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2006-09-19 01:24
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Totals 431 (100.0%) 487 (100.0%) 1.1
mwedel 225 (52.2%) 206 (42.3%) 0.9
qal21 15 (3.5%) 104 (21.4%) 6.9
cvs 39 (9.0%) 54 (11.1%) 1.3
avogl 13 (3.0%) 50 (10.3%) 3.8
darth_bob 58 (13.5%) 37 (7.6%) 0.6
temitchell 23 (5.3%) 18 (3.7%) 0.7
peterm 5 (1.2%) 11 (2.3%) 2.2
jec 5 (1.2%) 5 (1.0%) 1.0
uid200 48 (11.1%) 2 (0.4%) 0.0

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mwedel 2006-09-19 01:24 Rev.: 4942

make branche directories, delete old trunk.

0 lines of code changed in 172 files:

  • trunk/arch/monster/goblin: gnoll.111 (del), gnoll.111.png (del), gnoll.111.xpm (del), gnoll.112 (del), gnoll.112.png (del), gnoll.112.xpm (del), gnoll.arc (del), gnoll.base.111.png (del), gnoll.base.112.png (del), gnoll.clsc.111.png (del), gnoll.clsc.112.png (del), gnoll_chief.111 (del), gnoll_chief.111.png (del), gnoll_chief.111.xpm (del), gnoll_chief.base.111.png (del), gnoll_chief.clsc.111.png (del), gnoll_chief_arc.arc (del), gnoll_gen.111 (del), gnoll_gen.111.png (del), gnoll_gen.111.xpm (del), gnoll_gen.arc (del), gnoll_gen.base.111.png (del), gnoll_gen.clsc.111.png (del), gnoll_leader.111 (del), gnoll_leader.111.png (del), gnoll_leader.111.xpm (del), gnoll_leader.base.111.png (del), gnoll_leader.clsc.111.png (del), gnoll_leader_arc.arc (del), goblin.111 (del), goblin.111.png (del), goblin.111.xpm (del), goblin.112 (del), goblin.112.png (del), goblin.112.xpm (del), goblin.arc (del), goblin.base.111.png (del), goblin.base.112.png (del), goblin.base.131.png (del), goblin.base.132.png (del), goblin.base.151.png (del), goblin.base.152.png (del), goblin.base.171.png (del), goblin.base.172.png (del), goblin.clsc.111.png (del), goblin.clsc.112.png (del), goblin.clsc.131.png (del), goblin.clsc.132.png (del), goblin.clsc.151.png (del), goblin.clsc.152.png (del), goblin.clsc.171.png (del), goblin.clsc.172.png (del), goblin.trs (del), goblin_chief.111 (del), goblin_chief.111.png (del), goblin_chief.111.xpm (del), goblin_chief.base.111.png (del), goblin_chief.clsc.111.png (del), goblin_chief_arc.arc (del), goblin_gen.111 (del), goblin_gen.111.png (del), goblin_gen.111.xpm (del), goblin_gen.arc (del), goblin_gen.base.111.png (del), goblin_gen.clsc.111.png (del), goblin_leader.111 (del), goblin_leader.111.png (del), goblin_leader.111.xpm (del), goblin_leader.base.111.png (del), goblin_leader.clsc.111.png (del), goblin_leader_arc.arc (del), kobold.111 (del), kobold.111.png (del), kobold.111.xpm (del), kobold.112 (del), kobold.112.png (del), kobold.112.xpm (del), kobold.arc (del), kobold.base.111.png (del), kobold.base.112.png (del), kobold.clsc.111.png (del), kobold.clsc.112.png (del), kobold_gen.111 (del), kobold_gen.111.png (del), kobold_gen.111.xpm (del), kobold_gen.arc (del), kobold_gen.base.111.png (del), kobold_gen.clsc.111.png (del), ogre.111 (del), ogre.111.png (del), ogre.111.xpm (del), ogre.112 (del), ogre.112.png (del), ogre.112.xpm (del), ogre.arc (del), ogre.base.111.png (del), ogre.base.112.png (del), ogre.clsc.111.png (del), ogre.clsc.112.png (del), ogre.trs (del), ogre_chief.111 (del), ogre_chief.111.png (del), ogre_chief.111.xpm (del), ogre_chief.base.111.png (del), ogre_chief.clsc.111.png (del), ogre_chief_arc.arc (del), ogre_gen.111 (del), ogre_gen.111.png (del), ogre_gen.111.xpm (del), ogre_gen.arc (del), ogre_gen.base.111.png (del), ogre_gen.clsc.111.png (del), ogre_leader.111 (del), ogre_leader.111.png (del), ogre_leader.111.xpm (del), ogre_leader.base.111.png (del), ogre_leader.clsc.111.png (del), ogre_leader_arc.arc (del), ogre_r.111 (del), ogre_r.111.png (del), ogre_r.111.xpm (del), ogre_r.112 (del), ogre_r.112.png (del), ogre_r.112.xpm (del), ogre_r.base.111.png (del), ogre_r.base.112.png (del), ogre_r.face (del), ologhi.111 (del), ologhi.111.png (del), ologhi.111.xpm (del), ologhi.112 (del), ologhi.112.png (del), ologhi.112.xpm (del), ologhi.arc (del), ologhi.base.111.png (del), ologhi.base.112.png (del), ologhi.clsc.111.png (del), ologhi.clsc.112.png (del), orc.111 (del), orc.111.png (del), orc.111.xpm (del), orc.112 (del), orc.112.png (del), orc.112.xpm (del), orc.arc (del), orc.base.111.png (del), orc.base.112.png (del), orc.clsc.111.png (del), orc.clsc.112.png (del), orc.trs (del), orc_chief.111 (del), orc_chief.111.png (del), orc_chief.111.xpm (del), orc_chief.base.111.png (del), orc_chief.base.112.png (del), orc_chief.clsc.111.png (del), orc_chief.clsc.112.png (del), orc_chief_arc.arc (del), orc_gen.111 (del), orc_gen.111.png (del), orc_gen.111.xpm (del), orc_gen.arc (del), orc_gen.base.111.png (del), orc_gen.clsc.111.png (del), orc_leader.111 (del), orc_leader.111.png (del), orc_leader.111.xpm (del), orc_leader.base.111.png (del), orc_leader.base.112.png (del), orc_leader.clsc.111.png (del), orc_leader.clsc.112.png (del), orc_leader_arc.arc (del)
qal21 2006-08-16 16:33 Rev.: 4797

