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1999-03-28 22:46
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2006-09-19 01:24
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garbled 38 (9.1%) 52 (81.3%) 1.3
uid200 109 (26.1%) 12 (18.8%) 0.1
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mwedel 2006-09-19 01:24 Rev.: 4942

make branche directories, delete old trunk.

0 lines of code changed in 190 files:

  • trunk/arch/river: branch_125.111 (del), branch_125.111.png (del), branch_125.111.xpm (del), branch_125.211 (del), branch_125.211.png (del), branch_125.211.xpm (del), branch_125.arc (del), branch_125.base.111.png (del), branch_125.base.211.png (del), branch_135.111 (del), branch_135.111.png (del), branch_135.111.xpm (del), branch_135.arc (del), branch_135.base.111.png (del), branch_137.111 (del), branch_137.111.png (del), branch_137.111.xpm (del), branch_137.arc (del), branch_137.base.111.png (del), branch_145.111 (del), branch_145.111.png (del), branch_145.111.xpm (del), branch_145.211 (del), branch_145.211.png (del), branch_145.211.xpm (del), branch_145.arc (del), branch_145.base.111.png (del), branch_145.base.211.png (del), branch_156.111 (del), branch_156.111.png (del), branch_156.111.xpm (del), branch_156.211 (del), branch_156.211.png (del), branch_156.211.xpm (del), branch_156.arc (del), branch_156.base.111.png (del), branch_156.base.211.png (del), branch_157.111 (del), branch_157.111.png (del), branch_157.111.xpm (del), branch_157.arc (del), branch_157.base.111.png (del), branch_158.111 (del), branch_158.111.png (del), branch_158.111.xpm (del), branch_158.211 (del), branch_158.211.png (del), branch_158.211.xpm (del), branch_158.arc (del), branch_158.base.111.png (del), branch_158.base.211.png (del), branch_237.111 (del), branch_237.111.png (del), branch_237.111.xpm (del), branch_237.211 (del), branch_237.211.png (del), branch_237.211.xpm (del), branch_237.arc (del), branch_237.base.111.png (del), branch_237.base.211.png (del), branch_347.111 (del), branch_347.111.png (del), branch_347.111.xpm (del), branch_347.211 (del), branch_347.211.png (del), branch_347.211.xpm (del), branch_347.arc (del), branch_347.base.111.png (del), branch_347.base.211.png (del), branch_357.111 (del), branch_357.111.png (del), branch_357.111.xpm (del), branch_357.arc (del), branch_357.base.111.png (del), branch_367.111 (del), branch_367.111.png (del), branch_367.111.xpm (del), branch_367.211 (del), branch_367.211.png (del), branch_367.211.xpm (del), branch_367.arc (del), branch_367.base.111.png (del), branch_367.base.211.png (del), branch_378.111 (del), branch_378.111.png (del), branch_378.111.xpm (del), branch_378.211 (del), branch_378.211.png (del), branch_378.211.xpm (del), branch_378.arc (del), branch_378.base.111.png (del), branch_378.base.211.png (del), bridge_15.111 (del), bridge_15.111.png (del), bridge_15.111.xpm (del), bridge_15.arc (del), bridge_15.base.111.png (del), bridge_37.111 (del), bridge_37.111.png (del), bridge_37.111.xpm (del), bridge_37.arc (del), bridge_37.base.111.png (del), cobblesto1.111.png (del), cobblesto1.111.xpm (del), ford_ns.111 (del), ford_ns.111.png (del), ford_ns.111.xpm (del), ford_ns.arc (del), ford_ns.base.111.png (del), ford_we.111 (del), ford_we.111.png (del), ford_we.111.xpm (del), ford_we.arc (del), ford_we.base.111.png (del), river_14.111 (del), river_14.111.png (del), river_14.111.xpm (del), river_14.arc (del), river_14.base.111.png (del), river_15.111 (del), river_15.111.png (del), river_15.111.xpm (del), river_15.arc (del), river_15.base.111.png (del), river_16.111 (del), river_16.111.png (del), river_16.111.xpm (del), river_16.arc (del), river_16.base.111.png (del), river_25.111 (del), river_25.111.png (del), river_25.111.xpm (del), river_25.arc (del), river_25.base.111.png (del), river_26.111 (del), river_26.111.png (del), river_26.111.xpm (del), river_26.211 (del), river_26.211.png (del), river_26.211.xpm (del), river_26.311 (del), river_26.311.png (del), river_26.311.xpm (del), river_26.arc (del), river_26.base.111.png (del), river_26.base.211.png (del), river_26.base.311.png (del), river_27.111 (del), river_27.111.png (del), river_27.111.xpm (del), river_27.arc (del), river_27.base.111.png (del), river_36.111 (del), river_36.111.png (del), river_36.111.xpm (del), river_36.arc (del), river_36.base.111.png (del), river_37.111 (del), river_37.111.png (del), river_37.111.xpm (del), river_37.arc (del), river_37.base.111.png (del), river_38.111 (del), river_38.111.png (del), river_38.111.xpm (del), river_38.arc (del), river_38.base.111.png (del), river_47.111 (del), river_47.111.png (del), river_47.111.xpm (del), river_47.arc (del), river_47.base.111.png (del), river_48.111 (del), river_48.111.png (del), river_48.111.xpm (del), river_48.211 (del), river_48.211.png (del), river_48.211.xpm (del), river_48.311 (del), river_48.311.png (del), river_48.311.xpm (del), river_48.arc (del), river_48.base.111.png (del), river_48.base.211.png (del), river_48.base.311.png (del), river_58.111 (del), river_58.111.png (del), river_58.111.xpm (del), river_58.arc (del), river_58.base.111.png (del)
garbled 2002-10-28 00:09 Rev.: 1768

