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1999-03-28 22:46
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avogl 29 (7.2%) 139 (63.2%) 4.7
cvs 41 (10.1%) 59 (26.8%) 1.4
peterm 1 (0.2%) 16 (7.3%) 16.0
mwedel 228 (56.4%) 4 (1.8%) 0.0
jec 1 (0.2%) 2 (0.9%) 2.0
uid200 86 (21.3%) 0 (0.0%) 0.0
ryo_saeba 7 (1.7%) 0 (0.0%) 0.0
mikeeusa 11 (2.7%) 0 (0.0%) 0.0

Most Recent Commits

mwedel 2006-09-19 01:24 Rev.: 4942

make branche directories, delete old trunk.

0 lines of code changed in 186 files:

  • trunk/arch/wall/cwall: cityport.arc (del), cityport_0.111 (del), cityport_0.111.png (del), cityport_0.111.xpm (del), cityport_0.base.111.png (del), cityport_1.111 (del), cityport_1.111.png (del), cityport_1.111.xpm (del), cityport_1.base.111.png (del), cwall.arc (del), cwall_0.111 (del), cwall_0.111.png (del), cwall_0.111.xpm (del), cwall_0.base.111.png (del), cwall_1.111 (del), cwall_1.111.png (del), cwall_1.111.xpm (del), cwall_1.base.111.png (del), cwall_2.111 (del), cwall_2.111.png (del), cwall_2.111.xpm (del), cwall_2.base.111.png (del), cwall_3.111 (del), cwall_3.111.png (del), cwall_3.111.xpm (del), cwall_3.base.111.png (del), cwall_4.111 (del), cwall_4.111.png (del), cwall_4.111.xpm (del), cwall_4.base.111.png (del), cwall_5.111 (del), cwall_5.111.png (del), cwall_5.111.xpm (del), cwall_5.base.111.png (del), cwall_6.111 (del), cwall_6.111.png (del), cwall_6.111.xpm (del), cwall_6.base.111.png (del), cwall_7.111 (del), cwall_7.111.png (del), cwall_7.111.xpm (del), cwall_7.base.111.png (del), cwall_8.111 (del), cwall_8.111.png (del), cwall_8.111.xpm (del), cwall_8.base.111.png (del), cwall_9.111 (del), cwall_9.111.png (del), cwall_9.111.xpm (del), cwall_9.base.111.png (del), cwall_A.111 (del), cwall_A.111.png (del), cwall_A.111.xpm (del), cwall_A.base.111.png (del), cwall_B.111 (del), cwall_B.111.png (del), cwall_B.111.xpm (del), cwall_B.base.111.png (del), cwall_C.111 (del), cwall_C.111.png (del), cwall_C.111.xpm (del), cwall_C.base.111.png (del), cwall_D.111 (del), cwall_D.111.png (del), cwall_D.111.xpm (del), cwall_D.base.111.png (del), cwall_E.111 (del), cwall_E.111.png (del), cwall_E.111.xpm (del), cwall_E.base.111.png (del), cwall_F.111 (del), cwall_F.111.png (del), cwall_F.111.xpm (del), cwall_F.base.111.png (del), cwall_beigemarble.base.111.png (del), cwall_bluemarblemedium.base.111.png (del), cwall_cyanmarble.base.111.png (del), cwall_cyanmarbledark.base.111.png (del), cwall_graymarble.base.111.png (del), cwall_greenmarble.base.111.png (del), cwall_greenmarblemedium.base.111.png (del), cwall_magentamarble.base.111.png (del), cwall_marble.arc (del), cwall_marble.base.111.png (del), cwall_mural_1.arc (del), cwall_mural_1.base.111.png (del), cwall_mural_1.base.112.png (del), cwall_mural_1.base.113.png (del), cwall_mural_1.base.114.png (del), cwall_mural_end_1.base.111.png (del), cwall_mural_end_1.base.112.png (del), cwall_pinkmarble.base.111.png (del), cwall_w_0.111 (del), cwall_w_0.111.png (del), cwall_w_0.111.xpm (del), cwall_w_0.112 (del), cwall_w_0.112.png (del), cwall_w_0.112.xpm (del), cwall_w_0.113 (del), cwall_w_0.113.png (del), cwall_w_0.113.xpm (del), cwall_w_0.114 (del), cwall_w_0.114.png (del), cwall_w_0.114.xpm (del), cwall_w_0.115 (del), cwall_w_0.115.png (del), cwall_w_0.115.xpm (del), cwall_w_0.116 (del), cwall_w_0.116.png (del), cwall_w_0.116.xpm (del), cwall_w_0.117 (del), cwall_w_0.117.png (del), cwall_w_0.117.xpm (del), cwall_w_0.118 (del), cwall_w_0.118.png (del), cwall_w_0.118.xpm (del), cwall_w_0.119 (del), cwall_w_0.119.png (del), cwall_w_0.119.xpm (del), cwall_w_0.11A (del), cwall_w_0.11A.png (del), cwall_w_0.11A.xpm (del), cwall_w_0.base.111.png (del), cwall_w_0.base.112.png (del), cwall_w_0.base.113.png (del), cwall_w_0.base.114.png (del), cwall_w_0.base.115.png (del), cwall_w_0.base.116.png (del), cwall_w_0.base.117.png (del), cwall_w_0.base.118.png (del), cwall_w_0.base.119.png (del), cwall_w_0.base.11A.png (del), cwall_w_1.111 (del), cwall_w_1.111.png (del), cwall_w_1.111.xpm (del), cwall_w_1.112 (del), cwall_w_1.112.png (del), cwall_w_1.112.xpm (del), cwall_w_1.113 (del), cwall_w_1.113.png (del), cwall_w_1.113.xpm (del), cwall_w_1.114 (del), cwall_w_1.114.png (del), cwall_w_1.114.xpm (del), cwall_w_1.115 (del), cwall_w_1.115.png (del), cwall_w_1.115.xpm (del), cwall_w_1.116 (del), cwall_w_1.116.png (del), cwall_w_1.116.xpm (del), cwall_w_1.117 (del), cwall_w_1.117.png (del), cwall_w_1.117.xpm (del), cwall_w_1.118 (del), cwall_w_1.118.png (del), cwall_w_1.118.xpm (del), cwall_w_1.119 (del), cwall_w_1.119.png (del), cwall_w_1.119.xpm (del), cwall_w_1.base.111.png (del), cwall_w_1.base.112.png (del), cwall_w_1.base.113.png (changed), cwall_w_1.base.114.png (changed), cwall_w_1.base.115.png (del), cwall_w_1.base.116.png (del), cwall_w_1.base.117.png (del), cwall_w_1.base.118.png (del), cwall_w_1.base.119.png (del), cwall_weak.arc (del), guard_ho_1.111 (del), guard_ho_1.111.png (del), guard_ho_1.111.xpm (del), guard_ho_1.base.111.png (del), guard_ho_2.111 (del), guard_ho_2.111.png (del), guard_ho_2.111.xpm (del), guard_ho_2.base.111.png (del), guard_ho_4.111 (del), guard_ho_4.111.png (del), guard_ho_4.111.xpm (del), guard_ho_4.base.111.png (del), guard_ho_8.111 (del), guard_ho_8.111.png (del), guard_ho_8.111.xpm (del), guard_ho_8.base.111.png (del), guardhouse.arc (del)
mikeeusa 2005-12-31 13:33 Rev.: 4235

