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2006-09-19 02:24
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avogl 25 (11.4%) 152 (63.9%) 6.0
cvs 24 (10.9%) 76 (31.9%) 3.1
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mwedel 2006-09-19 02:24 Rev.: 4942

make branche directories, delete old trunk.

0 lines of code changed in 97 files:

  • trunk/arch/monster/dragon/Chinese_Dra: chinese_dr.131 (del), chinese_dr.131.png (del), chinese_dr.131.xpm (del), chinese_dr.132 (del), chinese_dr.132.png (del), chinese_dr.132.xpm (del), chinese_dr.133 (del), chinese_dr.133.png (del), chinese_dr.133.xpm (del), chinese_dr.171 (del), chinese_dr.171.png (del), chinese_dr.171.xpm (del), chinese_dr.172 (del), chinese_dr.172.png (del), chinese_dr.172.xpm (del), chinese_dr.173 (del), chinese_dr.173.png (del), chinese_dr.173.xpm (del), chinese_dr.231 (del), chinese_dr.231.png (del), chinese_dr.231.xpm (del), chinese_dr.232 (del), chinese_dr.232.png (del), chinese_dr.232.xpm (del), chinese_dr.233 (del), chinese_dr.233.png (del), chinese_dr.233.xpm (del), chinese_dr.271 (del), chinese_dr.271.png (del), chinese_dr.271.xpm (del), chinese_dr.272 (del), chinese_dr.272.png (del), chinese_dr.272.xpm (del), chinese_dr.273 (del), chinese_dr.273.png (del), chinese_dr.273.xpm (del), chinese_dr.331 (del), chinese_dr.331.png (del), chinese_dr.331.xpm (del), chinese_dr.332 (del), chinese_dr.332.png (del), chinese_dr.332.xpm (del), chinese_dr.333 (del), chinese_dr.333.png (del), chinese_dr.333.xpm (del), chinese_dr.371 (del), chinese_dr.371.png (del), chinese_dr.371.xpm (del), chinese_dr.372 (del), chinese_dr.372.png (del), chinese_dr.372.xpm (del), chinese_dr.373 (del), chinese_dr.373.png (del), chinese_dr.373.xpm (del), chinese_dr.431 (del), chinese_dr.431.png (del), chinese_dr.431.xpm (del), chinese_dr.432 (del), chinese_dr.432.png (del), chinese_dr.432.xpm (del), chinese_dr.433 (del), chinese_dr.433.png (del), chinese_dr.433.xpm (del), chinese_dr.471 (del), chinese_dr.471.png (del), chinese_dr.471.xpm (del), chinese_dr.472 (del), chinese_dr.472.png (del), chinese_dr.472.xpm (del), chinese_dr.473 (del), chinese_dr.473.png (del), chinese_dr.473.xpm (del), chinese_dr.arc (del), chinese_dr.base.131.png (del), chinese_dr.base.132.png (del), chinese_dr.base.133.png (del), chinese_dr.base.171.png (del), chinese_dr.base.172.png (del), chinese_dr.base.173.png (del), chinese_dr.base.231.png (del), chinese_dr.base.232.png (del), chinese_dr.base.233.png (del), chinese_dr.base.271.png (del), chinese_dr.base.272.png (del), chinese_dr.base.273.png (del), chinese_dr.base.331.png (del), chinese_dr.base.332.png (del), chinese_dr.base.333.png (del), chinese_dr.base.371.png (del), chinese_dr.base.372.png (del), chinese_dr.base.373.png (del), chinese_dr.base.431.png (del), chinese_dr.base.432.png (del), chinese_dr.base.433.png (del), chinese_dr.base.471.png (del), chinese_dr.base.472.png (del), chinese_dr.base.473.png (del)
avogl 2002-09-07 08:36 Rev.: 1702

Added blinding resistances to many monsters.
I have tried my best to distribute these blinding
resistances not at random, but in reasonable
and consistent ways:

Dragons and demons are now mostly immune to blinding.
IMO they have such omnipotent senses that merely
blinding their eyes doesn't help. Lesser forms of
these creatures don't have full immunity though.

The undead are well resistant to blinding as they
don't have biological eyes, which makes it harder to blind them.
Only few of them are totally immune however.

Angels are also well resistant to blinding. Being
minions of Valriel they have experience with blinding
"techniques" and thus know how to protect against it.

Also immune to blinding are creatures which just don't
have any eyes. E.g. giant worms, slimes and crawling chaos.

All humaniod monsters, including the orcish and trollish
races, remain without blinding resistance.
Most low-level monsters generally have either low or no
blinding resistance (as long as they have eyes).

Extremely vulnerable to blinding are one-eyed creatures:
Cyclopses, dreads and beholders.

[Sidenote: I have reduced cyclops experience from 400000
to 250000 which I think is still more than enough.]