Add new goblin facings.

104 lines of code changed in 15 files:

  • trunk/arch/monster/goblin: goblin.arc (+8 -1), goblin.base.111.png (changed), goblin.base.112.png (changed), goblin.base.131.png (new 6), goblin.base.132.png (new 6), goblin.base.151.png (new 9), goblin.base.152.png (new 8), goblin.base.171.png (new 7), goblin.base.172.png (new 9), goblin.clsc.131.png (new 10), goblin.clsc.132.png (new 7), goblin.clsc.151.png (new 10), goblin.clsc.152.png (new 7), goblin.clsc.171.png (new 10), goblin.clsc.172.png (new 7)
temitchell 2004-10-11 13:25 Rev.: 2946

- orcs use bronze weapons

4 lines of code changed in 1 file:

  • trunk/arch/monster/goblin: orc.trs (+4 -4)
mwedel 2004-02-01 18:34 Rev.: 2577

Fix a few arc errors related to panther.111 disappearing, but
gaea still using them.
Break out many of the treasure lists, and add the necessary skills so that
the monsters can properly use things like spellbooks, wands, rods, etc.
In many cases, update the creatures to have their own specific treasurelist.
Add proper skill values to rods, horns, and staves - should fix problem with
exp not being credited to correct skill.
MSW 2004-02-01

80 lines of code changed in 3 files:

  • trunk/arch/monster/goblin: goblin.trs (new 10), ogre.trs (new 18), orc.trs (new 52)
temitchell 2003-03-16 11:28 Rev.: 2063

orc and ogre cleaning - randomize anims

14 lines of code changed in 22 files:

  • trunk/arch/monster/goblin: gnoll.arc (+1 -1), gnoll_chief_arc.arc (+1 -1), goblin.arc (+1 -1), ogre.arc (+1 -2), ogre.clsc.111.png (changed), ogre.clsc.112.png (changed), ogre_chief.clsc.111.png (changed), ogre_leader.clsc.111.png (changed), ologhi.arc (+1 -1), orc.arc (+1 -1), orc.clsc.111.png (changed), orc.clsc.112.png (changed), orc_chief.base.111.png (changed), orc_chief.base.112.png (new 1), orc_chief.clsc.111.png (changed), orc_chief.clsc.112.png (new 1), orc_chief_arc.arc (+2 -2), orc_leader.base.111.png (changed), orc_leader.base.112.png (new 1), orc_leader.clsc.111.png (changed), orc_leader.clsc.112.png (new 1), orc_leader_arc.arc (+2 -2)
avogl 2002-09-04 19:41 Rev.: 1695

I had to re-adjust some of the recently changed levels
in pupland monsters. As maintainer of the pupland set I
hope it is okay when I do this, have written on the
list about it too.