Add back in some "end"'s I nuked. oops

12 lines of code changed in 10 files:

  • trunk/arch/river: branch_125.arc (+1), branch_145.arc (+1), branch_156.arc (+1), branch_158.arc (+1), branch_237.arc (+1), branch_347.arc (+1), branch_367.arc (+1), branch_378.arc (+1), river_26.arc (+2), river_48.arc (+2)
garbled 2002-10-27 23:50 Rev.: 1766

add is_water to these too.

40 lines of code changed in 28 files:

  • trunk/arch/river: branch_125.arc (+2 -1), branch_135.arc (+1), branch_137.arc (+1), branch_145.arc (+2 -1), branch_156.arc (+2 -1), branch_157.arc (+1), branch_158.arc (+2 -1), branch_237.arc (+2 -1), branch_347.arc (+2 -1), branch_357.arc (+1), branch_367.arc (+2 -1), branch_378.arc (+2 -1), bridge_15.arc (+1), bridge_37.arc (+1), ford_ns.arc (+1), ford_we.arc (+1), river_14.arc (+1), river_15.arc (+1), river_16.arc (+1), river_25.arc (+1), river_26.arc (+3 -2), river_27.arc (+1), river_36.arc (+1), river_37.arc (+1), river_38.arc (+1), river_47.arc (+1), river_48.arc (+3 -2), river_58.arc (+1)
mwedel 2001-12-31 01:02 Rev.: 1487

Rename of files to include base in name - for multiple image set support
in the server. MSW 2001-12-30

0 lines of code changed in 40 files:

  • trunk/arch/river: branch_125.base.111.png (new), branch_125.base.211.png (new), branch_135.base.111.png (new), branch_137.base.111.png (new), branch_145.base.111.png (new), branch_145.base.211.png (new), branch_156.base.111.png (new), branch_156.base.211.png (new), branch_157.base.111.png (new), branch_158.base.111.png (new), branch_158.base.211.png (new), branch_237.base.111.png (new), branch_237.base.211.png (new), branch_347.base.111.png (new), branch_347.base.211.png (new), branch_357.base.111.png (new), branch_367.base.111.png (new), branch_367.base.211.png (new), branch_378.base.111.png (new), branch_378.base.211.png (new), bridge_15.base.111.png (new), bridge_37.base.111.png (new), ford_ns.base.111.png (new), ford_we.base.111.png (new), river_14.base.111.png (new), river_15.base.111.png (new), river_16.base.111.png (new), river_25.base.111.png (new), river_26.base.111.png (new), river_26.base.211.png (new), river_26.base.311.png (new), river_27.base.111.png (new), river_36.base.111.png (new), river_37.base.111.png (new), river_38.base.111.png (new), river_47.base.111.png (new), river_48.base.111.png (new), river_48.base.211.png (new), river_48.base.311.png (new), river_58.base.111.png (new)
cvs 2000-05-31 01:15 Rev.: 284