Marble column arch

0 lines of code changed in 1 file:

  • trunk/arch/wall/cwall: cwall_marble.arc (new)
mikeeusa 2005-12-31 11:59 Rev.: 4227

Marble column faces

0 lines of code changed in 10 files:

  • trunk/arch/wall/cwall: cwall_beigemarble.base.111.png (new), cwall_bluemarblemedium.base.111.png (new), cwall_cyanmarble.base.111.png (new), cwall_cyanmarbledark.base.111.png (new), cwall_graymarble.base.111.png (new), cwall_greenmarble.base.111.png (new), cwall_greenmarblemedium.base.111.png (new), cwall_magentamarble.base.111.png (new), cwall_marble.base.111.png (new), cwall_pinkmarble.base.111.png (new)
mwedel 2005-08-17 00:37 Rev.: 3552

Patch 1212496 by Kevin Rudat to add client_types to objects that can
be applied.
MSW 2005-08-16

4 lines of code changed in 1 file:

  • trunk/arch/wall/cwall: guardhouse.arc (+4)
ryo_saeba 2005-07-10 03:21 Rev.: 3415

Added mural wall courtesy mikeeusa

0 lines of code changed in 7 files:

  • trunk/arch/wall/cwall: cwall_mural_1.arc (new), cwall_mural_1.base.111.png (new), cwall_mural_1.base.112.png (new), cwall_mural_1.base.113.png (new), cwall_mural_1.base.114.png (new), cwall_mural_end_1.base.111.png (new), cwall_mural_end_1.base.112.png (new)
avogl 2003-03-08 08:58 Rev.: 2056

Checked in the new weak wall (from Kevin R. Bulgrien),
a small correction to another weak wall type,
and the new DreadKnight & DShield for base set.