Some monsters just need those levels to be able to
hit and damage high level players.
Evil Masters are a somewhat special case:
I have moved most all attributes out of the map into
the arches (So the arches contain the "real version").
The reason for this is I fear the fallback to
arch-values when these monsters happen to apply equipment.


1 lines of code changed in 1 file:

  • trunk/arch/monster/goblin: ologhi.arc (+1 -1)
mwedel 2002-08-28 23:17 Rev.: 1689

Fix the level/exp for some monsters - these all had levels which
was much higher than the actually difficulty the monster should be.
MSW 2002-08-28

2 lines of code changed in 1 file:

  • trunk/arch/monster/goblin: ologhi.arc (+2 -2)
mwedel 2002-07-15 23:02 Rev.: 1659

Fix monster arcs that had incorrect wrists/foot (1 instead of 2)
Fix update_monster script that generated the errors in the first place.
Add body information to the player/old/*.arc for very old player files.
Move crown from misc directory to armour/helmet, add appropriate body_info.
Add needed body info for elven boots.
MSW 2002-07-15

18 lines of code changed in 9 files:

  • trunk/arch/monster/goblin: goblin.arc (+2 -2), goblin_chief_arc.arc (+2 -2), goblin_leader_arc.arc (+2 -2), ogre.arc (+2 -2), ogre_chief_arc.arc (+2 -2), ogre_leader_arc.arc (+2 -2), orc.arc (+2 -2), orc_chief_arc.arc (+2 -2), orc_leader_arc.arc (+2 -2)
mwedel 2002-07-14 22:38 Rev.: 1657

Update arcs to use body_info for equipping items.
Update armor to use gen_sp_armour instead of last_heal.
can_use_shield added to necessary arcs.
Add dev/scripts directory, which contains some handy scripts I wrote
for updating on the items.
Add item_power to the armours - needs to be done for rest of equippable
MSW 2002-07-14

105 lines of code changed in 12 files:

  • trunk/arch/monster/goblin: gnoll.arc (+1), gnoll_chief_arc.arc (+1), gnoll_leader_arc.arc (+1), goblin.arc (+11), goblin_chief_arc.arc (+11), goblin_leader_arc.arc (+11), ogre.arc (+12), ogre_chief_arc.arc (+12), ogre_leader_arc.arc (+12), orc.arc (+11), orc_chief_arc.arc (+11), orc_leader_arc.arc (+11)
mwedel 2001-12-31 01:02 Rev.: 1487

Rename of files to include base in name - for multiple image set support
in the server. MSW 2001-12-30

0 lines of code changed in 27 files:

  • trunk/arch/monster/goblin: gnoll.base.111.png (new), gnoll.base.112.png (new), gnoll_chief.base.111.png (new), gnoll_gen.base.111.png (new), gnoll_leader.base.111.png (new), goblin.base.111.png (new), goblin.base.112.png (new), goblin_chief.base.111.png (new), goblin_gen.base.111.png (new), goblin_leader.base.111.png (new), kobold.base.111.png (new), kobold.base.112.png (new), kobold_gen.base.111.png (new), ogre.base.111.png (new), ogre.base.112.png (new), ogre_chief.base.111.png (new), ogre_gen.base.111.png (new), ogre_leader.base.111.png (new), ogre_r.base.111.png (new), ogre_r.base.112.png (new), ologhi.base.111.png (new), ologhi.base.112.png (new), orc.base.111.png (new), orc.base.112.png (new), orc_chief.base.111.png (new), orc_gen.base.111.png (new), orc_leader.base.111.png (new)
darth_bob 2001-12-27 23:46 Rev.: 1482

Mammoth commit here, just added alternate set (now called classic or clsc) to the archs. This is in preperation for support of arbitrary sets.

26 lines of code changed in 26 files:

  • trunk/arch/monster/goblin: gnoll.clsc.111.png (new 1), gnoll.clsc.112.png (new 1), gnoll_chief.clsc.111.png (new 1), gnoll_chief_arc.arc (+1), gnoll_gen.clsc.111.png (new 1), gnoll_leader.clsc.111.png (new 1), goblin.clsc.111.png (new 1), goblin.clsc.112.png (new 1), goblin_chief.clsc.111.png (new 1), goblin_gen.clsc.111.png (new 1), goblin_leader.clsc.111.png (new 1), kobold.clsc.111.png (new 1), kobold.clsc.112.png (new 1), kobold_gen.clsc.111.png (new 1), ogre.clsc.111.png (new 1), ogre.clsc.112.png (new 1), ogre_chief.clsc.111.png (new 1), ogre_gen.clsc.111.png (new 1), ogre_leader.clsc.111.png (new 1), ologhi.clsc.111.png (new 1), ologhi.clsc.112.png (new 1), orc.clsc.111.png (new 1), orc.clsc.112.png (new 1), orc_chief.clsc.111.png (new 1), orc_gen.clsc.111.png (new 1), orc_leader.clsc.111.png (new 1)
mwedel 2001-12-05 00:43 Rev.: 1448

