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2003-09-12 23:38
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Totals 35 (100.0%) 99 (100.0%) 2.8
mwedel 34 (97.1%) 98 (99.0%) 2.8
avogl 1 (2.9%) 1 (1.0%) 1.0

Most Recent Commits

mwedel 2006-09-19 02:24 Rev.: 4942

make branche directories, delete old trunk.

0 lines of code changed in 16 files:

  • trunk/arch/spell/Bomb: bomb.arc (del), bomb.base.111.png (changed), bomb.base.112.png (changed), bomb.base.113.png (changed), bomb.base.114.png (changed), bomb.clsc.111.png (changed), bomb.clsc.112.png (changed), bomb.clsc.113.png (changed), bomb.clsc.114.png (changed), explosion.arc (del), explosion.base.111.png (changed), explosion.base.112.png (changed), explosion.base.113.png (changed), spell_bomb.arc (del), splint.arc (del), splint.base.111.png (changed)
mwedel 2006-01-02 01:11 Rev.: 4255

Apply patch 1321682 - fix typos of many arches, as well as making
the formatting of the msg/endmsg to be consistent. This is all
cosmetic changes, no actual change of objects other than msg/endmsg
or other typos.
MSW 2006-01-02

7 lines of code changed in 1 file:

  • trunk/arch/spell/Bomb: spell_bomb.arc (+7 -5)
mwedel 2004-02-16 19:04 Rev.: 2620

Clean up the casting time on a bunch of archetypes - the value wasn't
all that consistent. Also, start on the 'in game' documentation of
MSW 2004-02-16

8 lines of code changed in 1 file:

  • trunk/arch/spell/Bomb: spell_bomb.arc (+8 -1)
avogl 2003-09-24 16:33 Rev.: 2343

Added faces to spells. This is only for the editor,
to distuingish the spell school (skill) associations.
I believe this will make things clearer and more
easy to handle in regard to mapmaking.

1 lines of code changed in 1 file:

  • trunk/arch/spell/Bomb: spell_bomb.arc (+1)
mwedel 2003-09-12 23:38 Rev.: 2315

Updated for new spell + skill code. Many files moved about.
Main changes for weapons is to add what skill they use.
MSW 2003-09-12

83 lines of code changed in 16 files:

  • trunk/arch/spell/Bomb: bomb.arc (new 23), bomb.base.111.png (new), bomb.base.112.png (new), bomb.base.113.png (new), bomb.base.114.png (new), bomb.clsc.111.png (new), bomb.clsc.112.png (new), bomb.clsc.113.png (new), bomb.clsc.114.png (new), explosion.arc (new 20), explosion.base.111.png (new), explosion.base.112.png (new), explosion.base.113.png (new), spell_bomb.arc (new 23), splint.arc (new 17), splint.base.111.png (new)
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