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mwedel 2006-09-19 02:24 Rev.: 4942

make branche directories, delete old trunk.

0 lines of code changed in 83 files:

  • trunk/arch/readable: bankcard.arc (del), bankcard.base.111.png (del), bookRead.arc (del), book_clasp.111 (del), book_clasp.111.png (del), book_clasp.111.xpm (del), book_clasp.arc (del), book_clasp.base.111.png (del), book_read.arc (del), book_read.base.111.png (changed), card.111 (del), card.111.png (del), card.111.xpm (del), card.arc (del), card.base.111.png (del), card_crown.base.111.png (del), card_cup.base.111.png (del), card_dragon.base.111.png (del), card_ring.base.111.png (del), card_skull.base.111.png (del), card_sword.base.111.png (del), checkbook.arc (del), checkbook.base.111.png (del), crossroad.arc (del), crossroad.base.111.png (del), diploma.111 (del), diploma.111.png (del), diploma.111.xpm (del), diploma.arc (del), diploma.base.111.png (del), imperial.arc (del), imperial.base.111.png (del), letter.111 (del), letter.111.png (del), letter.111.xpm (del), letter.arc (del), letter.base.111.png (del), menu.arc (del), monument.111 (del), monument.111.png (del), monument.111.xpm (del), monument.arc (del), monument.base.111.png (del), note.111 (del), note.111.png (del), note.111.xpm (del), note.arc (del), note.base.111.png (del), quarto.111 (del), quarto.111.png (del), quarto.111.xpm (del), quarto.arc (del), quarto.base.111.png (del), scroll.arc (del), scroll_2.111 (del), scroll_2.111.png (del), scroll_2.111.xpm (del), scroll_2.arc (del), scroll_2.base.111.png (del), scrollr.111 (del), scrollr.111.png (del), scrollr.111.xpm (del), scrollr.base.111.png (del), sign.111 (del), sign.111.png (del), sign.111.xpm (del), sign.arc (del), sign.base.111.png (del), sign_e.111 (del), sign_e.111.png (del), sign_e.111.xpm (del), sign_e.arc (del), sign_e.base.111.png (del), sign_w.111 (del), sign_w.111.png (del), sign_w.111.xpm (del), sign_w.arc (del), sign_w.base.111.png (del), tome.111 (del), tome.111.png (del), tome.111.xpm (del), tome.arc (del), tome.base.111.png (del)
mikeeusa 2005-12-31 13:06 Rev.: 4229


0 lines of code changed in 2 files:

  • trunk/arch/readable: checkbook.arc (new), checkbook.base.111.png (new)
mikeeusa 2005-12-25 23:12 Rev.: 4206

The bank card

0 lines of code changed in 2 files:

  • trunk/arch/readable: bankcard.arc (new), bankcard.base.111.png (new)
mwedel 2005-08-17 01:37 Rev.: 3552

Patch 1212496 by Kevin Rudat to add client_types to objects that can
be applied.
MSW 2005-08-16

6 lines of code changed in 6 files:

  • trunk/arch/readable: crossroad.arc (+1), menu.arc (+1), monument.arc (+1), sign.arc (+1), sign_e.arc (+1), sign_w.arc (+1)
tchize 2005-05-21 11:58 Rev.: 3280

Modified books, sign, monuments and grastones to handle displaying hint when read.

15 lines of code changed in 15 files:

  • trunk/arch/readable: book_clasp.arc (+1), book_read.arc (+1), card.arc (+1), crossroad.arc (+1), diploma.arc (+1), letter.arc (+1), monument.arc (+1), note.arc (+1), quarto.arc (+1), scroll.arc (+1), scroll_2.arc (+1), sign.arc (+1), sign_e.arc (+1), sign_w.arc (+1), tome.arc (+1)
tchize 2004-09-25 09:19 Rev.: 2928

added crossroad sign

0 lines of code changed in 2 files:

  • trunk/arch/readable: crossroad.arc (new), crossroad.base.111.png (new)
temitchell 2003-09-28 12:17 Rev.: 2351

- add imperial bank note for banking

0 lines of code changed in 2 files:

  • trunk/arch/readable: imperial.arc (new), imperial.base.111.png (new)
mwedel 2003-09-12 23:38 Rev.: 2315

Updated for new spell + skill code. Many files moved about.
Main changes for weapons is to add what skill they use.
MSW 2003-09-12

24 lines of code changed in 11 files:

  • trunk/arch/readable: book_clasp.arc (+1), book_read.arc (new 15), book_read.base.111.png (new), card.arc (+1), diploma.arc (+1), letter.arc (+1), note.arc (+1), quarto.arc (+1), scroll.arc (+1), scroll_2.arc (+1), tome.arc (+1)
temitchell 2003-09-07 17:40 Rev.: 2306

- Adding some images for a new quest

0 lines of code changed in 6 files:

  • trunk/arch/readable: card_crown.base.111.png (new), card_cup.base.111.png (new), card_dragon.base.111.png (new), card_ring.base.111.png (new), card_skull.base.111.png (new), card_sword.base.111.png (new)
avogl 2003-05-22 17:28 Rev.: 2139

Here comes the new red dragon and ancient red dragon
images. I used the well-known ancient red dragons
from peterm's dragon quest as base models for the new
ancient dragon arch. Apart from that I rose a few
resistances by a small amount, most noteworthy:
reducing cold vuln from -100 to -50, otherwise they
just die too quick in a snowstorm.

Also re-added the thin black frame to the sign, to
have it better visible, especially on brownish backgrounds.


0 lines of code changed in 1 file:

  • trunk/arch/readable: sign.base.111.png (changed)
mwedel 2003-03-30 01:02 Rev.: 2078

Add new images by Oliver ( - made up new archetypes
for these tiled images.