Add new archetypes. Fix missing newline at end of gnoll_chief_arc.arc.
Fixed a few files that resulted in png warnings during load.
MSW 2001-12-04

1 lines of code changed in 1 file:

  • trunk/arch/monster/goblin: gnoll_chief_arc.arc (+1 -1)
darth_bob 2001-11-17 21:48 Rev.: 1429

In future I will remember to remove the emacs tmp files =)
These are just the artifact monsters put into arcs (with a few small changes here and there). It is so map makers can place them directly into maps.

1 lines of code changed in 8 files:

  • trunk/arch/monster/goblin: gnoll_chief_arc.arc (new 1), gnoll_leader_arc.arc (new), goblin_chief_arc.arc (new), goblin_leader_arc.arc (new), ogre_chief_arc.arc (new), ogre_leader_arc.arc (new), orc_chief_arc.arc (new), orc_leader_arc.arc (new)
avogl 2001-10-06 16:37 Rev.: 1300

Some new graphics for the standard set:
kobolds, titan and medium demon.
--Andreas V.

7 lines of code changed in 2 files:

  • trunk/arch/monster/goblin: kobold.111.png (+3 -3), kobold.112.png (+4 -2)
avogl 2001-09-10 14:05 Rev.: 1282

A bunch of new images for the standard png set.
Lot's of misc stuff. New dragonslayer, golems,
holy_orb etc...

--Andreas V.

20 lines of code changed in 4 files:

  • trunk/arch/monster/goblin: ogre.111.png (+5 -2), ogre.112.png (+4 -4), ogre_chief.111.png (+5 -2), ogre_leader.111.png (+6 -2)
avogl 2001-08-26 19:04 Rev.: 1260

Some new png graphics for standard set.

6 lines of code changed in 2 files:

  • trunk/arch/monster/goblin: goblin_gen.111.png (+3 -3), orc_gen.111.png (+3 -3)
avogl 2001-04-21 20:06 Rev.: 1019

New images for all kinds of misc stuff.
Trying to clean up some of the remaining
scale-up images.

10 lines of code changed in 2 files:

  • trunk/arch/monster/goblin: goblin_leader.111.png (+4 -4), orc_leader.111.png (+6 -2)
darth_bob 2001-04-16 02:13 Rev.: 979

New images so artifact monsters are support feel free to update your favorite sets monsters, dnh

10 lines of code changed in 24 files:

  • trunk/arch/monster/goblin: gnoll_chief.111 (new), gnoll_chief.111.png (new), gnoll_chief.111.xpm (new), gnoll_leader.111 (new), gnoll_leader.111.png (new), gnoll_leader.111.xpm (new), goblin_chief.111 (new), goblin_chief.111.png (new), goblin_chief.111.xpm (new), goblin_leader.111 (new), goblin_leader.111.png (new 4), goblin_leader.111.xpm (new), ogre_chief.111 (new), ogre_chief.111.png (new 2), ogre_chief.111.xpm (new), ogre_leader.111 (new), ogre_leader.111.png (new 2), ogre_leader.111.xpm (new), orc_chief.111 (new), orc_chief.111.png (new), orc_chief.111.xpm (new), orc_leader.111 (new), orc_leader.111.png (new 2), orc_leader.111.xpm (new)
avogl 2001-03-15 07:13 Rev.: 868

A bunch of new/improved art for the standard set.
Including an all-new electric dragon, improved dread,
giant and ogre.

6 lines of code changed in 2 files:

  • trunk/arch/monster/goblin: ogre.111.png (+2 -3), ogre.112.png (+4 -7)
peterm 2001-02-12 04:17 Rev.: 793

I reverted a lotof the objectionable "scaled" png set
to the xpm images centered but not scaled.

The results are not too bad.


8 lines of code changed in 3 files:

  • trunk/arch/monster/goblin: gnoll_gen.111.png (+4 -4), kobold_gen.111.png (+2 -4), ogre_gen.111.png (+2 -5)
peterm 2000-12-04 01:18 Rev.: 554

Converted the old "armor" "protected" "vulnerable" and "immune" to
the partial-resistance equivalents.