Addition of PNG images. MSW 5/30/2000

0 lines of code changed in 41 files:

  • trunk/arch/river: branch_125.111.png (new), branch_125.211.png (new), branch_135.111.png (new), branch_137.111.png (new), branch_145.111.png (new), branch_145.211.png (new), branch_156.111.png (new), branch_156.211.png (new), branch_157.111.png (new), branch_158.111.png (new), branch_158.211.png (new), branch_237.111.png (new), branch_237.211.png (new), branch_347.111.png (new), branch_347.211.png (new), branch_357.111.png (new), branch_367.111.png (new), branch_367.211.png (new), branch_378.111.png (new), branch_378.211.png (new), bridge_15.111.png (new), bridge_37.111.png (new), cobblesto1.111.png (new), ford_ns.111.png (new), ford_we.111.png (new), river_14.111.png (new), river_15.111.png (new), river_16.111.png (new), river_25.111.png (new), river_26.111.png (new), river_26.211.png (new), river_26.311.png (new), river_27.111.png (new), river_36.111.png (new), river_37.111.png (new), river_38.111.png (new), river_47.111.png (new), river_48.111.png (new), river_48.211.png (new), river_48.311.png (new), river_58.111.png (new)
uid200 1999-03-28 22:46 Rev.: 2

Initial revision

12 lines of code changed in 109 files:

  • trunk/arch/river: branch_125.111 (new), branch_125.111.xpm (new), branch_125.211 (new), branch_125.211.xpm (new), branch_125.arc (new 1), branch_135.111 (new), branch_135.111.xpm (new), branch_135.arc (new), branch_137.111 (new), branch_137.111.xpm (new), branch_137.arc (new), branch_145.111 (new), branch_145.111.xpm (new), branch_145.211 (new), branch_145.211.xpm (new), branch_145.arc (new 1), branch_156.111 (new), branch_156.111.xpm (new), branch_156.211 (new), branch_156.211.xpm (new), branch_156.arc (new 1), branch_157.111 (new), branch_157.111.xpm (new), branch_157.arc (new), branch_158.111 (new), branch_158.111.xpm (new), branch_158.211 (new), branch_158.211.xpm (new), branch_158.arc (new 1), branch_237.111 (new), branch_237.111.xpm (new), branch_237.211 (new), branch_237.211.xpm (new), branch_237.arc (new 1), branch_347.111 (new), branch_347.111.xpm (new), branch_347.211 (new), branch_347.211.xpm (new), branch_347.arc (new 1), branch_357.111 (new), branch_357.111.xpm (new), branch_357.arc (new), branch_367.111 (new), branch_367.111.xpm (new), branch_367.211 (new), branch_367.211.xpm (new), branch_367.arc (new 1), branch_378.111 (new), branch_378.111.xpm (new), branch_378.211 (new), branch_378.211.xpm (new), branch_378.arc (new 1), bridge_15.111 (new), bridge_15.111.xpm (new), bridge_15.arc (new), bridge_37.111 (new), bridge_37.111.xpm (new), bridge_37.arc (new), cobblesto1.111.xpm (new), ford_ns.111 (new), ford_ns.111.xpm (new), ford_ns.arc (new), ford_we.111 (new), ford_we.111.xpm (new), ford_we.arc (new), river_14.111 (new), river_14.111.xpm (new), river_14.arc (new), river_15.111 (new), river_15.111.xpm (new), river_15.arc (new), river_16.111 (new), river_16.111.xpm (new), river_16.arc (new), river_25.111 (new), river_25.111.xpm (new), river_25.arc (new), river_26.111 (new), river_26.111.xpm (new), river_26.211 (new), river_26.211.xpm (new), river_26.311 (new), river_26.311.xpm (new), river_26.arc (new 2), river_27.111 (new), river_27.111.xpm (new), river_27.arc (new), river_36.111 (new), river_36.111.xpm (new), river_36.arc (new), river_37.111 (new), river_37.111.xpm (new), river_37.arc (new), river_38.111 (new), river_38.111.xpm (new), river_38.arc (new), river_47.111 (new), river_47.111.xpm (new), river_47.arc (new), river_48.111 (new), river_48.111.xpm (new), river_48.211 (new), river_48.211.xpm (new), river_48.311 (new), river_48.311.xpm (new), river_48.arc (new 2), river_58.111 (new), river_58.111.xpm (new), river_58.arc (new)
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