0 lines of code changed in 2 files:

  • trunk/arch/wall/cwall: cwall_w_1.base.113.png (changed), cwall_w_1.base.114.png (changed)
mwedel 2001-12-31 01:02 Rev.: 1487

Rename of files to include base in name - for multiple image set support
in the server. MSW 2001-12-30

0 lines of code changed in 41 files:

  • trunk/arch/wall/cwall: cityport_0.base.111.png (new), cityport_1.base.111.png (new), cwall_0.base.111.png (new), cwall_1.base.111.png (new), cwall_2.base.111.png (new), cwall_3.base.111.png (new), cwall_4.base.111.png (new), cwall_5.base.111.png (new), cwall_6.base.111.png (new), cwall_7.base.111.png (new), cwall_8.base.111.png (new), cwall_9.base.111.png (new), cwall_A.base.111.png (new), cwall_B.base.111.png (new), cwall_C.base.111.png (new), cwall_D.base.111.png (new), cwall_E.base.111.png (new), cwall_F.base.111.png (new), cwall_w_0.base.111.png (new), cwall_w_0.base.112.png (new), cwall_w_0.base.113.png (new), cwall_w_0.base.114.png (new), cwall_w_0.base.115.png (new), cwall_w_0.base.116.png (new), cwall_w_0.base.117.png (new), cwall_w_0.base.118.png (new), cwall_w_0.base.119.png (new), cwall_w_0.base.11A.png (new), cwall_w_1.base.111.png (new), cwall_w_1.base.112.png (new), cwall_w_1.base.113.png (new), cwall_w_1.base.114.png (new), cwall_w_1.base.115.png (new), cwall_w_1.base.116.png (new), cwall_w_1.base.117.png (new), cwall_w_1.base.118.png (new), cwall_w_1.base.119.png (new), guard_ho_1.base.111.png (new), guard_ho_2.base.111.png (new), guard_ho_4.base.111.png (new), guard_ho_8.base.111.png (new)
avogl 2001-09-19 12:28 Rev.: 1290

corrected a wrong picture

5 lines of code changed in 1 file:

  • trunk/arch/wall/cwall: cwall_w_0.115.png (+5 -3)
avogl 2001-02-15 08:10 Rev.: 812

New pngs, only a few from new artists yet.
No serious changes for the general look.

92 lines of code changed in 17 files:

  • trunk/arch/wall/cwall: cwall_w_0.111.png (+2 -3), cwall_w_0.112.png (+6 -2), cwall_w_0.113.png (+8 -3), cwall_w_0.114.png (+5 -5), cwall_w_0.116.png (+2 -3), cwall_w_0.117.png (+4 -4), cwall_w_0.118.png (+4 -4), cwall_w_0.119.png (+3 -5), cwall_w_0.11A.png (+6 -3), cwall_w_1.111.png (+6 -2), cwall_w_1.112.png (+5 -4), cwall_w_1.113.png (+6 -2), cwall_w_1.115.png (+7 -3), cwall_w_1.116.png (+6 -2), cwall_w_1.117.png (+9 -4), cwall_w_1.118.png (+8 -5), cwall_w_1.119.png (+5 -7)
avogl 2001-01-15 06:01 Rev.: 706

New pngs by MichToen.

42 lines of code changed in 9 files:

  • trunk/arch/wall/cwall: cwall_w_1.111.png (+2 -2), cwall_w_1.112.png (+5 -4), cwall_w_1.113.png (+3 -1), cwall_w_1.114.png (+6 -4), cwall_w_1.115.png (+4 -4), cwall_w_1.116.png (+3 -2), cwall_w_1.117.png (+5 -4), cwall_w_1.118.png (+6 -1), cwall_w_1.119.png (+8 -2)
peterm 2000-12-04 01:18 Rev.: 554

Converted the old "armor" "protected" "vulnerable" and "immune" to
the partial-resistance equivalents.

