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2005-12-26 12:59
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2006-09-19 01:24
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mwedel 2006-09-19 01:24 Rev.: 4942

make branche directories, delete old trunk.

0 lines of code changed in 41 files:

  • trunk/arch/spell/MagicWall/smover: pmarrow.base.111.png (del), pmarrow.base.112.png (del), pmarrow.base.113.png (del), pmarrow.base.114.png (del), pmarrow.base.115.png (del), pmarrow.base.121.png (del), pmarrow.base.122.png (del), pmarrow.base.123.png (del), pmarrow.base.124.png (del), pmarrow.base.125.png (del), pmarrow.base.131.png (del), pmarrow.base.132.png (del), pmarrow.base.133.png (del), pmarrow.base.134.png (del), pmarrow.base.135.png (del), pmarrow.base.141.png (del), pmarrow.base.142.png (del), pmarrow.base.143.png (del), pmarrow.base.144.png (del), pmarrow.base.145.png (del), pmarrow.base.151.png (del), pmarrow.base.152.png (del), pmarrow.base.153.png (del), pmarrow.base.154.png (del), pmarrow.base.155.png (del), pmarrow.base.161.png (del), pmarrow.base.162.png (del), pmarrow.base.163.png (del), pmarrow.base.164.png (del), pmarrow.base.165.png (del), pmarrow.base.171.png (del), pmarrow.base.172.png (del), pmarrow.base.173.png (del), pmarrow.base.174.png (del), pmarrow.base.175.png (del), pmarrow.base.181.png (del), pmarrow.base.182.png (del), pmarrow.base.183.png (del), pmarrow.base.184.png (del), pmarrow.base.185.png (del), smovers.arc (del)
mikeeusa 2005-12-26 12:59 Rev.: 4210

Adding the repulsion wall from the tracker, the author was going to upload it but seems to have forgotten or not gotten around to it, so here it is

0 lines of code changed in 41 files:

  • trunk/arch/spell/MagicWall/smover: pmarrow.base.111.png (new), pmarrow.base.112.png (new), pmarrow.base.113.png (new), pmarrow.base.114.png (new), pmarrow.base.115.png (new), pmarrow.base.121.png (new), pmarrow.base.122.png (new), pmarrow.base.123.png (new), pmarrow.base.124.png (new), pmarrow.base.125.png (new), pmarrow.base.131.png (new), pmarrow.base.132.png (new), pmarrow.base.133.png (new), pmarrow.base.134.png (new), pmarrow.base.135.png (new), pmarrow.base.141.png (new), pmarrow.base.142.png (new), pmarrow.base.143.png (new), pmarrow.base.144.png (new), pmarrow.base.145.png (new), pmarrow.base.151.png (new), pmarrow.base.152.png (new), pmarrow.base.153.png (new), pmarrow.base.154.png (new), pmarrow.base.155.png (new), pmarrow.base.161.png (new), pmarrow.base.162.png (new), pmarrow.base.163.png (new), pmarrow.base.164.png (new), pmarrow.base.165.png (new), pmarrow.base.171.png (new), pmarrow.base.172.png (new), pmarrow.base.173.png (new), pmarrow.base.174.png (new), pmarrow.base.175.png (new), pmarrow.base.181.png (new), pmarrow.base.182.png (new), pmarrow.base.183.png (new), pmarrow.base.184.png (new), pmarrow.base.185.png (new), smovers.arc (new)
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