2 lines of code changed in 1 file:

  • trunk/arch/monster/goblin: ogre.arc (+2 -1)
cvs 2000-12-03 18:03 Rev.: 552

MSW 2000-12-3:
Commit for PR code. General changes was to clean up archetypes that
were immune/protected/vulnerable to the same attacktype (ie, protected &
immune). Disease code changed to use last_grace instead of armour for
contagious values. Gods still need to be fixed up.

3 lines of code changed in 1 file:

  • trunk/arch/monster/goblin: ologhi.arc (+3 -3)
peterm 2000-10-31 05:49 Rev.: 459

Gave "ogre" a name to avoid log spamming like this:
Object without name tried to attack.
arch ogre
face ogre.112
animation ogre

Zillions... Zillions of times.

1 lines of code changed in 1 file:

  • trunk/arch/monster/goblin: ogre.arc (+1)
cvs 2000-06-09 13:12 Rev.: 313

Assigned proper races to these archetypes. --PeterM

11 lines of code changed in 11 files:

  • trunk/arch/monster/goblin: gnoll.arc (+1 -1), gnoll_gen.arc (+1), goblin.arc (+1 -1), goblin_gen.arc (+1), kobold.arc (+1 -1), kobold_gen.arc (+1), ogre.arc (+1 -1), ogre_gen.arc (+1), ologhi.arc (+1 -1), orc.arc (+1 -1), orc_gen.arc (+1)
cvs 2000-06-04 17:25 Rev.: 295

Added race fields.

6 lines of code changed in 6 files:

  • trunk/arch/monster/goblin: gnoll.arc (+1), goblin.arc (+1), kobold.arc (+1), ogre.arc (+1), ologhi.arc (+1), orc.arc (+1)
cvs 2000-05-31 01:15 Rev.: 284

Addition of PNG images. MSW 5/30/2000

34 lines of code changed in 19 files:

  • trunk/arch/monster/goblin: gnoll.111.png (new), gnoll.112.png (new), gnoll_gen.111.png (new 4), goblin.111.png (new), goblin.112.png (new), goblin_gen.111.png (new 3), kobold.111.png (new 3), kobold.112.png (new 2), kobold_gen.111.png (new 4), ogre.111.png (new 3), ogre.112.png (new 7), ogre_gen.111.png (new 5), ogre_r.111.png (new), ogre_r.112.png (new), ologhi.111.png (new), ologhi.112.png (new), orc.111.png (new), orc.112.png (new), orc_gen.111.png (new 3)
jec 2000-04-17 08:37 Rev.: 214

See CHANGES file.

5 lines of code changed in 5 files:

  • trunk/arch/monster/goblin: gnoll_gen.arc (+1), goblin_gen.arc (+1), kobold_gen.arc (+1), ogre_gen.arc (+1), orc_gen.arc (+1)
cvs 1999-07-02 22:49 Rev.: 41

Initial revision

0 lines of code changed in 2 files:

  • trunk/arch/monster/goblin: ogre_r.111 (new), ogre_r.112 (new)
uid200 1999-03-28 22:46 Rev.: 2

Initial revision

2 lines of code changed in 48 files:

  • trunk/arch/monster/goblin: gnoll.111 (new), gnoll.111.xpm (new), gnoll.112 (new), gnoll.112.xpm (new), gnoll.arc (new), gnoll_gen.111 (new), gnoll_gen.111.xpm (new), gnoll_gen.arc (new), goblin.111 (new), goblin.111.xpm (new), goblin.112 (new), goblin.112.xpm (new), goblin.arc (new), goblin_gen.111 (new), goblin_gen.111.xpm (new), goblin_gen.arc (new), kobold.111 (new), kobold.111.xpm (new), kobold.112 (new), kobold.112.xpm (new), kobold.arc (new), kobold_gen.111 (new), kobold_gen.111.xpm (new), kobold_gen.arc (new), ogre.111 (new), ogre.111.xpm (new), ogre.112 (new), ogre.112.xpm (new), ogre.arc (new), ogre_gen.111 (new), ogre_gen.111.xpm (new), ogre_gen.arc (new), ogre_r.111.xpm (new), ogre_r.112.xpm (new), ogre_r.face (new), ologhi.111 (new), ologhi.111.xpm (new), ologhi.112 (new), ologhi.112.xpm (new), ologhi.arc (new 2), orc.111 (new), orc.111.xpm (new), orc.112 (new), orc.112.xpm (new), orc.arc (new), orc_gen.111 (new), orc_gen.111.xpm (new), orc_gen.arc (new)
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