16 lines of code changed in 1 file:

  • trunk/arch/wall/cwall: cwall_weak.arc (+16 -2)
cvs 2000-05-31 01:15 Rev.: 284

Addition of PNG images. MSW 5/30/2000

59 lines of code changed in 41 files:

  • trunk/arch/wall/cwall: cityport_0.111.png (new), cityport_1.111.png (new), cwall_0.111.png (new), cwall_1.111.png (new), cwall_2.111.png (new), cwall_3.111.png (new), cwall_4.111.png (new), cwall_5.111.png (new), cwall_6.111.png (new), cwall_7.111.png (new), cwall_8.111.png (new), cwall_9.111.png (new), cwall_A.111.png (new), cwall_B.111.png (new), cwall_C.111.png (new), cwall_D.111.png (new), cwall_E.111.png (new), cwall_F.111.png (new), cwall_w_0.111.png (new 3), cwall_w_0.112.png (new 2), cwall_w_0.113.png (new 3), cwall_w_0.114.png (new 5), cwall_w_0.115.png (new 3), cwall_w_0.116.png (new 3), cwall_w_0.117.png (new 4), cwall_w_0.118.png (new 4), cwall_w_0.119.png (new 5), cwall_w_0.11A.png (new 3), cwall_w_1.111.png (new 2), cwall_w_1.112.png (new 4), cwall_w_1.113.png (new 1), cwall_w_1.114.png (new 4), cwall_w_1.115.png (new 4), cwall_w_1.116.png (new 2), cwall_w_1.117.png (new 4), cwall_w_1.118.png (new 1), cwall_w_1.119.png (new 2), guard_ho_1.111.png (new), guard_ho_2.111.png (new), guard_ho_4.111.png (new), guard_ho_8.111.png (new)
jec 2000-04-17 08:37 Rev.: 214

See CHANGES file.

2 lines of code changed in 1 file:

  • trunk/arch/wall/cwall: cwall_weak.arc (+2)
uid200 1999-03-28 22:46 Rev.: 2

Initial revision

0 lines of code changed in 86 files:

  • trunk/arch/wall/cwall: cityport.arc (new), cityport_0.111 (new), cityport_0.111.xpm (new), cityport_1.111 (new), cityport_1.111.xpm (new), cwall.arc (new), cwall_0.111 (new), cwall_0.111.xpm (new), cwall_1.111 (new), cwall_1.111.xpm (new), cwall_2.111 (new), cwall_2.111.xpm (new), cwall_3.111 (new), cwall_3.111.xpm (new), cwall_4.111 (new), cwall_4.111.xpm (new), cwall_5.111 (new), cwall_5.111.xpm (new), cwall_6.111 (new), cwall_6.111.xpm (new), cwall_7.111 (new), cwall_7.111.xpm (new), cwall_8.111 (new), cwall_8.111.xpm (new), cwall_9.111 (new), cwall_9.111.xpm (new), cwall_A.111 (new), cwall_A.111.xpm (new), cwall_B.111 (new), cwall_B.111.xpm (new), cwall_C.111 (new), cwall_C.111.xpm (new), cwall_D.111 (new), cwall_D.111.xpm (new), cwall_E.111 (new), cwall_E.111.xpm (new), cwall_F.111 (new), cwall_F.111.xpm (new), cwall_w_0.111 (new), cwall_w_0.111.xpm (new), cwall_w_0.112 (new), cwall_w_0.112.xpm (new), cwall_w_0.113 (new), cwall_w_0.113.xpm (new), cwall_w_0.114 (new), cwall_w_0.114.xpm (new), cwall_w_0.115 (new), cwall_w_0.115.xpm (new), cwall_w_0.116 (new), cwall_w_0.116.xpm (new), cwall_w_0.117 (new), cwall_w_0.117.xpm (new), cwall_w_0.118 (new), cwall_w_0.118.xpm (new), cwall_w_0.119 (new), cwall_w_0.119.xpm (new), cwall_w_0.11A (new), cwall_w_0.11A.xpm (new), cwall_w_1.111 (new), cwall_w_1.111.xpm (new), cwall_w_1.112 (new), cwall_w_1.112.xpm (new), cwall_w_1.113 (new), cwall_w_1.113.xpm (new), cwall_w_1.114 (new), cwall_w_1.114.xpm (new), cwall_w_1.115 (new), cwall_w_1.115.xpm (new), cwall_w_1.116 (new), cwall_w_1.116.xpm (new), cwall_w_1.117 (new), cwall_w_1.117.xpm (new), cwall_w_1.118 (new), cwall_w_1.118.xpm (new), cwall_w_1.119 (new), cwall_w_1.119.xpm (new), cwall_weak.arc (new), guard_ho_1.111 (new), guard_ho_1.111.xpm (new), guard_ho_2.111 (new), guard_ho_2.111.xpm (new), guard_ho_4.111 (new), guard_ho_4.111.xpm (new), guard_ho_8.111 (new), guard_ho_8.111.xpm (new), guardhouse.arc (new)
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