MSW 2003-03-30

0 lines of code changed in 1 file:

  • trunk/arch/readable: sign.base.111.png (changed)
mwedel 2002-09-18 00:52 Rev.: 1730

Update connected objects to have 'activate_on_push' and
'activate_on_release' flags - this corresponds to code changes in the
server. Remove some of the 'unused' entries, as they are in
fact in use now.
MSW 2002-09-17

8 lines of code changed in 4 files:

  • trunk/arch/readable: monument.arc (+2), sign.arc (+2), sign_e.arc (+2), sign_w.arc (+2)
mwedel 2002-08-21 01:36 Rev.: 1681

Add archetypes from Todd Mitchell. These add wolfs and bears,
with bodyparts for them. Also changes races for readable scroll
objects so that scrollcase objects can be used. Add ruined tower.
New images for some objects.
Commited by MSW 2002-08-20

3 lines of code changed in 3 files:

  • trunk/arch/readable: note.arc (+1), scroll.arc (+1), scroll_2.arc (+1)
mwedel 2002-05-30 22:53 Rev.: 1604

add name_pl, client_type information to objects that can get picked up.
Remove some duplicates, change poisonfood to use the same face as booze
so you can't tell simply by looking at it that it is bad food.
Change some of the names for the skill scrolls to put them more in line
with the skills they actually give you.
MSW 2002-05-30

20 lines of code changed in 10 files:

  • trunk/arch/readable: bookRead.arc (+2), book_clasp.arc (+2), card.arc (+2), diploma.arc (+2), letter.arc (+2), note.arc (+2), quarto.arc (+2), scroll.arc (+2), scroll_2.arc (+2), tome.arc (+2)
avogl 2002-02-21 21:08 Rev.: 1537

New images:
New giant cobra, windstorm and acidspit animations,
and some more.

0 lines of code changed in 2 files:

  • trunk/arch/readable: scrollr.base.111.png (changed), tome.base.111.png (changed)
mwedel 2001-12-31 02:02 Rev.: 1487

Rename of files to include base in name - for multiple image set support
in the server. MSW 2001-12-30

0 lines of code changed in 13 files:

  • trunk/arch/readable: book_clasp.base.111.png (new), card.base.111.png (new), diploma.base.111.png (new), letter.base.111.png (new), monument.base.111.png (new), note.base.111.png (new), quarto.base.111.png (new), scroll_2.base.111.png (new), scrollr.base.111.png (new), sign.base.111.png (new), sign_e.base.111.png (new), sign_w.base.111.png (new), tome.base.111.png (new)
avogl 2001-01-27 21:25 Rev.: 748

New pngs by AndreasV and J.Taporg

Set of swall (fence) in png completely redone.
I inserted additional wall-faces for better
look of png maps (so far for: swall, awall, dwall, wall).
These faces are designed to make overlapping walls
with correct iso perspective.

A bunch of new player-class/race pngs.
Looking good... =)

Converted the xpm rune-pics to png without scaling.
Looks much better IMHO.

rest (misc):

A lot of pngs for internal (system) use, and several
other misc pngs.

4 lines of code changed in 1 file:

  • trunk/arch/readable: book_clasp.111.png (+4 -1)
avogl 2001-01-15 07:01 Rev.: 706

New pngs by MichToen.

4 lines of code changed in 1 file:

  • trunk/arch/readable: scrollr.111.png (+4 -1)
avogl 2000-11-18 22:16 Rev.: 508

In cooperation with Micheal T., I started to improve
the png-set. Correcting the worst flaws...
It�s looking better now but still needs lotsa work.

1 lines of code changed in 1 file:

  • trunk/arch/readable: scrollr.111.png (+1 -3)
cvs 2000-05-31 02:15 Rev.: 284

Addition of PNG images. MSW 5/30/2000

4 lines of code changed in 13 files:

  • trunk/arch/readable: book_clasp.111.png (new 1), card.111.png (new), diploma.111.png (new), letter.111.png (new), monument.111.png (new), note.111.png (new), quarto.111.png (new), scroll_2.111.png (new), scrollr.111.png (new 3), sign.111.png (new), sign_e.111.png (new), sign_w.111.png (new), tome.111.png (new)
damn 1999-09-17 13:11 Rev.: 104

nrof 1 - so multiples don't have to stack up as seperate objects

10 lines of code changed in 10 files:

  • trunk/arch/readable: bookRead.arc (+1), book_clasp.arc (+1), card.arc (+1), diploma.arc (+1), letter.arc (+1), note.arc (+1), quarto.arc (+1), scroll.arc (+1), scroll_2.arc (+1), tome.arc (+1)
uid200 1999-03-28 23:46 Rev.: 2

Initial revision

0 lines of code changed in 41 files:

  • trunk/arch/readable: bookRead.arc (new), book_clasp.111 (new), book_clasp.111.xpm (new), book_clasp.arc (new), card.111 (new), card.111.xpm (new), card.arc (new), diploma.111 (new), diploma.111.xpm (new), diploma.arc (new), letter.111 (new), letter.111.xpm (new), letter.arc (new), menu.arc (new), monument.111 (new), monument.111.xpm (new), monument.arc (new), note.111 (new), note.111.xpm (new), note.arc (new), quarto.111 (new), quarto.111.xpm (new), quarto.arc (new), scroll.arc (new), scroll_2.111 (new), scroll_2.111.xpm (new), scroll_2.arc (new), scrollr.111 (new), scrollr.111.xpm (new), sign.111 (new), sign.111.xpm (new), sign.arc (new), sign_e.111 (new), sign_e.111.xpm (new), sign_e.arc (new), sign_w.111 (new), sign_w.111.xpm (new), sign_w.arc (new), tome.111 (new), tome.111.xpm (new), tome.arc (new)
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