1 lines of code changed in 1 file:

  • trunk/arch/monster/dragon/Chinese_Dra: chinese_dr.arc (+1 -3)
mwedel 2001-12-31 02:02 Rev.: 1487

Rename of files to include base in name - for multiple image set support
in the server. MSW 2001-12-30

0 lines of code changed in 24 files:

  • trunk/arch/monster/dragon/Chinese_Dra: chinese_dr.base.131.png (new), chinese_dr.base.132.png (new), chinese_dr.base.133.png (new), chinese_dr.base.171.png (new), chinese_dr.base.172.png (new), chinese_dr.base.173.png (new), chinese_dr.base.231.png (new), chinese_dr.base.232.png (new), chinese_dr.base.233.png (new), chinese_dr.base.271.png (new), chinese_dr.base.272.png (new), chinese_dr.base.273.png (new), chinese_dr.base.331.png (new), chinese_dr.base.332.png (new), chinese_dr.base.333.png (new), chinese_dr.base.371.png (new), chinese_dr.base.372.png (new), chinese_dr.base.373.png (new), chinese_dr.base.431.png (new), chinese_dr.base.432.png (new), chinese_dr.base.433.png (new), chinese_dr.base.471.png (new), chinese_dr.base.472.png (new), chinese_dr.base.473.png (new)
avogl 2001-08-30 10:39 Rev.: 1274

Big bunch of new graphics for the standard png set.

Especially noticeable is the new picture for
the chinese dragon. Due to the special "importance"
of this dragon I had set up a poll weither the
image is appreciate, which turned out 7:3 in favour.
Note that the old image continues to exist both
in the xpm and alternate png set.


151 lines of code changed in 24 files:

  • trunk/arch/monster/dragon/Chinese_Dra: chinese_dr.131.png (+9 -5), chinese_dr.132.png (+6 -4), chinese_dr.133.png (+4 -5), chinese_dr.171.png (+8 -3), chinese_dr.172.png (+5 -1), chinese_dr.173.png (+7 -2), chinese_dr.231.png (+10 -2), chinese_dr.232.png (+8 -2), chinese_dr.233.png (+7 -2), chinese_dr.271.png (+2 -3), chinese_dr.272.png (+8 -2), chinese_dr.273.png (+4 -4), chinese_dr.331.png (+2 -7), chinese_dr.332.png (+6 -4), chinese_dr.333.png (+5 -4), chinese_dr.371.png (+7 -2), chinese_dr.372.png (+7 -3), chinese_dr.373.png (+8 -5), chinese_dr.431.png (+4 -2), chinese_dr.432.png (+3 -4), chinese_dr.433.png (+10 -3), chinese_dr.471.png (+5 -1), chinese_dr.472.png (+8 -3), chinese_dr.473.png (+8 -3)
peterm 2000-12-04 02:18 Rev.: 554

Converted the old "armor" "protected" "vulnerable" and "immune" to
the partial-resistance equivalents.

7 lines of code changed in 1 file:

  • trunk/arch/monster/dragon/Chinese_Dra: chinese_dr.arc (+7 -3)
cvs 2000-05-31 02:15 Rev.: 284

Addition of PNG images. MSW 5/30/2000

76 lines of code changed in 24 files:

  • trunk/arch/monster/dragon/Chinese_Dra: chinese_dr.131.png (new 5), chinese_dr.132.png (new 4), chinese_dr.133.png (new 5), chinese_dr.171.png (new 3), chinese_dr.172.png (new 1), chinese_dr.173.png (new 2), chinese_dr.231.png (new 2), chinese_dr.232.png (new 2), chinese_dr.233.png (new 2), chinese_dr.271.png (new 3), chinese_dr.272.png (new 2), chinese_dr.273.png (new 4), chinese_dr.331.png (new 7), chinese_dr.332.png (new 4), chinese_dr.333.png (new 4), chinese_dr.371.png (new 2), chinese_dr.372.png (new 3), chinese_dr.373.png (new 5), chinese_dr.431.png (new 2), chinese_dr.432.png (new 4), chinese_dr.433.png (new 3), chinese_dr.471.png (new 1), chinese_dr.472.png (new 3), chinese_dr.473.png (new 3)
uid200 1999-03-28 23:46 Rev.: 2

Initial revision

3 lines of code changed in 49 files:

  • trunk/arch/monster/dragon/Chinese_Dra: chinese_dr.131 (new), chinese_dr.131.xpm (new), chinese_dr.132 (new), chinese_dr.132.xpm (new), chinese_dr.133 (new), chinese_dr.133.xpm (new), chinese_dr.171 (new), chinese_dr.171.xpm (new), chinese_dr.172 (new), chinese_dr.172.xpm (new), chinese_dr.173 (new), chinese_dr.173.xpm (new), chinese_dr.231 (new), chinese_dr.231.xpm (new), chinese_dr.232 (new), chinese_dr.232.xpm (new), chinese_dr.233 (new), chinese_dr.233.xpm (new), chinese_dr.271 (new), chinese_dr.271.xpm (new), chinese_dr.272 (new), chinese_dr.272.xpm (new), chinese_dr.273 (new), chinese_dr.273.xpm (new), chinese_dr.331 (new), chinese_dr.331.xpm (new), chinese_dr.332 (new), chinese_dr.332.xpm (new), chinese_dr.333 (new), chinese_dr.333.xpm (new), chinese_dr.371 (new), chinese_dr.371.xpm (new), chinese_dr.372 (new), chinese_dr.372.xpm (new), chinese_dr.373 (new), chinese_dr.373.xpm (new), chinese_dr.431 (new), chinese_dr.431.xpm (new), chinese_dr.432 (new), chinese_dr.432.xpm (new), chinese_dr.433 (new), chinese_dr.433.xpm (new), chinese_dr.471 (new), chinese_dr.471.xpm (new), chinese_dr.472 (new), chinese_dr.472.xpm (new), chinese_dr.473 (new), chinese_dr.473.xpm (new), chinese_dr.arc (new 3)
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