (new), magic_portal.base.117.png (new), magic_portal.base.118.png (new), magic_portal.base.119.png (new), magic_portal.base.11A.png (new), magic_portal.base.11B.png (new), magic_portal.base.11C.png (new), magic_portal.base.11D.png (new), magic_portal.base.11E.png (new), magic_portal.base.11F.png (new), magic_portal.base.11G.png (new), magic_portal.base.11H.png (new), magic_portal.base.11I.png (new), magic_portal.base.11J.png (new), magic_portal.base.11K.png (new), magic_portal.base.11L.png (new), magic_portal.base.11M.png (new)
cvs 2000-05-31 01:15 Rev.: 284

Addition of PNG images. MSW 5/30/2000

0 lines of code changed in 22 files:

  • trunk/arch/exit/magic_portal: magic_portal.111.png (new), magic_portal.112.png (new), magic_portal.113.png (new), magic_portal.114.png (new), magic_portal.115.png (new), magic_portal.116.png (new), magic_portal.117.png (new), magic_portal.118.png (new), magic_portal.119.png (new), magic_portal.11A.png (new), magic_portal.11B.png (new), magic_portal.11C.png (new), magic_portal.11D.png (new), magic_portal.11E.png (new), magic_portal.11F.png (new), magic_portal.11G.png (new), magic_portal.11H.png (new), magic_portal.11I.png (new), magic_portal.11J.png (new), magic_portal.11K.png (new), magic_portal.11L.png (new), magic_portal.11M.png (new)
uid200 1999-03-28 22:46 Rev.: 2

Initial revision

2 lines of code changed in 45 files:

  • trunk/arch/exit/magic_portal: magic_portal.111 (new), magic_portal.111.xpm (new), magic_portal.112 (new), magic_portal.112.xpm (new), magic_portal.113 (new), magic_portal.113.xpm (new), magic_portal.114 (new), magic_portal.114.xpm (new), magic_portal.115 (new), magic_portal.115.xpm (new), magic_portal.116 (new), magic_portal.116.xpm (new), magic_portal.117 (new), magic_portal.117.xpm (new), magic_portal.118 (new), magic_portal.118.xpm (new), magic_portal.119 (new), magic_portal.119.xpm (new), magic_portal.11A (new), magic_portal.11A.xpm (new), magic_portal.11B (new), magic_portal.11B.xpm (new), magic_portal.11C (new), magic_portal.11C.xpm (new), magic_portal.11D (new), magic_portal.11D.xpm (new), magic_portal.11E (new), magic_portal.11E.xpm (new), magic_portal.11F (new), magic_portal.11F.xpm (new), magic_portal.11G (new), magic_portal.11G.xpm (new), magic_portal.11H (new), magic_portal.11H.xpm (new), magic_portal.11I (new), magic_portal.11I.xpm (new), magic_portal.11J (new), magic_portal.11J.xpm (new), magic_portal.11K (new), magic_portal.11K.xpm (new), magic_portal.11L (new), magic_portal.11L.xpm (new), magic_portal.11M (new), magic_portal.11M.xpm (new), magic_portal.arc (new 2)
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