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2001-01-01 16:53
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2006-09-19 01:24
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Totals 59 (100.0%) 291 (100.0%) 4.9
avogl 28 (47.5%) 280 (96.2%) 10.0
peterm 2 (3.4%) 11 (3.8%) 5.5
mwedel 29 (49.2%) 0 (0.0%) 0.0

Most Recent Commits

mwedel 2006-09-19 01:24 Rev.: 4942

make branche directories, delete old trunk.

0 lines of code changed in 29 files:

  • trunk/arch/gods/god_spelldirect: god_spelldirect_cause_black_death.arc (del), god_spelldirect_cause_critical_wounds.arc (del), god_spelldirect_cause_many_wounds.arc (del), god_spelldirect_cause_red_death.arc (del), god_spelldirect_cause_smallpox.arc (del), god_spelldirect_cause_white_death.arc (del), god_spelldirect_conflict.arc (del), god_spelldirect_daylight.arc (del), god_spelldirect_defense.arc (del), god_spelldirect_divine_shock.arc (del), god_spelldirect_face_of_death.arc (del), god_spelldirect_finger_of_death.arc (del), god_spelldirect_flaming_aura.arc (del), god_spelldirect_immolation.arc (del), god_spelldirect_insect_plague.arc (del), god_spelldirect_nightfall.arc (del), god_spelldirect_peace.arc (del), god_spelldirect_poison_fog.arc (del), god_spelldirect_rage.arc (del), god_spelldirect_raise_dead.arc (del), god_spelldirect_reincarnation.arc (del), god_spelldirect_remove_damnation.arc (del), god_spelldirect_resurrection.arc (del), god_spelldirect_retributive_strike.arc (del), god_spelldirect_sanctuary.arc (del), god_spelldirect_spiderweb.arc (del), god_spelldirect_vitriol.arc (del), god_spelldirect_wall_of_thorns.arc (del), god_spelldirect_windstorm.arc (del)
peterm 2001-01-09 00:31 Rev.: 664

Some minor changes.

11 lines of code changed in 2 files:

  • trunk/arch/gods/god_spelldirect: god_spelldirect_sanctuary.arc (new 10), god_spelldirect_windstorm.arc (+1 -1)
avogl 2001-01-01 16:53 Rev.: 642

New arches for a new scheme of gods.
I tried to stick to the proposions in dnh's
god-"pantheon", these have been set up and accepted
by the developers on cf-devel.
Of course here and there I felt that there was more finetuning
needed, so I tried my best to make it truely balanced.

Explaining all the details would take too long to post it
here, please read my comments on cf-devel instead.

However, I tried to give every god a unique "personality"
(according to the pantheon). Furthermore, I carefully
adjusted every god to have both pros AND cons. So that
there hopefully won't be one god that can always be
considered the "best one". --AndreasV

280 lines of code changed in 28 files:

  • trunk/arch/gods/god_spelldirect: god_spelldirect_cause_black_death.arc (new 10), god_spelldirect_cause_critical_wounds.arc (new 10), god_spelldirect_cause_many_wounds.arc (new 10), god_spelldirect_cause_red_death.arc (new 10), god_spelldirect_cause_smallpox.arc (new 10), god_spelldirect_cause_white_death.arc (new 10), god_spelldirect_conflict.arc (new 10), god_spelldirect_daylight.arc (new 10), god_spelldirect_defense.arc (new 10), god_spelldirect_divine_shock.arc (new 10), god_spelldirect_face_of_death.arc (new 10), god_spelldirect_finger_of_death.arc (new 10), god_spelldirect_flaming_aura.arc (new 10), god_spelldirect_immolation.arc (new 10), god_spelldirect_insect_plague.arc (new 10), god_spelldirect_nightfall.arc (new 10), god_spelldirect_peace.arc (new 10), god_spelldirect_poison_fog.arc (new 10), god_spelldirect_rage.arc (new 10), god_spelldirect_raise_dead.arc (new 10), god_spelldirect_reincarnation.arc (new 10), god_spelldirect_remove_damnation.arc (new 10), god_spelldirect_resurrection.arc (new 10), god_spelldirect_retributive_strike.arc (new 10), god_spelldirect_spiderweb.arc (new 10), god_spelldirect_vitriol.arc (new 10), god_spelldirect_wall_of_thorns.arc (new 10), god_spelldirect_windstorm.arc (new 10)
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